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Do you want to improve your life now? Do you feel blocked in the daily cycle and realize there is no happiness or motivation in what you do? Do you want wonderful relationships with your family and friends? Did you think you had life figured out and unexpected things happened? Are you looking for drive and passion to pursue success? Are you ready to transform your Life now?

A happy and successful life transformation is very possible in a short amount of time. I can help you think optimistically, creatively, boldly. Starting today, you can start taking steps to a brighter future filled with success and fulfilment.

If you want to transform your life, I can help!

My commitment to you is: development, growth, harmony and a fulfilling life, aligned with health, happiness and purpose. Your accomplishments are my purpose. You have the capacity to change your life. Together, we can transform your life. My office is in Miami, FL, USA but I work with clients worldwide.

With Focus, Intention, Support and Desire, Transformation is Inevitable!

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When Things are Not Going your Way

20181215_0150337361186817703027438.jpgWe’ve all had those times in our lives that things consistently don’t go our way. Even worse is when things actually seem to go out of their way to hinder us and/or our emotions.

What to do?

My step one, is to remember the Andean Shamanic Theory that all things that occur to us happen only for two reasons: 

  1. To Bestow a Blessing
  2. To Teach a Lesson

Once that is acknowledged, my step two is to avoid running away from the uncomfortable emotions. Emotions are the bi-product of our energetic vibration; and vibration will attract more of its kind. Many of my clients, take certain medications to help them cope with their emotions. It is not my place to criticize, but I would advise that at some point the emotions are dealt with in an organic way. We do this by shifting our attitudes and beliefs towards the situation that is creating the discomfort. Even if you are being subjugated to constant negative treatment, you can always decide how you use this ordeal internally to strengthen you and make you wiser.

Lastly, take full advantage of the concept of “Resolve” . Make a decision about how you will deal with the aggravating factor and either make a deadline or take an action that cannot be undone. There are two very important conditions before taking this step though:

  1. Be Sound of Mind. Make sure your thinking is not being influenced by anyone or anything. If not…wait!
  2. Be Pure of Heart. You may be upset, but your emotions need to be leveled as you make a resolution. If not…wait!

Once these three steps are processed, “Don’t look back” (this is actually a  mystical principle; even referred to in the Bible). Move forward with your life and consciousness and be at peace that this was dealt with and it is now a thing of the past. Under no circumstances, refer back to it. Don’t make it a part of you or your life story. The quicker you release it the faster it will leave your field of life experience and allow other blessings or lessons to come to you. If by any chance, the pain/thoughts keep returning, this would mean you didn’t dealt with the situation fully and so try the three steps again.

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Peru, Detroit and a Small Update

Shaman Flavio’s Miami Crew, this photo was taken a few days before the Pampamisayoq Initiation afoot Mountain Apu Ausangate

I traveled to Cuzco, Peru to a Shamanic Initiatory Journey under the guidance of Q’ero Master Shaman Nicolas Pauccar. I could share how intense it was and the wonderful experiences I had with the three students (now very close friends) I took from my practice here in Miami, but it’d be too much to write. One thing all four of us agree on is the immense sense of connection we felt in that land and the grandness of the presence that seemed to observe us as we did our initiatory work. In one way or another every person present during the ceremonies was touched by a force that moved something within them. This was felt by all of us and yet no one was able to explain what it was. The Shamans acknowledged this and even provoked it, but never went deep into explaining or analyzing it. They just let us experience that sense of awe and without any spoken words led us on to figure it out by ourselves. The trip took 11 days in total, but I am still in digesting the information I received. If you’d like to see more photos of this magical trip, please check me out in Instagram.com/Shamanflavio

As a side note, I’d like to specially dedicate the last few sentences to all the people that contact me with the hopes of experiencing Ayahuasca. First of of all, I do not use nor condone the use of Ayahuasca outside of the land where that Spirit resides in. Secondly, if someone were to ingest it, I’d recommend months of preparation and months of post assimilation. It boggles me, how I get these people that have done these “ceremonies” dozens of times and they don’t seem to be healthier, nicer or wiser. If at all, they seem more confused and misunderstood. Please people! treat Powerful Spirits with respect and know that nothing worthwhile comes easily. Awakening, wisdom and self power, comes through diligent self work and by not laying around hallucinating dozens of times.

