Shamanic Misha used to Manifest Trip to Cappadocia & Maldives

Definition of a Shamanic Misha

Shamanic Misha:
We place stratregic objects in very specific spots within the represented microuniverse to manifest a desired outcome.
Cappadocia, Turkey
Although I didn’t know of this place until a few weeks before coming here, it had very specific qualities I had requested within the Misha. So grateful and excited with the Magic that surrounds us!

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The Boy and the Tree

Every so often the boy would take a stick, go out to his backyard and play sword fight with a bush. He’d imagine that he was in the Amazon and that he was being attacked by savages. He’d beat and slash at a few plants, but one in particular was sturdier and had just the right shape. After a few minutes of playing, he’d feel proud of his skill and head back home for a cold glass of lemonade.

The bush, would get back to doing what was in its nature. It would heal what it could, deal with the broken limbs and as best as it could would continue growing upwards, ever seeking to get closer to the Sun and the Stars.

The years went on, more combats happened in the boy’s head and the bush continued surviving. Sometimes it would look as if it wold not make it to next the season. It’s trunk and leaves would be very damaged but the roots kept going. As the boy grew, going out to beat a plant didn’t seem so interesting anymore.

Eventually the boy became a man and the bush became a tree. Nowadays the man sits under this tree and enjoys it’s beauty, shade and fruits. The man also hugs this tree and calls him his friend. He’s apologized often for having been so blind when younger. Once the man dozed off and as he slept the tree replied: “I have never had hard feelings for you, I was blessed not to have eyes, ears or senses that felt what you were doing, so don’t be so hard on yourself, you were growing in your own way too. My senses were only focused in doing what was true to my nature”

Know your nature and be true to it…

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Today is 9/9/19…Magical!

Take a sec to consider the Power of Nine! Magical time to release the unneeded and embrace the new! (I also added some mystical language in the photo for my student’s rituals) .

The symbol that represent the number “nine” consists of a circle with a tail on its right lower quadrant. In symbolism, the circle represents completion. The number nine means that we are about to or have achieved a new level, however the “tail”, reminds us that it was an uphill endeavor to get there, so once in the peak one should always look back and remember where one came from and to lend a hand to those behind us. That same “tail”, also reminds us that it can be a very slippery slope right back to where we started, so while hiking up towards a goal always remember to release unwanted energy, relations, baggage, toxicity, etc.

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A Healthy Spirit can Conquer Anything

Article read by Shaman Flavio (plus a little commentary)

Addressing the scientific indifference to the struggling Human Spirit is one of my life missions. A healthy spirit can conquer anything, including the most dire medical diagnosis. Even if the time for transition has arrived, one of the fundamental priorities would be for the spirit to be in peace and in a state of acceptance. Often, I encounter scenarios where loving family members don’t know what to do or how to help in those moments where the realities of this human life and its complexities become unavoidable. These are the precious moments where a person that mostly lives in the spiritual side of this world can help the most. On a last note, if you ever encounter a situation that seems complicated, spirituality will always have an answer. Absolutely seek logical solutions, but also just as importantly pay attention to the spiritual aspect of it.

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Dealing with “Energy Vampires” taught to me by Mosquitoes

This an 8 minute video of an experience I had recently and how thinking in Shamanic Terms unveils wisdom for everyday living. Until this morning mosquitoes had one spiritual and symbolic meaning for me, but after today that definition has considerably expanded. Thanks to them I now know how one can deal with “energy vampires”, toxic and pestering people. The same process also allowed me to see their limitations.

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Intro to Shamanic Healing

Intro to Shamanic Healing. 40 Min

This is a drawing, along with a 40 minute audio lesson I prepared for one of my students on the subject of shamanic healing. It is a small set of explanations about some methods used in Andean Shamanism for healing

Cick Here to see a video of me explaining how to use the Energetic String to Align yourself and even heal others.

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Honor Other’s Free Will

A few years back I held back from belonging to a well known spiritual commerce association because they would not recognize shamanism in its own classification. Meaning they wanted to bunch it up among other spiritual traditions and practices. I understood their rationale (and ignorance) and we tried to come up with a win-win solution, but in the end I was very stern in what shamanism is and where it can only stand, so we each continued our paths towards different directions.

Spirituality is an intimate part of the human experience. It is everywhere in society and within human history. Some belief systems are very systematized, as in the case of large dominant religions. Others prefer to operate from more obscure settings. Some consider humanity sinful. Others consider the ones apart from their beliefs to be sinners. While others don’t believe in sin at all. I could go on and on. The point I am trying to get to is that Shamanism in neither of the above. In Andean Shamanism we believe that we are children of Mother Earth/Nature and Father Sun, and that they love us unconditionally. Humans in this world are all family and we come to help our family and do our work with our parents (both in society and in a more universal sense).

