Shamanic Training

Post Covid-19 Quarantine Audio Message about Training and Initiation

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The Universe has a language. It is the same language we use when we think, it is in images, sensations and symbols. All ancient cultures used this method of interaction with their external world and it was magnificently successful, we are the living proof of it.

I am qualified to teach you this language, through it you are constantly in contact with the Universe. Not only can you recognize what the Universe is telling you, but you can also talk back to it. This is one of the beautiful aspects of Shamanism. It is an Art and guaranteed, it will make your Life Magickal.

It all starts with learning Symbology and the 7 Principles. From there we move into Condensing Energy. After that you can choose to continue with the program until Initiation or to develop your own Path and keep me as a Mentor.

Each lesson takes 1 hour 30 minutes. The apprenticeship process works just like it does in the Shamanic Cultures. The wisdom is shared on an intuitive basis. I am extremely loyal to the philosophy that if the student is NOT ready, the intense knowledge will not be shared (this is for the student’s safety). However, if the student has activation or awakening signs, which is currently the case in this cycle of time, we will move much faster than what I have described above. The sessions will feel as a remembering process.

For information on the Shamanic Mentorship and/or the Initiatic Program please email me to:

Thank you,

Fr. Flavio Moy, CRP