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Do you want to improve your life now? Do you feel blocked in the daily cycle and realize there is no happiness or motivation in what you do? Do you want wonderful relationships with your family and friends? Did you think you had life figured out and unexpected things happened? Are you looking for drive and passion to pursue success? Are you ready to transform your Life now?

A happy and successful life transformation is very possible in a short amount of time. I can help you think optimistically, creatively, boldly. Starting today, you can start taking steps to a brighter future filled with success and fulfilment.

If you want to transform your life, I can help!

My commitment to you is: development, growth, harmony and a fulfilling life, aligned with health, happiness and purpose. Your accomplishments are my purpose. You have the capacity to change your life. Together, we can transform your life. My office is in Miami, FL, USA but I work with clients worldwide.

With Focus, Intention, Support and Desire, Transformation is Inevitable!

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Are “Prominent” People Happy All the Time?


Recently, I attended a meeting for professionals in industries related to emotional wellness. I was introduced to what seemed like very prominent and educated professionals in the clinical psychology/psychiatry fields. As usual my initial approach to meeting these folks was to be as personable as possible, but after a few seconds their energy started becoming very apparent to me; and I didn’t like it. These are the times when as a shaman, I find my self in awkward social situations. Something inside of me wants me to either leave or help the person in front of me. All this happens while the person in front of me thinks they are just meeting a guy that works as a healer. In these situations (most of the time) I tend to hold myself back and try to be as polite as possible. I however know that a repelling energy is exuding from me and their subconscious mind picks up on it. This tends to have certain people abruptly cut the conversation and walk away from me.

I am sharing this for all you empaths and energy workers out there. Our auras are always interacting. They are beyond us in time and space. If you are a person that has a higher vibration, what I have described above is something you are very familiar with. Many of us tend to experience these abrupt gestures from others as rude and unwarranted, when in reality it is all about energy and your Light illuminating dark hidden spots in these people.

That meeting was filled with people that kept reciting their “board certifications” and sharing how fulfilled they were. To me it looked like a hidden competition of who could sell and impress to the others the most. The saddest part is that they were so unhappy and so afraid. As a shaman, I could sense their fears towards their age, competition, new developments in their fields, their failures in their personal lives as they tried to help others with those same failures, etc. How can unhappy people help you to be happy???

Even more important perhaps is the premise that life is not about being happy all the time. Life is Life, and it has all sorts of experiences and emotions that we go through, this is called being Human. I won’t get into the philosophical aspect of what life is, but I am sure, you will agree with me, that all people no matter in what walk of life will experience good, bad and ugly at some point. We experience, learn, cope, survive and eventually transition. There is no shame in accepting this, on the contrary embracing this truth, equips us to take on bigger challenges.

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Nature Spirits

Shamans know that there is a conscious force behind Mother Nature. While a more scientifically oriented person may call it “energy” in one way or another, we call it Spirit. We can always appreciate this force doing its work while outdoors. In a garden everything is alive, vibrant and moving. After certain rituals and focused work, sometimes these Nature Spirits can be perceived and even seen. Maybe you can spot them in the photo I took a few days ago (under it I attached the same photo with enhanced colors and arrows)…

Nature Spirits
Photo by Shaman Flavio
Photo taken by Shaman Flavio

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‘Spiritual healer’ knocked clients out with a drink — then Sexually Assaulted them


“People came to Christian Robles looking for divine healing, police say, but the 32-year-old man just sexually assaulted them instead.
Police arrested the self-proclaimed “spiritual healer” from New York City this week and charged him with criminal possession of a weapon, sex assault and sex abuse, among other charges, according to News12. He’s set for a court appearance on Wednesday.” 
Article from the Miami Herald. For full Article Click Here

This is why I always share stories of “confused” (to put it nicely) people that proclaim themselves as healers or shamans. To me and the effort it took me to learn my craft this is such a blow. People come for a service and something criminal happens. It shows how humans can twist things to such unrecognizable terms that it all ends in a tragedy.


I have said it so many times and even today because of this article I will receive emails and calls of naive/curious people seeking the hallucinogen.

Think about, you are taking a hallucinogen that will last for 4-6 hours and in that period of time you are trusting the people around you (that you barely know) with your well-being and care.

Many close friends, have told me that it has helped them and yet as an observant I see that their lifestyles and habits remain the same. It’s not because Ayahuasca didn’t work, it’s because when undergoing the experience, they had not been trained to focus consciousness in a specific way. It’s like giving an airplane to a child, they have no knowledge of the navigation process. Flying will be fun, but in the end you don’t go anywhere. If you are interested, consider training yourself in active visualization first. You may find that this works fine enough after some weeks. Please avoid seeking ultimate results with zero effort. Just drinking a brew is very little effort.

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How to be Happy by Sunrise


If you’ve ever had a shamanic session with me, you will quickly realize what I am talking about, if not just read a few more lines. The Sun rises every morning in the East. In shamanic tradition, the East is related to the element of air. Air is the medium through which information and communication travel. Even today with all our technology, our voices and wi-fi still use the element of air to transmit countless amounts of information.