There are no enemies, there is only lack of harmony. What we experience as negative outcomes is just a sign of a dis-balance that needs attention, negotiating, adjusting, discarding, etc. As a shaman, when I see conflict, disease, lack, despair, etc. my immediate reaction is to avoid the specifics of the material situation, pull back my immersion in the material experience and assess the play of forces and energies going on. In other words my observations focus on issues as:

  • Is this an expanding or contracting energy
  • Is this energy dominant or submissive
  • In Mother Nature would this be a predator or a prey
  • Does this problem originate in front of the eyes or behind them (in front meaning something happening materially. Behind meaning from the imagination or beliefs)
  • Is this a more masculine or feminine trait (We are not talking personal preferences here, but rather how it would be observed in Nature)
  • Is Forgiveness required here. This is not limited to humans.
  • In an magical world, what would be the perfect outcome here
  • Is this a blessing or lesson in disguise

There are other more specific process I will go with depending on the situation, but the above alone will clarify the energies involved.

The main reason I wanted to share this with you is because of a characteristic this tradition has. Everyone in our human family is endowed with a Divine Free Will and a Path of their own. Meaning, you can advise and help those you see in need, but in the end each person has to make their own decisions for their own spiritual evolution. Everyone is free to do whatever they want as long as this does not violate that same right onto someone else.

As a healer, I have found myself in this uncomfortable impasse with some of my clients. Very often I have quickly assessed a problem and mentioned and mentioned it again and again, each time pressing harder, only to see my words fly by deaf ears. It is always good to remind myself that even if I could force a solution to anybody, it would be robbing them of their own self effort and evolution. It also creates a paradox for me, since the frustration (lack of harmony) I feel, in itself is a lesson for me to work on. As a final note, this strongly applies to global politics and social correctness as well.

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Choosing The Right Lawyer, A Shaman’s Advice

Iustitia (Lady Justice, Roman Deity)

Shamanism can be a very strong ally while involved in a legal conflict. We shamans have the unique ability to peer inside the intentions of people and forces involved within the situation. Ironically and sadly one of the main complaints I hear from my clients in these situations is usually not from the courts or opposition, but rather from their own hired attorney. Very often, communication is not on point and it can become toxic or dysfunctional. This leads to the person in need feeling more frustrated and angry, which leads to a very negative vibrations. These type of vibrations will lead to undesired manifestations.

Having had attorneys as clients as well, I have seen both sides of the issue. Most of the time it’s just wrong matching of energies when deciding which attorney to hire. keep in mind we exist in a dimension of Time, Space and Consciousness. These three factors must be systematically tested within yourself and the attorney being considered before hiring him/her.

As you first meet a potential attorney, strongly keep in mind that the legal problem is yours, never his/hers. Also know that the money to be paid upfront (as retainer) will also be yours as well. As for the attorney the office space and time spent with you will dictate if he is hired or not. You can always and at anytime walk out and go to someone else.

The attorney’s license will be the “tool” that will be used in your favor within the legal system. The license is the attorney’s livelihood, so it is a huge priority for him/her to maintain it under safe operational parameters (more on this later).

Now, we can focus on assessing if this person is a good match to represent you:

  1. If you had a broken toilet, you’d call a plumber. In this case you have something that needs fixing legally so you are seeking someone to fix it. You are the seeker and you are the decision maker, in essence you hire the attorney. This fact needs to be very present in the client. Lawyers are NOT your therapists, friends, librarians, shamans, etc.
  2. Space. Just observing how comfortable you physically feel in his office the first few minutes will give you a hint of how the whole case with him/her will be. Observe the chairs, table, the pens and pads being used, the demeanor of the assistants, the art, the plants, etc. This will tell you if this person is practical, cold, analytical, emotional, experienced, greedy, etc.
  3. Time. Practicing Law is a very practical, logical and almost mathematical cognitive process. The initial consultation should be managed by the client not the attorney, otherwise it will be conducted as attorneys are trained to think and act. You already know your problem, but you are now here to see if there are any new solutions, use this time to discuss possibilities and strategies with your potential new hire. Lawyers must think in linear ways, but not all legal problems are limited to linear solutions. It is your job to come up with alternatives. Most of your alternatives will be dismissed by the attorney in front of you, and this if fine because we are looking at the way he reacts. Is he/she getting impatient, frustrated, agitated, or keeping cool and collected? Do they love the process of the law, explaining it to clients or just wants to receive your check and get to work? There are no wrong behaviors here, we are looking for someone that matches your vibration so that the process and problem are resolved to your satisfaction.
  4. Consciousness. Is this person benevolent? Back in my real estate years I dealt with many attorneys and I would always get a kick out of this step. It was a way to break the ice and also to show my familiarity with their profession. We’d discuss the needs or projects I had and at some point I would offer some sort of a “kick back or bonus” if my deal was “ushered through” or if some regulations were “…overlooked”. I am very proud to say that not once in 14 years did any attorney actually entertain what I would say back then. Most of the time, they’d have a second or two of a “WTF moment” and then strongly react either with dismay, disgust or wanting me out of their office on the spot. At this time I would crack a smile and they’d realize they had just been had. This would introduced the type of relationship I’d bring in if I decided to hire them. However, there was a deeper factor at work here, I had assessed that they were honest people and had also showed them that my mind could go a little further than their average client (in the context of a joke of course). This created mutual respect from the very beginning. Of course a couple of them did not take the joke lightly and would stay a little uneasy for the rest of the initial meeting. This would indicate insecurity, sourness, internal issues, etc. and would result in my not hiring them. Trust me, if you can’t have a laugh in your job something is seriously wrong.

