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Do you want to improve your life now? Do you feel blocked in the daily cycle and realize there is no happiness or motivation in what you do? Do you want wonderful relationships with your family and friends? Did you think you had life figured out and unexpected things happened? Are you looking for drive and passion to pursue success? Are you ready to transform your Life now?

A happy and successful life transformation is very possible in a short amount of time. I can help you think optimistically, creatively, boldly. Starting today, you can start taking steps to a brighter future filled with success and fulfilment.

If you want to transform your life, I can help!

My commitment to you is: development, growth, harmony and a fulfilling life, aligned with health, happiness and purpose. Your accomplishments are my purpose. You have the capacity to change your life. Together, we can transform your life. My office is in Miami, FL, USA but I work with clients worldwide.

With Focus, Intention, Support and Desire, Transformation is Inevitable!

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Some Souls in Ascension, Others in Descension

After learning about the trajectory, purpose and characteristics of the human soul, my view on every individual was very definitive. I would classify people as either on their way to better themselves or inversely, in a path of self destruction. As years have gone by my judgement has widened and softened. What seemed for me a clear direction (upward or downward), very often confused me because some people would be moving in one direction on one area of their life but completely in the opposite in another. It took me some time to properly assess where these majority of souls stood as far as “ascending” or “descending”. From my Shamanic perspective so many people live for decades almost oblivious of the development of their soul to eventually just transition. All through out this time these people are tending their families and working, but there’s too little or just no active impulse to polish their Divinity or even their character at that.

I had not considered in those years that “time” is irrelevant to a soul. I had not included in the formulation of my human esoteric concepts that a soul could live one or many consecutive lifetimes in a particular level of development; making no effort to incline or decline its trajectory. Adding to this, the ascend and descend can be so slow and subtle that from an external stance, you can’t really tell. Nowadays, I consider the vast majority of people that live in, what would be considered “average” lives (no such thing by the way). In a large median where the soul’s ride through material life is passively cruising up and/or down. People experience life, and in the process make mistakes, learn, decide and choose, etc. Some results tilt their trajectory up, others down. For the human mind this can be a tedious, even torturing process, but we are considering notions that are timeless here.

For the ones that start becoming self aware and “Ascension” is ushered into their reality, the above can help cope with loved ones and fellow community members. As humans, we may be equals, but as souls, these rules are turned upside down. We are NOT equals. This material realm with react and respond in completely different ways to those in a defined ascention (and descention). Actually, one becomes part of manifestation and is no longer privy to the flexibility of being ignorant. Forces that are of immense power start becoming very present in your psyche and outcomes. At this point, as individuals something within tilts and cannot be undone. It is here where Shamanism offers so much guidance. This is an art that originates from the heart and understands the human soul and Divine Creation. If you read this far, you are not broken, crazy, irresponsible, lazy, etc. Explore Ancient Truths on your own or contact a serious master. Humanity has known about this process since the very beginning.

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The Secret to Success in making a Living

Imagine more than ten years of being told how to think, to be quiet and to sit still…how would this affect your human development? This is what most of us have experienced while being educated.

To be “pragmatic“. This is what came up in a quick search: “a person or a solution that takes a realistic approach”. We Shamans believe in dreaming our life into reality. We suggest a different approach…

Do exactly the opposite of what you were told to do in those early years. Get off your chair and follow your interests, interact as much as you can with them and expand your thinking through them. Unleash yourself towards whatever interests you, until it bores you. Live a life that is rich and that satiates you. This unstoppable life flow will produce variety of skills: some small, some useless and some incredibly unique. This pursuit will also make you dedicated and focused because you want to (and not because you have to).

Eventually out of all these interests, a pattern will emerge, revealing your calling and your unique contribution to the rest of us in the human race. It may not make you a millionaire or famous or any other illusion you’ve been convinced to believe you want, but it won’t matter because you will be fully self made. Your service or product will not possibly fail because it will originate from the impulses of your soul and it is your soul’s melody that creates your perceived reality here on Earth.

