The Magic of Perspective and Loving Life

An array of issues can be magically dissolved once we internally shift to a higher perspective. So often I receive clients feeling like victims of life and after some reflections the situations are understood as challenges to chase. The amazing result is that once this shift happens internally, “Life” immediately responds and starts behaving accordingly externally.

One of my main aims in training future shamans is to share the understanding that everything around us is energy and that this energy has consciousness. In Shamanic terms we’d say, All is Spirit. This is why you’ll find an Initiated Shaman having a conversation with a rock, plant, animal, substance, thin air, etc. In the case of a rock, it may not reply as a person would, but, it will 100% understand what the shaman is saying, and reply in its own way. This happens because we use the language of the Heart. It’s not the words we use, but rather the intention and emotions we are vibrating while communicating. The language of the Heart is Universal and supersedes in all your interactions, the proof is in the loving magical impulse that keeps your physical Heart beating. Life is an experience designed to develop your capacity for Love.

This is the simple explanation of why some people can be experiencing an apparent hell, while others are in bliss while here on this Earthly experience. It’s the perspective within which “Life” is approached. We, Shamans, understand that anything that can be defined or named can house a certain amount of consciousness (Spirit). If an object can have some consciousness, why not treat it with respect, consideration, even love? Imagine living in an environment where you are friends with everything around you and where everything around you likes you and wants to help you thrive.

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