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Fr. Flavio Moy, CRP

Initiated Shaman / Psychosomatic Therapist

Shamanic initiation-Peru (Pampamisasoq). Certified Life Coach. Licensed Crystal Dreaming Practitioner. Certified Reiki Master. Board Certified Gnostic Theurgist. Ordained Spiritual Counselor. Member of the International Association for Jungian Studies (IAJS) and American Counseling Association (ACA).

Human Potential is largely untapped. Personal and professional growth is a process of integrated consciousness and transformation. Human Life is meant to be a Path of Happiness, Creativity and Fulfillment.

Mother Nature is in absolute Harmony at all times and You can be as well!

Any negativity in your Life can be wiped out by restoring Balance. Your Life Experience, Mind, Body and Soul are interconnected. There is no condition or situation that can be happening in your Life (your Field) without the allowing of your Soul. I work at this level, and together we bring your physical life and Soul’s Path back into Harmony and Oneness.



My story in one paragraph:   My “Spiritual Activation” began in 2007. I have a degree in Mass Communications (Film & Television),  from FIU and another in International Trade, from UM; but my main profession was as a Real Estate Investor and Agent, this is the way I paid for my school and in the process found that I was very proficient and became very successful at investing a few years after graduating. Around the time the real estate bubble was about to burst, I was visiting Machu Picchu, as a tourist; and that evening I was awoken by what is known as “The Serpent of Light”. Machu PicchuThis loving being revealed to me many Truths and among them the fact that I would have to undergo a complete shift in my life.  To make a long story short,  less than two months from that evening I was living in Thailand, studying Buddhism.

ThailandBuddhaNine months after that I was back in Machu Picchu, being initiated by a Shaman in a cave by The Saqsaywaman Complex. SaqsaywamanA little over a year from then my vibration got me acquainted with others in the mystical realm and from there I went through additional initiations in private mystical orders and other countries.  AfricaAfricaHutTikalTahitiNow, many wonderful years after, I am an Ordained Shaman and Theurgist.

To know more about me, or if you’d like to  meet me virtually, feel free to add me in Facebook.com/Flaviomoy; Giza

but please let me know you are coming from this site. Thank you.




A Typical Session:   It takes me about an hour of preparation by myself for every person I see. The session room will be blessed and sanctified; SessionRoomI also go through a series of practices to clear my vibration and to request permission for the help I intend to provide with a pure heart and a sound mind. At the appointment time, I will personally greet everyone at the door. From there I request mobile phones to be deactivated from any interruptions that they could cause. Then in the session room my guests can lay on the massage table or sit on a chair. Next, I perform a cleansing, usually with sage or palo santo, after that come some tones with a Native American Meditation Flute, to mute the space; Drumthen about 10-15 minutes of drumming to stabilize the atmosphere  and finally a full body scan with rattles, which allow me to sense the energy centers and catch any possible blockages or misalignments. Finally, we have the counseling part of the session,

FluteRattleshere I share what was offered to me while drumming and we discuss specific questions, concerns, lessons or gifts.

Depending on what’s desired to work on I may use other type of tools such as bells, claves, stones, crystals, seeds, candles, etc.

If the above resonates with you,

StonesContact Me through the form below, Thank you, FR Flavio Moy, CRP 




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