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Creating Unimaginable Success in your Life!

Saluting Father Sun while in Scala dei Turchi, Sicily, Italy

This material world is controlled by specific Universal Natural Laws. One of the most common ones used nowadays is the Law of Cause and Effect. We use this principle to adjust our legal system (specially in the U.S.). This same principle is repeatedly used in Science, in part, because of this we are conditioned to experience results and repeating or not repeating the actions that lead to them to either increase or decrease more desired outcomes. Mystics and Shamans agree with this view, but also remind us that we could live life in a more proactive manner. We could avoid unwanted results, by just proactively choosing only to focus on the actions (causes) we take and allow the desired results to naturally occur (effects).

Taking it a step further into the “Human Condition”, every material effect causes an emotion. In other words “cause and effect” for a human can mean “perception and emotion”. Everything we perceive in the external world produces an emotion. I am suggesting that regardless of the external word’s appearance we choose to “Feel” the emotions we desire. We are used to “Cause and Effect”, but all Effects open opportunities for Causes as well. Not emotionally reacting to the external world, but rather the external world responding to our internal emotions. As I have just written the above sentences I can already imagine many of you telling me that this is impossible. How could the “external world” know about one’s inner emotions? I could get into a long Metaphysical explanation, but I think I can explain it in an even simpler way. If you train yourself to not be fazed by things that are unimportant to your purpose, your subconscious will (in time) cooperate with you by ignoring those useless cues and paying attention to the ones that internally/emotionally inspire you.

If you are still here…now I can explain how to do this in your everyday life to create immense progress and success in whatever area you choose. First, understand that your emotions will predispose you to the situations you will perceive in your future. Pay special attention to this, particularly when feeling negative towards something. Secondly, decide on certain wonderful outcomes in your life. Know that these new situations will come loaded with new and unfamiliar emotions. Finally and most importantly, prepare yourself for intense emotions, both good and bad (usually the negative ones arrive first). These emotions will be linked to the path towards your goals. Recognize them, celebrate them and keep moving forward, because your emotional body is transmuting. By the time your emotions have evolved to the level of your desires, these will literally be all around you. As one of my teachers told me: “little people walk through little gates, but great people can only walk through great gates…”

Giving Spirits their Privacy

Many of the people that visit me, come because they either don’t want to have some sort of an entity around them or because they perceive a loving one and want to know more. In my case, that veil is carefully knitted by a mutual sense of privacy; both from me to their side and vice versa. I was explaining to a new student yesterday that no disease can stay in the body if its vibration is not at some level compatible to its host. It is exactly the same way with being able to interact with the more sublime energies or spirits. If your vibration rate is optimal, understanding, communication and interaction becomes a normal everyday occurrence.

Once that door to the other side is open, now the concern is “who or what” can come through it. This is the time where the concept of “Respect” needs to be strictly enforced. In my case, this requires me to discover how these unseen forces are influencing certain events. There is also Flavio’s private and personal life and in these moments I am not always open for business to the other side. The exact same interaction happens the other way around. Wonderful people come to get a session here with me and as we talk, behind them I can clearly see the loving influence of a transitioned one, an angel or some more advanced benevolent entity; and yet I don’t always communicate this to the person in front of me. While I am sure most of my clients would love to know this, the vibration of the spirit he/she cannot see wants to remain behind the scenes.

I am mostly writing this article because of a very strong session I had last week. A person that came to see me that had such a strong purpose and was so heroically pushing forward. Towards the last 30 minutes of our session, a loved one appeared behind this person. It was so clear and strong that I had to make an immense effort not to acknowledge it. I did this out of respect for the passed loved one which wanted to participate and be in the room but did not want to interfere in my client’s motivation. This experience has touched me strongly and this article is my way of sharing it without violating the privacy of all of the “people” involved.

It is important that I share why this dynamic is so important to understand. Life in our beautiful Mother Earth is a school where our soul arrives with one vibration and ideally leaves (after a life-term) with a higher one. Faith is a very strong factor in this process. Doing what you know to be the right thing without being told or seeing your overall influence makes all your positive actions much more vibrationally worthy. Loving spirits know this and want you to shine with faith and inner strength and thrive on your purest own. From their perspective, if any of us where to see them and hear them while in those hard or uncertain times, the value of the lesson would lessen. In closing, I’d just like to assure you that we all have a great amount of Love and excitement on the other side. They are always there, always cheering and never disappointed, since time does not exist there. You are a unique creation on your way to magnificence. Keep going, keep Shinning!

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