Love vs. Want

So many wasted opportunities with our loved ones, just because at some collective unconscious moment we bought into the idea that: “It was Not enough”. Not enough security, not enough sex, not enough youth, not enough fitness, not enough money, etc. It’s just an idea, I can prove it right now. You reading this means you have enough to be doing what you want; right now. In Shamanism, Life is what happens as you learn. We arrive to this world and forget where we come from and also forget what we are here for. It wasn’t like this in ancient times. It’s not like this in traditional cultures that are still connected to Pachamama (Mother Earth).

Mother Earth loves us and she constantly provides for us. A less mature behavior is to “Want”. Wanting is demanding, it just wants to consume and does not stop to think that more is not necessarily better and that it does not bring happiness. Improvement is better, and it can only happen in a harmonious environment. Harmony means that the whole is synchronized in combination and simultaneously. In this Reality, we are always physically surrounded by sentient beings and all is connected. All must be in harmony or all is not well at some level.

It is an impossibility to be happy when the focus is more for yourself and less for others. Mother Earth is simply not designed to accommodate that behavior here. The lack of harmony will manifest in some other factor that will directly affect you; usually something to do with lack of Love (or self love) in your life.

Enough is when everyone around you can be within a state of Dignity. Just the ones around you, especially your loved ones. No need to worry and take special efforts over others in some distant land, this is another trick our minds pull in order to avoid dealing with what’s in front of us. Just vibrating justified and loving behaviors around you is enough to harmonize your environment. This creates a domino effect where others will do the same and before long we will have Heaven on Earth!

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Living…and Cell Phones

Spending up to 6 hours a day looking into a dead black object. A jail for your consciousness. Shamanism teaches us to observe our environment and the elements within it. When you see dozens of people in a crowd with their heads bowed down, staring into their palms, it looks like they are not fully living.

No wonder I get so many young clients suffering from depression and anxiety. Healthy organisms are meant to live within harmony of their environment. If you are disconnected from your surroundings, you will be alien to it and vice versa. We (Shamans) believe that everything in this world is “alive”. Furthermore, depending on circumstances: places, objects, plants and animals will even exhibit a certain degree of a personality or create a sense to our emotions. We should pay attention and understand our environment.

I am starting to suspect we may have to relearn how to really savour life with all of our senses. To re-understand a way to live rationally within our community and nature. This is of crucial importance, specially while we are in the cusp of increasing virtual living through machines, ie Metaverse. Shamanism, sees reality from a more interactive lens. Depending on what you focus your thoughts and emotions in, your reality will unfold in that direction. While interacting online you may focus on activities you enjoy, from a dynamic perspective, you are alone vibrating unto a machine. This will only yield more of being alone with a machine, just by the nature of the Law of Attraction.

A simple suggestion would be to implement three new habits: #1. Touch and smell a plant or a tree at least once a day. #2. If you find yourself in the physical presence of someone else, avoid by all means ignoring them over your phone. #3. Make special efforts into showing your love and respect to everyone and everything in your home. These simple adjustments will not just reignite harmony all around you, but, it will bring more “Real” experiences that will keep you healthy and happy!

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The Catch-22 of Information Overload

Recently I had a client that was involved in a crucial project for his career and in the middle of the development process, he completely lost the motivation and vision for it. After various clinical therapists and prescribed drugs failed he came to see me as a desperate last option.

By all standards his life was in balance. Emotionally though, he felt “disconnected”, or as he put it: “drifting”. The image that kept appearing in my mind was a dirty pond with debris just lazily floating sporadically from one direction to another with no end. Symbolically, in some contexts water is related to consciousness, with the surface being what we deal with on a mundane level. After some questions about his daily routine, we discovered he’d been watching and listening to the “news” in most of his free time. On the radio on his way to work, in his podcasts during his breaks, he had email, youtube and instagram alerts that went off every few minutes, etc. The vibration (or emotional value) of this influence was very low, disorienting and useless to his happiness.

It’s a Catch-22 if you are not careful about the information around you. Information is needed for intelligent decisions, but it also helps us assess situations. If the “news” is all about how dire the situation is; this will slowly affect our emotions. Emotions are the result of our inner vibration, which attracts more conditions around us of similar vibrations. In other words paying attention to something that is constantly sharing negativity will diminish your life experience by bringing more of the same. It’s hard to realize this is happening if you are busy navigating your external life.

