Are you Happy, Healthy and In Love?

Be skeptical of dogmas and talkers that try to incarcerate you to fixed rules. Human history should be more than enough proof that this is never the case and that this model for living only serves to slow us down or allow the ones selling the rules to gain control. Natural Traditions follow the cycles of Mother Earth; we follow the life-force within nature. I invite you to begin your journey of self discovery, unleash your immense power, start living a blessed life. You don’t have to have to become an initiate, but at least, ask yourself if you are happy, healthy and in love. The only answer should be a solid and loud: “Yes!”

I offer all sorts of sessions and rituals everyday and the things that I see over and over again is that the average family person either does not have the time, health, peace, money, love, etc. to live a fulfilling life and develop themselves as spiritual beings. For many, life is a constant race against time to try to catch up to an ideal that doesn’t even belong them. Many have lost sense of who they are and what magnificent gifts they can give the world. This is 100% NOT their fault, these people are working really hard, they love their family and they really are trying. It breaks my heart to see so much effort and not see valid recognition or retribution from the institutions, corporations, industries and people that have promised them so much.

I have invested much reflection before sharing these thoughts here and I can full heartedly say that the solution resides within each of us and in becoming conscious of our power. In being present moment to moment. Questioning the empty promises, shedding the fear and start living a life that one is excited to wake up every day in. This is a very real possibility right now, the energy is here and now!

Once your inner world is solid and illuminated, the external world starts reflecting it back to you. This is basic quantum physics (Particles behave depending on the observer’s point of view). This is knowledge that has been practiced by ancient humans since times that have been lost in our “questionable” history books. This information is here and now, many of us are ready to share it. The consciousness level of humanity has already reached the point where this wisdom will not be as “casting pearls to swine”. If you feel the calling, if you sense there is more to life, if you are not equally happy, healthy and in Love, I lovingly and happily tell you that the possibility for it is at your very grasp. Go righteously in search of it and make sure you are skeptical of dogmas and talkers with fixed rules.

Note: I offer a few of many ways to reach Self Mastery

…and there are others that are initiated and reliable as well; but there are also some clowns just interested in making money, so, always research and follow your intuition before making big decisions.

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