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Do you want to improve your life now? Do you feel blocked in the daily cycle and realize there is no happiness or motivation in what you do? Do you want wonderful relationships with your family and friends? Did you think you had life figured out and unexpected things happened? Are you looking for drive and passion to pursue success? Are you ready to transform your Life now?

A happy and successful life transformation is very possible in a short amount of time. I can help you think optimistically, creatively, boldly. Starting today, you can start taking steps to a brighter future filled with success and fulfilment.

If you want to transform your life, I can help!

My commitment to you is: development, growth, harmony and a fulfilling life, aligned with health, happiness and purpose. Your accomplishments are my purpose. You have the capacity to change your life. Together, we can transform your life. My office is in Miami, FL, USA but I work with clients worldwide.

With Focus, Intention, Support and Desire, Transformation is Inevitable!

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Disliking Others


I must admit, I personally dislike people that dislike me, some part of me becomes uncomfortable when I realize they have not recognized my magnificence. Some would say that there is a lot of “ego” in those emotions. I tend to see it as “self knowledge”. My daily job as a shaman, allows me the privilege of seen hundreds of people and their inner most divine contributions to this world. Humans are such unique and elite beings. They/We are literally unlimited potential self discovering ourselves as we exist. To catch a glimpse of this will definitely change the perspective you have of yourself and the people around you.

This is also why in shamanism, we quietly smile and privately (almost) laugh at groups or ideologies that point the finger at others. If you know you are super magnificent, then just be and maybe others can learn by your example; if they want or need to. As for others, if you don’t like their ways, that is perfectly acceptable since you are magnificent, just don’t forget that not letting them be is not a magnificent trait.

This message becomes critically obvious if you watch the news. There are so many “experts” around the world, talking and criticizing so many other “experts”. Their speech patterns are very agitated and aggressive; kind of like stressed monkeys in the wild. I can comfortably share, I don’t like them at all, and yet…we shall let them be.  People that constantly look outside themselves eventually get tired and at some point discover that their inner potential is what this life is all about.

As the Temple of Apollo at Delphi read: “Know Thyself”.

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Shaman Makes Thief Return a Stolen Car


This car thief was lucky it was only bees that the shaman used to persuade him…

“The bees did not sting anyone else.

When Sikadigu was still in the compound, the car owner came in with a traditional healer and the Ugandan ran to the healer and pleaded to be set free.

The healer made the bees go away and Sikadigu was arrested.”

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Is a Porn Star in Sin?



Kamilla Werneck (Brazilian Porn Actress) insists that her line of work brings happiness to many people. One need only check the view count on her videos to see that this claim has plenty of legitimacy. However, some argue that the so-called “happiness” she brings is really just capitalizing off of lonely people. Trafficking in lust is morally repugnant, they contend, and brings no value to society.

Werneck says such attacks don’t bother her. “I’m a good person at heart and that’s what matters. I love my work and I want people to appreciate and respect what I do. I still have a normal life outside and when I get the chance, I go to church with a Bible in my hand.”

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As far as Shamanism would be concerned, Ms. Werneck would not be doing anything wrong. Shamans guide their actions within the delicate harmony of nature. If a person’s actions do not disrupt Mother Nature in a negative way then it is natural and thus okay. Porn itself for a shaman would be considered as a mild natural hallucinogen. It could alter a person’s emotions or state and in excess it can disrupt other areas of their lives negatively, but this would have nothing to do with Ms. Werneck’s actions.

Mother Nature uses enticing and sensuality in one way or another to get her job done within all species. In the case of porn, the content of a movie could be considered the “enticing”, but this content is not being forced onto anyone against their will, so it does not violate natural law. For Mother Nature, sex does not need love (or marriage like the church would suggest), it just needs the consensual exchange of the parties involved,  in this case the actors.

If you are a bee and the aroma of a flower is disagreeable to you, just don’t fly towards it, but respect that everything in Mother Nature has a purpose.

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DO NOT try Ayahuasca!!!


I am very very serious!

Don’t disrespect this plant spirit or yourself for that matter trying Ayahuasca. It is not life changing unless you have undergone the necessary spiritual preparations, which take YEARS!

People that have tried it, say how wonderful it was and how it changed their lives; and yet they live the same way and have the same problems. How did it help then? Ohh, they keep going back for more (sometimes due to the encouragement of the people providing them the ayahuasca). What they are doing is escaping or taking refuge in a momentary hallucination that gives them information they cannot even use on this side of reality.

Here is an article from Collective Evolution:

“Though people have come to revere Ayahuasca, a recent ABC foreign correspondent revealed a less glamorous side to the plant brew that no one seems to be talking about.”

Full Article Here

Life is a gift that is meant to be lived and through it to discover your self and divinity.



Put Order in the House (within you)

critical-illnessHave you ever wondered why you feel a certain way or where a certain thought came from? How about conflicting thoughts or ideas? You want to go in one direction but somehow you end up doing something that completely disregards this.

Shamanism sees the world as a flurry of spirit. everything material has a more real counterpart in the spiritual realm. Everything we perceive in one sense or another is the result of spirits in action. If you switch the word “spirit” for “energy”, you’ll see that modern science is, innocently, just starting to understand this.

We are vessels that allow for the purest manifestation of spirit. This is why humans are so prevalent to external influences. Energies literally want to express themselves through us. This is fine as long as you agree with the vibration/direction these energies want to go towards. We discern this all the time through our will and reason. This is why achieving big goals take so much will power. We must resist energies that tend to pull us in directions that counter our desired goal.

Shamanism uses psychology for this (we don’t call it that though). We consider that there are countless segments of our personality within us and that each of these wants to express itself in the external world. Some are more dominant and others are flat out neglected. The key principle to remember is that the conscious and present “You”, is the one that allows which aspect of yourself will take over in a specific situation. Basically, you decide how you will deal with a loved one in an explosive scenario or what you eat while trying to loose weight or how you react while being cut off in rush hour, etc.

You…and no one else, is in control. You should also be aware that other aspects of yourself want to express themselves. They don’t care when, how or the consequences; they are basically impulses. By having read this information, you’ll notice when a conflicting impulse wants to surface and this will help you from acting impulsively.  Additionally, I recommend that later in a quiet and private setting, you literally have a conversation with yourself and address that part of your personality that tried express itself. Explain why you had to restrain it and what the goals are, also offer some sort of a solution or activity that will allow that part of you to express itself in a beneficial way. This exercise takes a little practice. In the beginning you’ll be talking to yourself not sure if any of it is making sense. After a couple of tries you’ll see how the negative behavioral habits start diminishing and new strengths start developing. Others will perceive you as more whole and solid, in essence more powerful.


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