The solution is always within. The first step is to consciously seek silence, both external and internal. After this state is reached, next, just wait. At some point there always appears this quiet inner sense of peace with what is. This is inevitable, because deep within, you know you are not of this world. Reconnect with that information, know it, feel it and consciously acknowledge that soon your external environment will attract conditions of that higher vibration. Ohh yes and maybe stop granting access to the crazy news for a while!

Making your Dreams Come True

One of the most beautiful foundational concepts in Andean Shamanism, is the inherent celebration of the Human’s “Free Will”. The Sacredness of possessing the capacity to “Choose”. It seems that in the modern world as we come into adulthood, we start to look up to a life where we could work little and attain as much as possible, especially compared to the ones around us. There is a collective belief that a life like this would yield happiness, security and inner peace.

Shamanic Tradition, shares that happiness, success, security and inner peace are already within us and that it all originates from the Heart. A life filled with activities (no matter what they are) as long as they originate from the Heart, will solidly produce the energy of harmony. Actions taken in balance with the environment can’t but result in health, happiness, growth, productivity, profit, etc.

The bigger question in our tradition is if you have the courage to exercise your Power and do your Work. This is why one of our tenets is “Courage”. Commonly misunderstood, the courage we refer to is not the one exercised in conflict with an external world. For us it takes a heroic attitude to look within, acknowledge our own unique gifts and decide to share that with our brothers and sisters of this world. Most of us follow a pattern within organized society and for most of us that doesn’t really allow for our unique powers to shine at their full capacity.

To make your dreams come true, first live a dreamy life. Understand that all around you just like a dream, is not as solid as it looks. Next, ignite your loving heart. This is done by communicating with everything around you lovingly. Be caring and pleasant with your environment and everything in it. If you are loving to the world, it will love you back. Finally, from this state of inner emotions, envision the world you wish to dream into reality. Make sure you imagine it with others around you smiling and at peace with you. Focus on the flow of the energy within this vision. It should be the same as the one you are presently living.

Shamanism teaches us that what you experience in this reality is but the reflection of a bigger existence rooted in the vibration of your Spirit. Your emotions will perfectly calibrate what you are constantly creating. Improve your daily emotions and they will perfectly create a dream life where you can share your unique gift/work as a Human with the ones you love around you.

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Your Power originates in Your Center

2022…a year to concentrate on your focus and balance. You know what you need to do and also what you need to avoid. #shamanicliving #spiritualpractice #healershealinghealers #heka #shamanflavio

Some Souls in Ascension, Others in Descension

After learning about the trajectory, purpose and characteristics of the human soul, my view on every individual was very definitive. I would classify people as either on their way to better themselves or inversely, in a path of self destruction. As years have gone by my judgement has widened and softened. What seemed for me a clear direction (upward or downward), very often confused me because some people would be moving in one direction on one area of their life but completely in the opposite in another. It took me some time to properly assess where these majority of souls stood as far as “ascending” or “descending”. From my Shamanic perspective so many people live for decades almost oblivious of the development of their soul to eventually just transition. All through out this time these people are tending their families and working, but there’s too little or just no active impulse to polish their Divinity or even their character at that.

I had not considered in those years that “time” is irrelevant to a soul. I had not included in the formulation of my human esoteric concepts that a soul could live one or many consecutive lifetimes in a particular level of development; making no effort to incline or decline its trajectory. Adding to this, the ascend and descend can be so slow and subtle that from an external stance, you can’t really tell. Nowadays, I consider the vast majority of people that live in, what would be considered “average” lives (no such thing by the way), in a large median where the soul’s ride through material life is passively cruising up and/or down. People experience life, and in the process make mistakes, learn, decide and choose, etc. Some results tilt their trajectory up, others down. For the human mind this can be a tedious, even torturing process, but we are considering notions that are timeless here.