The elements are constantly communicating with us. Air, tells us that our Heart is always within love, light and life. Deep within each one of our chests, our Hearts beat to a rhythm that some traditions say, goes back to the very moment of creation itself. Creation without the toxicity of the human darker emotions is always the result of pure love. Thus, our heart is always happy, always loving, always beating under that original intention. Things get complicated when we focus in the external environment, how our senses read it and how our brain translates that information. Habits of behavior, beliefs, cultural conditioning and/or just plain attitude towards life often dictates how we tend to feel. There are so many stimuli constantly bombarding this process that by the time you reach young adulthood it is practically useless trying to filter them all out. There is a more simple internal process to live happy and with internal peace. It was written long ago at the entrance of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi (Greek God representing the Sun). At the very top of the temple’s entrance it read: “Know Thyself…”.

We are beings that exist in two worlds. We have an internal reality and an external one. The external one will be the result of many other situations and people, each going in its own direction, that may or may not agree with us. This depends mostly on our vibrations, but that is a subject for another time. Our internal reality though, well, that can be exclusively ours. Understanding that our senses and thought processes don’t always need to be linked to our heart’s rhythm will already take more than half of the heavy load out of or lives. The next good news is that life is in a constant flow. Things change, unpredictable things happen, miracles are always happening, magical outcomes exist. Believe in this. Have Faith. Your  beliefs and the amount of faith you exercise are 100% under your control and they work! The Universe is always listening and always answering, live by this…

There is always a new sunrise after the night, even if we are talking about the ultimate transition out of this world. With the many people I see and their concerns, I know that life can be overwhelming, but the counterbalance to a worried mind is Faith. Observe the external world, function within it, but always feed your heart with a healthy dose of Faith. You’ll see the miracles start happening within weeks and happiness starts raining.

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Improve your Future, with the Third-Eye


To see the unseen, you require an unseen eye. This means that there is no physical action related to “seeing” the beyond. In the Andean Shamanic Tradition, we don’t concern ourselves with training or learning anything, because we accept remembering, dreaming, imagining or even planing as functions of “seeing” without physical eyes. There is no need to keep the body motionless or to avoid all thoughts and keep the mind still, because whatever the mind is doing is actually not of this material world. This is why shamans tend to “Journey” instead of to “meditate”. It is an active way to allow the  mind to do what it is designed to do, which is to “go”. It’s simple, try it for a few seconds, here’s how:

  • Observe the room you are in for  2 or 3 seconds
  • Close your eyes and in your mind’s eye replay the 2 to 3 seconds
  • Open your eyes and repeat with your physical eyes.
  • Close again, repeat, but this time in your mind’s eye leave the room walk out to the street and fly for 2 to 3 seconds, then come back.
  • Continue expanding and imagining in your mind. Start visiting loved ones, and in less than a week you’ll notice your positive influence on the people or events you visited.
  • Remember to keep your activity on the “other side” positive and loving. What you put out returns, even more in energetic activities.
  • Later, as you get better and see for yourself that this process really works, mentally start working on your goals and aspirations.

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Life, Death, the Young and the Old

kendall-hospitalLast week, Friday at noon, I was standing in a hospital room. although much was going on around me, I was focused on a specific goal. Within minutes, I had brought serenity, healing and peace to the room. I had arrived a few minutes earlier and  people had been crying for their loss, a few feet away, separated by just a curtain, an older lady had been wailing in pain, she was another patient. In front of me was the loved one that had been alive less that an hour before. She had been in her 70’s and for the last couple of weeks, had been fighting for her life. She had been dealing with respiratory, circulatory and renal complications. A few days prior, I had not been able to recognize her due to so many tubes coming in and out of her face. Just hours before, she was still making plans for the future. She wanted to travel more, but immediately after leaving the hospital she just wanted a french bread toast with butter and a little coffee. When I heard this, my focus was on internally stabilizing her and making her as comfortable as possible. As I think of that moment now, it makes my heart want to buckle. In private, I have done my prayers and have communicated my feelings and wishes to Higher Forces, and have tried to be as wise as I know I am not. Life is a journey and a learning experience for the soul. We will all reach the point She did last Friday and when that day arrives, regardless of our plans, preferences and desires, we must trust that it will be the perfect day.

I had to leave the hospital a few hours later because I had a new client coming in that afternoon. Later that Friday, for the first time in two days I was able to catch up on my texts and emails. The day before, someone in her late 20’s had written me a message about how terrible her life was because she had no friends and that she was considering doing something terrible to herself. The next day, I spent an hour with her on the phone. I reminded her that she was young, healthy, had both her parents that loved her and specially that she was free (physically and legally) to do and go anywhere. I suggested, she take a trip overseas and change environments, this in itself is the old shamanic vision quest, but after so many lame excuses (and after the struggle I had witnessed a few days earlier), I gave up on trying to convince her how lucky she was.