Guardian Building in Detroit, a very mystical place for those who know how to read the symbology of the architecture and paintings within its walls

A few weeks after my return, I was invited to Detroit to participate in another type of spiritual ceremony. This one of a more esoteric nature, hosted by a Hermetic Mystical Order I have belonged to for almost decade. Although this trip only took a couple of days, the experience compounded with the Peruvian journey. This in part is the reason, I haven’t been able to update a post here in the past couple of weeks. This is also a good opportunity to shed some light in the Awakening Process so many of us are going through. Our planet  is going through mayor energetic changes. For mystics, this is very evident in the occurrences that are manifesting all over our conscious spectrum. For example the political arena in the United States is of a nature we have not seen before. If you feel as if things are “off” or your perception of the external world “feels” different, understand that this is your vibration adjusting. Many of my new clients come to me because they feel depleted, exhausted, have a sense of lack of purpose or things in their life are not giving the same results as before. In conclusion, I’d say they just seem to be questioning the system or the status quo. This is happening, because as a race we are already perceiving that there is a better way. The potential is already behind the veil, our vibration just needs to catch up for things to manifest. I am very glad to have spoken to medical professionals that have privately shared with me that medicine is quietly moving in the direction of recognizing energy patterns that harmonize, heal or disrupt the human body. This means that everything around you and its vibration will influence you. Furthermore, for things to be accepted into human consciousness, the energetic pattern would already have to be compatible. That compatibility process is what we shamans are currently working on so diligently; trying to raise humanity’s vibration for the better conditions that are just outside our reach. If you’d like to learn how to raise your vibration and that of those around you, please contact me below.



Be a Super Star!!!


A very long time ago, I realized that some people live out their entire lives with very erroneous ideas and beliefs. Afterwards, I also realized that these same people actually had a functional life. They had a job, a family, a pet, were accepted in their community, etc. In essence I realized that either, it was okay to be completely and absolutely wrong about some undeniable truths, or that those truths were real for me but for others, different truths applied. Once this fact is acknowledged, a magnificent freedom emerges, because your beliefs play a huge role in how you vibrate. As long as your beliefs don’t hurt anyone else, you can essentially vibrate at any rate that you choose.

If tomorrow you decide that you are secretly the healthiest, wisest and most loving person that has ever existed in the Universe, I can guarantee you’ll attitude will change. Attitude gauges vibration and that vibration will by “Law of Attraction” open Portals to more of that reality.

No one has to know, actually keeping it private will increase the energy of the belief’s vibration. I challenge you to try it for a few minutes as you interact with someone randomly. Watch how the person on front of you responds.

Shamanism is all about developing your divine power. You have free will, it literally is a choice to walk our loving Mother Earth as average people or as Super Stars. One more thing, expand your mind in believing you are the best that you can possibly be, because it is also Universal Law that all conceivable is possible. Who you conceive yourself to be is who you truly are!

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Specialized Shamanic Services

good-will-hunting-boat-painting-625x313While many of my clients obtain my services for a positive energetic boost and/or help in everyday situations. There are some cases that require the more mystical aspects of the art I practice.

Very often people will find themselves in a streak of bad luck, things will somehow seem to be going persistently downward, or there will be a sense of blockage in one or more aspects of their life. Even the logical mind will recognize that there is “something else” influencing outcomes in a way that defies the normal averages. In these cases it is not illogical to just consult with someone like me. Very often it’s not something as intense as it was thought. Other times, a shamanic process is required to set the sails in the right direction again.

Life has a constant flow and there are currents and cycles within it. People around us are constantly emitting vibrations as well, if their thoughts, emotions or intentions are toxic this can be detrimental. Mystics and Shamans know how to recognize these. Always keep in mind that Mother Nature is in a perfect balance. It is normal to experience storms in the journey of life, but sometimes we can also become adrift in a menacing ocean. In those cases, I can be your compass.

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Evolution, Behavior and the Future


Would you agree that your parents see the world much different than you? How about the names and characteristics we give each generation? (ie. Gen-X, Millenials, Baby Boomers, etc). 20180824_213232We read the history books and somehow it is always assumed that people a couple of generations ago were humans with an equivalent behavioral make up as ours. The world view of a generation can actually go undocumented, because it is their conflicts and actions that take precedence in our historical records.

We can learn at least two immediate tips from this. One, we can consider this world view as the subconscious influence of that generation always directing that mass of people to act in a certain way, setting the way for generations to come. Two, we can see this transition as a result of a higher intelligence directing humanity in a very specific direction.

This is in part how a mystic sees conflicts or developments occurring with peoples of completely different races and beliefs. 20180822_0207311A grander point of view  seeks to discern that elusive influence that is behind human’s motivations, feelings, beliefs and actions. We can use this same process to improve our everyday lives and interactions. Things that happen are just the shadows of a much more powerful influence that is constantly illuminating the scenes from behind the screen of this reality. In any ongoing conflict you might find yourself in, reflect on those elusive influences that hint at people behaving or acting in a certain way. Just having the intent of doing this will focus your consciousness at a deeper level. Not only will this practice allow you understand the whole picture, but it will also give you an awesome insights into the trend of future occurrences.

