Why are Shamans so Confident we can fix your Issues Faster?

We, Shamans, understand this world as an interaction of vibrations. Emotions are vibrations. If you have an issue it has vibrations. We will gauge the vibrations and immediately adjust our interaction with you to harmonize your vibration to an optimal level. Sounds simple right? It can be a brutal process! Depending on where you are at, the Shaman may need to induce great disgust, anger, anxiety, rejection, etc. on order to break an ongoing cycle and to allow a new one to be subcosciously accepted.

In part I am writing this so that future clients (and some past ones) can refer to this and see that my behavior was nothing more than an act to manipulate their inner vibration. I consider myself an educated man, I have never crossed any inmoral or ilegal lines while in practice, but a few unique times I have definitely pissed off, shocked, appaled and even made some of my clients question my sanity. As I have experienced it while being initiated by Master Shamans, it has always been an act. One designed to “shock” certain vibrations in a direction that was more optimal for health, success, joy, etc. This is also one of the reasons that this is a call of loving service, because sometimes, one needs to sacrifice much in order for the higher good to prevail.

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