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The Three Types of Souls on Earth now

Most souls on Earth come to experience life as it is expressed here. They are voluntarily choosing to pursuit pleasures, efforts and effects. They don’t feel a need to figure out why they are here. Life seems simple and factual to them. Through this, their soul’s experience expands and continues its evolution.

There is a second type of soul that is more rare. At some point in their life experience their spirit becomes restless and anxious. They need to seek some answers or find the purpose of life or inner guidance. Problems like depression, addictions, repressions, etc. tend to plague these people if this inner impulse is not heeded. These are souls that will refine their character and put special effort to adopt more virtues within themselves through out their existence here.

The third type of soul consciously chooses to incarnate on Earth. It not only knows why it is here, but fully remembers any and all times it has incarnated. These will be people that radiate a sense of wellness and sainthood. Higher forces will often assist them in changing the course of human history.

The first and the second soul types, will have to deal with a pre-determined blueprint for their life path. This is based on the vibration they have achieved. Shamans can pick up on these requirements and re-negotiate or exchange situations depending on preferences. The trait that will differentiate these type of souls is how much its spirit uses reason and intellect for the soul’s trajectory.

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Russian Authorities Reveal Where Anti-Putin Shaman Is Being Forcibly Confined

“Gabyshev was found “mentally unfit” during a court hearing where he had been accused of committing a “violent act against a police officer” as he was being taken forcibly from his home to a psychiatric clinic in late January.

The decision to confine Gabyshev for forced psychiatric treatment was challenged by his lawyers and supporters, who say it was an attempt to silence dissent.”

Quoted from Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty (RFERL), For Full Article Please Click Here

I have been following Shaman Gabyshev’s Story since it first began a coupe of years ago. At first I found his resolve bold and intriguing. I must admit I never thought the authorities would find him threatening though. How this story has developed exorbitantly demonstrates how one humble man can amass great fear in a massive system.

Shamanism addresses this in one of its main principles: “Prey vs Predator”. Where prey (animals like cows, sheep, chickens, etc) seek strength and safety in masses (things like corporations, governments, associations, unions, etc). Predators tend to work alone at their peril, internally propulsed by the unstoppable purity of their nature. You, by the way, can choose to be either “prey” or “predator” at any time in any circumstance of your life.

I am sure the experiences Shaman Gabyshev is going through are not comfortable, yet Shamans can shape shift and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s doing this right now. As one of our Andean Prayers go: “May lessons learned in this endeavor vastly Bless all Souls involved”

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Your many “You(s)” and How to Work with Them

Why do we react so crazily sometimes? Why do we do things that in retrospect were so irrational? Why do we hold resentments that keep us from being happy?

We do this because we are not alone inside ourselves. There are other aspects of our being that don’t have full access to interact in the material world and can only settle things under very specific vibrational (emotional) circumstances. For Shamans this dynamic is not limited to this lifetime; meaning unresolved issues can surface in a different life, existing as a completely different person.

Try to talk to yourself in the “We” rather than the “I”. Internally ask yourself which one of “You” is having issues or is pushing for an option that may seem questionable. You will receive an answer. You will also distinguish that it has a different thought tone, because it will feel more like an impulse than the flow of thought process.

The benefit of understanding these deeper forces of “You”, is that you can resolve issues before they create repercussions in the material world. With practice you’ll learn to access wiser and more visionary aspects of “You” that will guide you to any direction you want to go in life. There is even a “Shaman You” among you. Try it now! Take a deep breath, smile, and think of a question for you the Shaman. The impulse of the answer will come in a very unique way within hours or by the time you dream again.

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‘Shaman’ charged with starting California wildfire after allegedly boiling bear urine

On her LinkedIn, Souverneva lists “shaman” as her current occupation and indicates that she was a doctoral student at SUNY’s New York College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry.

An attorney for Souverneva told her initial court hearing that she’d made statements to law enforcement that indicated a possible mental health crisis “or something to do with drug abuse.”

Quoted from the New York Post, for full article Click Here

As someone that has undergone so much extensive training and personal sacrifice to provide this service, it is disappointing that journalists place the word: “Shaman” in the headline of this unfortunate event. It almost makes me wonder if there is some cynical desire to weaken the concept of Shamanism.