For the ones that start becoming self aware and “Ascension” is ushered into their reality, the above can help cope with loved ones and fellow community members. As humans, we may be equals, but as souls, these rules are turned upside down. We are NOT equals. This material realm will react and respond in completely different ways to those in a defined ascention (and descention). Actually, one becomes part of manifestation and is no longer privy to the flexibility of being ignorant. Forces that are of immense power start becoming very present in your psyche and outcomes. At this point, as individuals something within tilts and cannot be undone. It is here where Shamanism offers so much guidance. This is an art that originates from the heart and understands the human soul and Divine Creation. If you read this far, you are not broken, crazy, irresponsible, lazy, etc. Explore Ancient Truths on your own or contact a serious master. Humanity has known about this process since the very beginning.

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The Secret to Success in making a Living

Imagine more than ten years of being told how to think, to be quiet and to sit still…how would this affect your human development? This is what most of us have experienced while being educated.

To be “pragmatic“. This is what came up in a quick search: “a person or a solution that takes a realistic approach”. We Shamans believe in dreaming our life into reality. We suggest a different approach…

Do exactly the opposite of what you were told to do in those early years. Get off your chair and follow your interests, interact as much as you can with them and expand your thinking through them. Unleash yourself towards whatever interests you, until it bores you. Live a life that is rich and that satiates you. This unstoppable life flow will produce variety of skills: some small, some useless and some incredibly unique. This pursuit will also make you dedicated and focused because you want to (and not because you have to).

Eventually out of all these interests, a pattern will emerge, revealing your calling and your unique contribution to the rest of us in the human race. It may not make you a millionaire or famous or any other illusion you’ve been convinced to believe you want, but it won’t matter because you will be fully self made. Your service or product will not possibly fail because it will originate from the impulses of your soul and it is your soul’s melody that creates your perceived reality here on Earth.

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The Three Types of Souls on Earth now

Most souls on Earth come to experience life as it is expressed here. They are voluntarily choosing to pursuit pleasures, efforts and effects. They don’t feel a need to figure out why they are here. Life seems simple and factual to them. Through this, their soul’s experience expands and continues its evolution.

There is a second type of soul that is more rare. At some point in their life experience their spirit becomes restless and anxious. They need to seek some answers or find the purpose of life or inner guidance. Problems like depression, addictions, repressions, etc. tend to plague these people if this inner impulse is not heeded. These are souls that will refine their character and put special effort to adopt more virtues within themselves through out their existence here.

The third type of soul consciously chooses to incarnate on Earth. It not only knows why it is here, but fully remembers any and all times it has incarnated. These will be people that radiate a sense of wellness and sainthood. Higher forces will often assist them in changing the course of human history.

The first and the second soul types, will have to deal with a pre-determined blueprint for their life path. This is based on the vibration they have achieved. Shamans can pick up on these requirements and re-negotiate or exchange situations depending on preferences. The trait that will differentiate these type of souls is how much its spirit uses reason and intellect for the soul’s trajectory.

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Russian Authorities Reveal Where Anti-Putin Shaman Is Being Forcibly Confined

“Gabyshev was found “mentally unfit” during a court hearing where he had been accused of committing a “violent act against a police officer” as he was being taken forcibly from his home to a psychiatric clinic in late January.

The decision to confine Gabyshev for forced psychiatric treatment was challenged by his lawyers and supporters, who say it was an attempt to silence dissent.”

Quoted from Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty (RFERL), For Full Article Please Click Here

I have been following Shaman Gabyshev’s Story since it first began a coupe of years ago. At first I found his resolve bold and intriguing. I must admit I never thought the authorities would find him threatening though. How this story has developed exorbitantly demonstrates how one humble man can amass great fear in a massive system.

Shamanism addresses this in one of its main principles: “Prey vs Predator”. Where prey (animals like cows, sheep, chickens, etc) seek strength and safety in masses (things like corporations, governments, associations, unions, etc). Predators tend to work alone at their peril, internally propulsed by the unstoppable purity of their nature. You, by the way, can choose to be either “prey” or “predator” at any time in any circumstance of your life.

I am sure the experiences Shaman Gabyshev is going through are not comfortable, yet Shamans can shape shift and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s doing this right now. As one of our Andean Prayers go: “May lessons learned in this endeavor vastly Bless all Souls involved”

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