The Three Types of Souls on Earth now

Most souls on Earth come to experience life as it is expressed here. They are voluntarily choosing to pursuit pleasures, efforts and effects. They don’t feel a need to figure out why they are here. Life seems simple and factual to them. Through this, their soul’s experience expands and continues its evolution.

There is a second type of soul that is more rare. At some point in their life experience their spirit becomes restless and anxious. They need to seek some answers or find the purpose of life or inner guidance. Problems like depression, addictions, repressions, etc. tend to plague these people if this inner impulse is not heeded. These are souls that will refine their character and put special effort to adopt more virtues within themselves through out their existence here.

The third type of soul consciously chooses to incarnate on Earth. It not only knows why it is here, but fully remembers any and all times it has incarnated. These will be people that radiate a sense of wellness and sainthood. Higher forces will often assist them in changing the course of human history.

The first and the second soul types, will have to deal with a pre-determined blueprint for their life path. This is based on the vibration they have achieved. Shamans can pick up on these requirements and re-negotiate or exchange situations depending on preferences. The trait that will differentiate these type of souls is how much its spirit uses reason and intellect for the soul’s trajectory.

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