I don’t think there is any amount of wisdom one can impart that can teach one person’s struggle to another. The human experience is not designed to do that. We are each within the center of our own universe and deserve to learn at our own pace and within our own conditions. Often, I need to remind myself (and my clients) that my job is to ease discomfort and to increase strength, but never to impede a valuable lesson that life needs to give. Living, Dying, being young or old and regardless of other conditions your life is your sole experience. When life gets complicated or painful for you or a loved one, remember that we are here for our own personal Path and that it is at all times in perfect balance with something bigger than us. Avoid comparing yourself to others and avoid frustrating yourself with other’s relationship to their Path. Be you, be loving and trust that life teaches each one of us what is needed in a perfect (and very often incomprehensible) way.


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My Shamanic Overload

Maldi and Me

Last week was very difficult for me. I was bombarded by a back to back set of influences from people in much lower vibrations than my own. This happened in my personal life so the usual shields that use during sessions were not up. The people vibrating this energy in discord with my own, were friends and family. If it would have been strangers their energy would have not gotten as deep as it did. Also, if it would just have been one or two of them, I would have released that easily; but as it were it was from different sides of my family and different friends that don’t know each other.

I noticed it after leaving the hospital. I had gone to visit and support heal a very dear aunt of mine, but as I drove back home an intense heaviness enveloped me. My initial response was to avoid going home and go to a happy public place (i.e. a bar) with lots of people, so that the energy I was carrying would dissolve there and I could tune in to a more desired vibration. On my way to South Beach though, I just felt it better to go home and eat something and rest, I had had a long day. Once home I tuned out of my emotions and their vibrations, and after a couple of hours went to bed. The next morning, within 30 seconds of waking up, I felt an intense anger swell up. As a shaman, I am very keen to my vibrations and emotions, they feel like currents that if not conscious of their influence, will drift me to undesirable situations. To make a long story short, I tried going back to bed, then went to the gym and finally to the beach for a walk, but the anger persisted. Finally, I sat down at home and calmly asked towards empty space: “What? How can I help? What do I need to look at? I hear you, you got my attention, now let’s talk. Enough with the anger and aggressiveness…”

Since I am a multiple times initiated shaman, I did do some mystical exercises to try to get the energy moving and to find that inner stillness; but in the end it was the purity of my intention and the desire to resolve my inner conflict that got me back to an acceptable vibration. You don’t need any secrets, substances or anybody else to listen to yourself…always remember that. Know that you are already perfect, it’s just a matter of fine tuning to yourself.

I am sharing this with you today, because it’s important that you know that it doesn’t matter how spiritual, loving, yogi, vegan, open, wise, liberal, etc. you are because you are still human and will have to deal with the human condition; which is to learn and evolve while you are here on Earth. I wish I could tell you that I had some illuminating resolution or a message from above. After, an hour reflecting on the events of those days, I finally found peace when I admitted to myself that certain people close to me are no where near the standards by which I live my life. Some humans come to Earth and miss the point of it and waste their (limited) life-time in things like disrupting their fellow humans, vehemently protecting their false pride, seeking excuses to not do the right action, live with a nasty huge negative “elephant in the room”, etc.

It was painful, disappointing and disorienting when I realized what was nudging at me. Today, a few days later, I am still unsure of how I will deal with people I know I will see again, now that I have admitted to myself that they are not who I though they were (that by the way I always knew deep within me). That is something I will deal with in an external environment. Internally, now, I feel at peace. I feel inner wisdom. I feel aligned with myself, my emotions and my energy. You can’t control others, they have divine free will to use as they wish and eternity to take as long as they want to evolve, but you can always control the interactions between your external and internal worlds. This makes you wiser, stronger, healthier and a human of integrity.

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Is asking for something free, a good idea?

c3ca257778bec0a8bb09f459be6def46Short answer is absolutely Not. I dislike comparing the universe to a machine, but there is a certain set of laws within our universe that act indiscriminately. A very unforgiving one, is the law of equal exchange. Even if you think you are receiving something for free, the law of equal exchange will charge you for it in one way or another.
The only time, that you may accept something for free is if  you fully intend to pay it forward. Now there are times when you may have gone through a very rough period, and the universe in its ultimate wisdom might give you a couple handouts here and there, but these are exceptions that should not be taken for granted.
Native Americans had this concept very clear. The Vikings also lived by this concept; they even named one of their runes after it. It was the rune “Gebo”, it looks like an “X”. Even mother nature at its core will operate strictly under this principle. In the region of South America where I learned part of my shamanic discipline, for example, it is believed that trees pay their rent by giving out fruit, aromas, shade, wood, etc.
In my shamanic practice, I have been amazed at how clear this concept manifests. Without exception, every single time I have given a lesson, session or ritual for free, in one way or another the result is but a fraction of what it should be. I have learned the hard way, that when I seek a result I should pay my dues in one way or another. When someone approaches me and seeks one of my services the same must be strictly honored.  The good news is that the exchange or payment is accounted for in terms of energy and the intent within your heart. You can’t really harm at an energetic level when your heart is pure. Mother Earth is like a school, we come here to evolve and leave as better souls, so keep a smile on your face, your heart pure, offer and give in-exchange for whatever direction you wish to go.

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