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Do you want to improve your life now? Do you feel blocked in the daily cycle and realize there is no happiness or motivation in what you do? Do you want wonderful relationships with your family and friends? Did you think you had life figured out and unexpected things happened? Are you looking for drive and passion to pursue success? Are you ready to transform your Life now?

A happy and successful life transformation is very possible in a short amount of time. I can help you think optimistically, creatively, boldly. Starting today, you can start taking steps to a brighter future filled with success and fulfilment.

If you want to transform your life, I can help!

My commitment to you is: development, growth, harmony and a fulfilling life, aligned with health, happiness and purpose. Your accomplishments are my purpose. You have the capacity to change your life. Together, we can transform your life. My office is in Miami, FL, USA but I work with clients worldwide.

With Focus, Intention, Support and Desire, Transformation is Inevitable!

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Happiness Channels Spirituality


It’s not about religion or dogma; it’s about purity, confidence and good karma. The more happiness through spirituality and peace that we can spread the more we can make this world a better place. The Indian culture lives of this ideal and even the poorest individual sitting in the slums of Mumbai will have a smile on their face because they understand the sanctity of life, the harmony that spirituality brings and the importance of happiness. We can all learn from this and we should all strive for this!

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When you Take Ayahuasca

For all people considering this Spirit Plant. Know that most Andean Shamans recommend this experience just a few times (usually once or twice) in a lifetime. It is to be approached with great respect, after proper preparation and after permission from the Spirit of Ayahuasca is granted…

Below is a simple video that can inform a little more:


Dengue Fever Home Remedies


“When the rain water gets collected, it gives a perfect place for the mosquitoes and other insects to breed and thus their number multiplies. Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection transmitted by the female mosquito, Aedes aegypti. Those affected with dengue will have high fever along with severe body and joint pain.”

One of the 10 remedies suggested is:

“Aloe vera juice helps to increase the amino acid and blood platelet levels which generally go down when one is affected with dengue fever.”

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Sigils: Manifesting through Symbols

*This Sigil does not represent the example phrase below.

Sigils are symbols conceived to manipulate the material forces within our environment. They are very similar to logos that companies use. Depending on the shapes, angles, colors, numbers, etc. the meaning and force will shift to facilitate a desired outcome. They are based on the same vibrational language all ancient civilizations have practiced.

The art of Sigil Creation is a lifelong pursuit. One gets better with more practice and there are no limits to its mastery. Below, I will share some basic and mystery principles that can get you started. Remember that in this type of work intention and focus are the paramount principles for effectiveness, so don’t get stuck on details. Do the best you can, try to have fun and to concentrate, the rest occurs automatically as the creative mind bypasses the ego.


  1. Write a phrase or sentence about the desire you intend to manifest in the present tense. Make it as short, specific and concise as possible. Ie: “I am fit in a month”
  2. Write it again, but without spaces in between the words. Ie: “iamfitinamonth”
  3. Write it again without without repeating any one letter withing the phrase. Ie: “iamftnoh”
  4. Now separate the vowels, in the same order they ended up in step #3. Ie: “iao”
  5. You are left with: m,f,t,n,h, these letters are to be blended into one symbol
  6. Create a circle by free hand, go around and around with the pen or pencil as many times as you feel is right or that the circle looks right to you.
  7. Put the symbol from step #5 in the circle. This is the sigil.
  8. Place both your hands over the circle and symbol, take a deep breath and slowly chant the vowels in the order they were separated. Do this three times (or more) to charge it.
  9. Memorize it and once in bed before drifting off to sleep trace the sigil with your index finger. Imagine your finger trails off luminescent white light as you draw it. Once finished, see it drifting towards the sky. Do this a couple of nights to increase its power.



*For Apprentices:

  • I share the above process as a reference or refresher for you as well; but you will notice that the process is a little different. This is because this type of sigil activation does not require a candle; thus it cannot evolve into a servitour.
  • I am not adding the Seven Pointed Star as a tool. Although those powers are not used, never the less the channeling of the energy through the intention automatically invites them in an indirect manner.
  • Another factor not included is the numerology and their associated shapes. This I reserve for more advanced study, because the knowledge can backfire if not properly understood and practiced.
  • Lastly, I didn’t specify that the sigil be destroyed because the non-neophyte has not witnessed condensed energy work, so their sigil energy strings will naturally dissolve as time drifts.

Thoth and the Emerald Tablet


The book, “The Secret” was based exclusively on some of the teachings found in Thoth’s Emerald Tablet. If you’ve seen the movie at the beginning there is a young man copying a document, this is the Emerald Tablet…

“The topics he covered ranged from medicine, chemistry, law, art, music, rhetoric, magic, philosophy, geography, mathematics, anatomy, and oratory. To the Egyptians, his knowledge was so vast and all-encompassing that they first began to credit him as the communicator with the gods, eventually inducting him into the Egyptian pantheon.”

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Presidential Campaigns Soundtracks



Music reveals vibration. The music presidential candidates are choosing does a better job revealing their inner state than what they say…

From RNS:

“A presidential candidate reflects the spirituality of the nation he or she hopes to lead. So, what it sounds like matters.

What is at stake is the heart and soul of the United States. This is a general election unlike any other. And if Bass is correct, the soundscapes presented have become form and fiber of our civil spiritual soundscape.

These are now our hymns, psalms, and spiritual songs.”

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Vision Over Ambition


What is ambition? Ambition is just an exaggeration of what is existing right now. Vision, as the word suggests, is about a new possibility—something which is not yet. Ambition is about wanting to take as much as we can. Vision is about making everything yours. One is an aggressive way of taking it, another is an embrace. It is like the distinction between love and rape. Both are the same for external viewers, but it is a world of difference. Making the world yield to you willingly and trying to take a piece of the world are two different dimensions of life.

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Zika, Bats, Cardinals and Harmony


If given enough time and observation, Mother Nature will always guarantee us a healthy balance in our environment. Currently here in Miami, Zika is creating lots of chatter. Long Island for example is using bats as a natural way to contain mosquitoes: “The Town of North Hempstead is using bats to combat mosquitoes. Bats eat mosquitos and other insects“. We Shamans suggest great precautions be taken by pregnant ladies, and we also KNOW this dis-balance will come to an end. Below is an example of how this is occurring with another unwanted condition:

“mosquitoes responsible for transmitting the West Nile Virus like feeding on robins and cardinals about the same, but for some reason, robins are like little viral factories. Meanwhile, due to some fluke of biology, West Nile doesn’t reproduce as much in cardinals, making them less efficient carriers for the disease.

What makes this all so curious is that Levine and her colleagues found that while mosquitoes in Atlanta love to feed on robins earlier in the year, they switch over to a mostly cardinal diet

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The Spirituality of Running


What we do with our bodies manifests and expresses inner states, the sacred ground of our being. But bodily practices can also induce inner states. How we move, how we sit, how we breathe, can all make a difference in our spiritual life. Inner and outer are intertwined and interactive. We pray in, with, through our bodies.

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Humpback Whale Protects Seal


Humpbacks are capable of sophisticated thinking, decision-making, problem-solving, and communication, says Marino, who is also the executive director of the Kimmela Center for Animal Advocacy.

“So, taken altogether, these attributes are those of a species with a highly developed degree of general intelligence capable of empathic responses.”

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