Shamans have helped humanity in so many fundamental ways for millennia; I don’t understand why this quick reaction from popular media. Could it be that everything they sell as “Truth”, is in some way tainted? I mean news tend to have an alarming undertone to them. Shamanism is quite the opposite…

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Eliyantha White: Sri Lankan shaman dies of Covid after touting cure

“He said pouring it into rivers could end the pandemic in Sri Lanka and neighbouring India.

The 48-year-old fell ill with the virus earlier this month and was taken to hospital where his condition worsened.

His potion was publicly endorsed by Sri Lanka’s former health minister, Pavithra Wanniarachchi, who subsequently spent two weeks in intensive care with Covid. ”

Quoted from BBC Website, for full article please Click Here

When the pandemic first began I asked about its origin and purpose. There may be many influences involved in its current development, but from my perspective this is an occurrence that has shifted human consciousness towards a needed direction. I decided early on not to interrupt this process. May Mr. White be embraced by the Light Supreme.

Shaman Flavio

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A Tip for Hard Times

Shaman Flavio, bidding farewell to Apollo in Sicilly, Italy

Things in life will inevitably get complicated, rough, tough, messy, etc. It is natural that we will try to make things better for us. The question is if we look to the outside to improve conditions or if we make sure our Base is OK first.

Do you run or do you lead?

Your heart is in your Center. It is at your core. It is with what you love and at its center yourself. It is not in the gym, office, friend’s house, a joint, a drink, a line, sex, your smart phone, social media… and the list could go on and on.

In the beginning, you will probably not find immediate relief at your core, but you will find truth, strength and solutions there. Avoid running away from discomfort. Don’t get caught up in judging others or yourself. Move forward (specially in your mind) and be fully conscious of how useful either your thoughts or emotions are in moments of increased discrepancy. Worrying and stressing is normal, but there comes a point it literally becomes stupid as well. Look deep within and search for that glimmer of defiance. That is the guiding Light that will get you through.

For Shamans, the obstacle is always justified to be there. Our job is to figure out which thought, emotion or action brought it there. Approaching difficult situations like this will not only teach you to solve problems but will also create a protection sphere around you for Life.

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Psychic Attacks and Your Biggest Weapons

Having a bad day? or maybe a bad week? season? life? Yes, it could be that you are under constant psychic attack, actually from a Shaman’s perspective it 100% is that. The thing is, most people don’t understand how energy works and why. Andean Cosmology believes we come to Mother Earth predominantly for two reasons, “blessings” and “lessons”. Actually lessons are also blessings, because they are there to help us increase the luminosity of our souls.

In order for life to help us become more evolved souls, we are inherently equipped with a little piece of Divinity that among a few ways, manifests as free will. You have a choice, at all times, even if physically restraint and drugged, you always elementally have a choice. Psychic attacks predominantly enter our fields of experience through habitual choice making. Keep making certain choices and you will continue reaping similar results. This is because energy latches to resonant energy. Part of the lifestyle of being a Shaman is becoming completely disoriented within one’s center from time to time. As this occurs new energies come and interact with us, but also old ones can no longer remain. It is an uncomfortable state, but ultimately rewarding.

If you feel down or attacked, you first weapon is a bright and beautiful smile. Not a cynical one, but an honest and humble one. Smile and remind yourself of sometime when everything was well. This will start disrupting the vibrations that invites unwanted manifestations. After a few seconds, offer a little prayer blessing everything around you.

Your second weapon, is a calming deep breadth and a focus on your heart area. Then another deep breadth and this time you illuminate your heart with love for all and faith in future and yourself. You do this even if you don’t feel it or believe it, it’s more than enough to just have the intent. After a few seconds, offer a little prayer blessing everything around you.

Third weapon, release. I really mean it that way, release yourself of what you are carrying that has already served a function and now you no longer needed, this, again, is your choice. Mentally deem that as you toss that paper into the garbage bin, or spit on the soil, or go to the bathroom, etc. the energy of this act is carrying away undesired passengers. Intend that they be taken to where they belong. Do this without emotions. This is done very logically, inwardly knowing that because you choose to do this, it will result so. After a few seconds, offer a little prayer blessing everything around you.

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