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Entitlement? …but everything is a Gift!

20180905_223718I have heard about “entitlement” in young adults nowadays. I have seen it here in my session room in some of my younger clients as well. I am not a parent, so I can’t share an opinion of where this attitude originated. From whom I’ve worked with I can attest that these younger people legitimately feel powerless towards circumstances that older generations just assumed as part of life.

A shamanic philosophy would not allow these feelings to creep into anyone’s life. Everything in our material life is considered a “gift”. The warmth from the Sun, air, water. Everything on Pachamama (Mother Earth) is constantly providing “services of love” or gifts with the understanding of “Ayni” (a balanced exchange). Life in the remote areas of the Andes is not easy, but the people working the land there don’t complain. In their mind, they are providing a service to the community (in this case community also involves objects, plants and animals). Everybody is a brother or a sister and everybody cares for each other while walking over Mother.

Of course, we are human and each of us has his/her own free will. Sometimes,  preferences and disputes happen, but the attitude in the community towards this is to give the person time to reflect on their own. There are very few laws and rules and nothing is forced upon any person. It is known that if the action does not emanate from the heart, it will not function properly and will eventually wither away.

We come to this world and Mother Nature, provides what we need to experience it through the vessel of a physical body. Through out our pilgrimage in this loving planet we are also provided with everything we need to live, grow, enjoy, learn, etc. All is already there and constantly replenishing itself and everything is a Gift. Try to reflect on this notion and see for yourself the appreciation and desire of reciprocity that will flourish out of your heart.

Now, to take it to a energetic level, we humans are blessed with the capacity of consciously choosing to act out of this love. This makes the actions we take with this intention exponentially more powerful (or blessing or sacred) and that is what we shamans call “Ritual”. I do it a few times everyday. Try it one of these days, just appreciate the gifts and create an intent to bless your surroundings, I promise, you’ll be very surprised at the reciprocity within the next few days.

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Who’s Fault is it and Who looses?

Drawing by yours truly…

These are two questions that should always be at the very forefront of our every day interactions. Anytime your emotions are not optimal the answer is “You”. Life is about  experiencing blessings and to learning lessons. If at any time you are not aware of why you are going through an ongoing hardship, this means you are in the middle of a life lesson. You might be unaware of what this lesson is. Stop , reflect and find the lesson within the troubling issue. This will help Life get the lesson across easier and thus make the whole unwelcomed process shorter.

There are no enemies, diseases, catastrophes, accidents, etc. There are only lessons! This also takes us to the aspect of “Power” and the “Human Intention“. If someone is treated unfairly and his reaction is to blame instead of to seek the lesson, his power of intention will be aimed at the symptom, but not the disease. Instead, if anytime an unfair situation happens we focus our power and intention towards finding out why “Life” put this in our Path, the resolutions reached will end the unwanted cycle for forever (literally).

I’ll give you an example from my personal life. In the past couple of weeks I have been very unlucky in restaurants, not all of them, but enough to ruin many evenings. Waiters would forget me or my orders, meals would come cold, I’d be seated next to a wailing baby, my greek salad looked like a soup, a waiter and a bus boy almost got into a fist fight in front of my table, you get the point… Now, Shaman Flavio may write very relaxed here, but Flavio (the guy) also has feelings, gets hungry, frustrated, angry, etc. And trust me it was Flavio in these restaurants, not the shaman. At first I would blame the restaurant and continue living knowing they would loose my business, but after so many signs. I noticed, I was loosing an opportunity and that it had been my fault for not paying attention. I listened, adjusted my diet appropriately, and have had no further problems.

Shamanism is about developing your inner power. Try it right now, go to some social media site and soon enough you’ll find a baiting post that will poke at you annoyingly. Ask the questions: Who’s fault is it and who looses? Before answering, point at yourself and take the necessary actions to resolve it. In this case, maybe not wasting so much time in social media.

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Shaman Flavio deals with a little Physical Pain


It’s been three days since I had a wisdom tooth yanked out of me. I would have never decided to go through the procedure, except that it was damaging a healthy molar. Today my face woke up a little less swollen and the pain is down to about 8%. The reason I have chosen to share this with you is because when life has us go through situations like these, there are a couple of opportunities and processes that can be applied.

