Shamanic Practices and Contemporary Art


There is a renewed interest in ritual, shamanism, and transcendental experiences. It is known that in times of crisis, people start looking for God. People over all right now have a sense of loss of community and empathy. This is why I take shamanism so seriously and will continue to dedicate my life to it’s resurgence in some form or another. Shamans were the watchers and keepers of the community. We are the translators of the energy bubble that permeates a society.

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Shaman, Not Guilty of Fraud


I have posted many warnings about fraudulent shamans and healers before; but in this case I am sharing the opposite. A shaman was sued in Korea for fraud, but the courts decided that he/she had provided a valuable service, even though the original desired outcome had not been what the clients wanted.

This says so much about the way we sometimes want to impose our will on events that happen in life (or don’t in this case) and when they don’t we are willing to go as far as trying to “kill the messenger”. I personally go through this as well, although unlike this shaman in Korea, I wouldn’t go as far as doing 133 rituals for the same desired result. Life is an ocean of energy, and flows are constantly shifting. If things don’t work out when desired, we can always try later, but very often it’s just a matter of allowing the stars to align. This is another way of saying, that certain things need to happen for others to be possible.

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Korea has a unique style of shamanism and it is very prevalent in its culture.

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Energy of Power


There is a language in nature and in the Universe. It uses colors, proportions, angles, etc. It expresses the essence of the energy manifested. To me it is almost like the eternal question of what came first, the chicken or the egg. This is very self evident in successful multi billion companies, did they choose the logo or did the essence behind the logo’s energy choose the humans that would create the company. I suspect it is a combination of both.

As humans we have the ability to control our vibrations, we do this by choosing how and what we think about, also by adjusting the emotions towards those thoughts. Mystics study the interaction of manifestations and their symbols. This is very evident in art for example, paintings as abstract as they can be communicate a certain emotion or “feeling”. The artist does this by channeling energies. Many of them call this, being in the “zone”. Imagine, if you could constantly and consistently create a little doodle that expressed desired outcomes in your life. I am not talking about working or goal-setting, but about living in a way that expresses your desires to the Universe.

Many lifestyles already manifest these desires, saints have a very iconic behavior, many billionaires are workaholics, rock stars behave and dress a certain way, etc. These  are humans interacting with a specific type of vibration that produces certain results. People that look up to these folks emulate them, but the results are rarely the same. It is not about emulating, but about channeling the specific vibration of the results desired. Furthermore, we each have a unique vibration of our own, so it is important that we know ourselves before we decide on inviting a vibration in our lives. It is very similar to becoming a parent. The main focus as a parent should be on being physically, emotionally and mentally fit for the arrival (channeling) of the baby. Once the baby is born, it will naturally have its own personality, and life with it also becomes a process of adaptation.

Shamanism focuses on Power. We adjust to a lifestyle that increases power for healing and spiritual work. This same power can also be used for the manifestation or the realization of desired results. The ideal lifestyle of the shaman is that every action while awake is either part of a ritual or a prayer. Every moment is a communion with the Universe, which is always talking to us through symbolism.

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Disliking Others


I must admit, I personally dislike people that dislike me, some part of me becomes uncomfortable when I realize they have not recognized my magnificence. Some would say that there is a lot of “ego” in those emotions. I tend to see it as “self knowledge”. My daily job as a shaman, allows me the privilege of seen hundreds of people and their inner most divine contributions to this world. Humans are such unique and elite beings. They/We are literally unlimited potential self discovering ourselves as we exist. To catch a glimpse of this will definitely change the perspective you have of yourself and the people around you.

This is also why in shamanism, we quietly smile and privately (almost) laugh at groups or ideologies that point the finger at others. If you know you are super magnificent, then just be and maybe others can learn by your example; if they want or need to. As for others, if you don’t like their ways, that is perfectly acceptable since you are magnificent, just don’t forget that not letting them be is not a magnificent trait.

This message becomes critically obvious if you watch the news. There are so many “experts” around the world, talking and criticizing so many other “experts”. Their speech patterns are very agitated and aggressive; kind of like stressed monkeys in the wild. I can comfortably share, I don’t like them at all, and yet…we shall let them be.  People that constantly look outside themselves eventually get tired and at some point discover that their inner potential is what this life is all about.

As the Temple of Apollo at Delphi read: “Know Thyself”.

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Shaman Makes Thief Return a Stolen Car


This car thief was lucky it was only bees that the shaman used to persuade him…

“The bees did not sting anyone else.

When Sikadigu was still in the compound, the car owner came in with a traditional healer and the Ugandan ran to the healer and pleaded to be set free.

The healer made the bees go away and Sikadigu was arrested.”

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Is a Porn Star in Sin?



Kamilla Werneck (Brazilian Porn Actress) insists that her line of work brings happiness to many people. One need only check the view count on her videos to see that this claim has plenty of legitimacy. However, some argue that the so-called “happiness” she brings is really just capitalizing off of lonely people. Trafficking in lust is morally repugnant, they contend, and brings no value to society.

Werneck says such attacks don’t bother her. “I’m a good person at heart and that’s what matters. I love my work and I want people to appreciate and respect what I do. I still have a normal life outside and when I get the chance, I go to church with a Bible in my hand.”

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As far as Shamanism would be concerned, Ms. Werneck would not be doing anything wrong. Shamans guide their actions within the delicate harmony of nature. If a person’s actions do not disrupt Mother Nature in a negative way then it is natural and thus okay. Porn itself for a shaman would be considered as a mild natural hallucinogen. It could alter a person’s emotions or state and in excess it can disrupt other areas of their lives negatively, but this would have nothing to do with Ms. Werneck’s actions.

Mother Nature uses enticing and sensuality in one way or another to get her job done within all species. In the case of porn, the content of a movie could be considered the “enticing”, but this content is not being forced onto anyone against their will, so it does not violate natural law. For Mother Nature, sex does not need love (or marriage like the church would suggest), it just needs the consensual exchange of the parties involved,  in this case the actors.

If you are a bee and the aroma of a flower is disagreeable to you, just don’t fly towards it, but respect that everything in Mother Nature has a purpose.

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DO NOT try Ayahuasca!!!


I am very very serious!

Don’t disrespect this plant spirit or yourself for that matter trying Ayahuasca. It is not life changing unless you have undergone the necessary spiritual preparations, which take YEARS!

People that have tried it, say how wonderful it was and how it changed their lives; and yet they live the same way and have the same problems. How did it help then? Ohh, they keep going back for more (sometimes due to the encouragement of the people providing them the ayahuasca). What they are doing is escaping or taking refuge in a momentary hallucination that gives them information they cannot even use on this side of reality.

Here is an article from Collective Evolution:

“Though people have come to revere Ayahuasca, a recent ABC foreign correspondent revealed a less glamorous side to the plant brew that no one seems to be talking about.”

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Life is a gift that is meant to be lived and through it to discover your self and divinity.