First the process. To me it felt like the energy of a storm. When the news came that I had to extract the tooth, it was like a forecast with high probabilities of thunderstorms. While I was sitting there (awake) with three people around me cutting, drilling and pulling, it literally had the energy of lightning strikes here and there with lots of gushing winds and rain. Hours and days later it felt as if the eye of the storm had passed, but I still had to deal with the sporadic pockets of bad weather that follow the storm; as some pains came and went. This situation reminded me that sometimes we go through intense disliking experiences but just as everything in life…they pass.

The most valuable time for me happened the day after. When my face got pretty swollen and certain new pains started peeking into my awareness. My jaw hurt, the upper teeth hurt as if they had cavities. My cheek felt as if someone had hit me with a bat. Then there was a headache that somehow connected to my neck and shoulders. I also had sudden surges of exhaustion, chills, sweats, light-headedness, etc. As a shaman to me all this meant that my energy was re-routing itself. This is why I did not take any of the prescribed pain medicine. I wanted to share, participate and commune with what my physical body was going through. I believe that numbing the pain, could have in some form robbed me of an experience that I was meant to have. Without pain and feeling more normal I may have also worked sooner and that was not what my body needed at that time. Providing a service while in a state of unbalance could rub off some of the unbalancing energy to your clients.

My notes, right before writing this article

Finally, I’d like to offer a suggestion. As I have mentioned before, initiation has to do with an intense experience that stimulates the senses, while inducing a new pattern. Something like this, perfectly fits the conditions needed to be used as an opportunity of self initiation. Before leaving my house for the doctor’s office, I assigned a purpose to the intent with which I was going with. I focused on a specific idea and improvement in an area of my life and I kept repeating it as pain would happen. Energetically, when we are stimulated, our aura expands and brightens and this creates small openings where new influencing energies can enter our auric field (this happens constantly in our daily life). As I repeated my convictions, this allowed only energies related to my goals to enter my field while in that moment of discomfort.My inner chatter also needed some maintenance. On the second day I woke up feeling more pain and immediately my mind started saying, “What if it gets worse? What if this is just the beginning of a complication? Maybe you should take those pain pills now? etc”. This was a moment that I first observed and then very calmly spoke back to myself, “It’s normal to feel some pain, we are healing so let’s give our physical body some time to do what it needs to do. We will be fine regardless of what happens next, just trust me. If the pain increases we will take a decision then…”. That inner conversation aligned me and gave me a sense of assurance. It was as if I had called in all of the different aspects of my being and had shared a plan and a vision for our healing and well being. Going back to the storm analogy, I shared with everyone in the house (my body) that the storm would pass, to just sit tight a little longer.

Below, I have included a 45 min audio recording of me sharing the same ideas, but from a spoken perspective. Mind you, I am still a little out of it so I will sound a bit different…

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Using Disagreement to Grow Stronger

20180825_094558Humans naturally want to be happy. It is normal to avoid situations that are uncomfortable or painful, specially when it involves conflict with loved ones. As an Urban Shaman, I am a perpetual student of the Human Condition, so to me moments that happen naturally and that create discomfort as seen as opportunities for growth.

I just recently had one of those interactions with someone I respect very much. We were having an ideological conversation and as I touched on a negative stereotype I observed a reaction on my counterpart. She intelligently swayed away from the subject and kept a firm hold on her emotions, but too late, I had noticed and so I pushed the subject further. I even emphasized the negative bias. This was a conversation about race and their perceived intellectual limitations. I may have mentioned before here that we shamans do encourage judging books by their covers. We do this because we believe Mother Nature talks to us and never lies. If something looks a certain way, it probably is and we have developed a system to read certain characteristics in people’s body types and faces.

To make a short story even shorter, the conversation ended awkwardly and some emotions were rattled. Later, we spoke again, and this was the teaching:

  • It is healthy for people to disagree and even argue, as long as respect is kept
  • Sides should seek a resolution that elevates humanity as a whole
  • If there is apparent evidence for someone that something is bad or negative, this truth should be challenged until confirmed or proven wrong.
  • When involved in one of these uncomfortable discussions, emotions don’t need to participate, because it is not about ego, ignorance or malice; it is about “Resolve”
  • If your emotions complain, this is the sign that there is a weakness in one of the pillars of your philosophy and the subject should be explored until firmly settled.
  • Once all the discomfort has passed and (hopefully) the negative bias is proven wrong, although someone lost the argument, everybody in that exchange won, because humanity is elevated!

Take a deep breath, center yourself and appreciate your humanity. We are all one species within Mother Earth. Let’s not avoid uncomfortable dialogue, let’s explore it together and in the process increase our respect, resolution and common evolution of each other.

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