The Devil’s Greatest Weapon against You

Heard of “Think and Grow Rich”? The author, Napoleon Hill, followed that book with “Outwitting the Devil”. This book relates Napoleon Hill interviewing The Devil. I read it as part of my official mystical indoctrination in the Mystery School. The concept that always remained with me out of this book was the Devil’s reliance on “Habits” humans adopt.

I read the book more than a decade ago, but I do remember the Devil telling Hill, that once humans adopt a habit, he’ll wait and eventually taint them through it. All Habits will create inertia and cycles. Inertia will naturally develop a force (and even direction) of its own. Cycles by Polarity will have ups and downs (perceived as positives and negatives). The stronger the habit, the stronger the negative orbital force. Be slow and deliberate when ADOPTING new habits. Always revisit old habits and asses them for their benefits versus the hidden liabilities.

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Embrace your Ego!

Your Ego is an intrinsic part of you and it is to be understood, loved and patiently indoctrinated. It is a construct of your super amazing mind. Created to help you cope with this world as an self governing individual. It is a filter that creates the illusion that we are separated energetically from the “All”. This unique perspective helps us make transcendental decisions on a moment to moment basis in order to experience and grow as souls within this material realm.

You are barely your ego. You are mostly your Soul, but the ego is a part of you and it is designed by Mother Nature to help you navigate among others while you evolve here. Talk to yourself with the intention of addressing your ego and remind it that You are infinite, divine, magical, indestructible and ever loving. Seek inner calmness and peace in the current moment and gently tell your ego:“See? Everything is good!”

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Acknowledging the Magic of “I’m Sorry”

No Animals were hurt in the taking of this picture (Specially Maldi). He was sleeping and when I approached him for the photo he just put this “sorry” face

One of the most beautiful tools I have found so far in my human existence are the words, “I’m Sorry”. It has fixed so many situations, so fast, with so many people, in so many circumstances. From my own wife (often) to total strangers in a crowd when coming from the heart it works magically. We apologize based on someone’s feelings, not the facts! Meaning, that you may say something in all benevolence but if it offends someone else, in this case the message was misunderstood so it is retracted and re-transmitted with an apology.

What fascinates me is that regardless of how emphatic the person in front of me is, they can always tell if the words are coming from the heart. Even angry drunks will immediately calm down if you really mean you are sorry. Speaking of dealing with irrational people, when you use these words, you truly are sorry that someone may have misunderstood your words, gestures or a scenario. I has nothing to do with diminishing your status. At all times in all conflicts, we should honestly be sorry, because the Path of an Enlightened person is one of Harmony.

Lastly, when someone that matters says or does something that requires an apology to you. Regardless of your feelings, this is an opportunity to establish the how you’d like to be treated. Observe closely if the apology is sincere. People that Love you never want to hurt you, and will naturally feel sorry (or will get upset that they made a mistake). Toxic people either just want to move on from that moment or secretly enjoy having one upped you. With these don’t escalate things, let it go temporarily, allow emotions to cool off and bring it back again at least 24 hours later. Observe closely their reaction again. Remember, the Wise Person, Observes…and Decides.

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Social Media Super Success!!!

Tons of followers!

Your content goes viral!

You are an Influencer!

People love you and can’t wait for your latest selfie or opinion!

I just recently came from vacation, shared a little about my travels and got a little more attention than usual. The vacation also revitalized me, so I find myself inspired to write more posts or do videos. To my surprise more attention doesn’t really motivate me. Every time I share something online, I only have one very specific person I dedicate my work to. In my Heart my true hope is to touch just One Person in need. Just one! Just to give hope, inspiration, advice, caring words to One fellow human brother or sister. Time doesn’t even matter, what I wrote today, may actually help someone long after I’m gone. I may even be off target in my experiences and ideas, but one thing is guaranteed, my heart is always pure and true in everything I share. There are no agendas or tricks to manipulate the exposure. I can’t begin to tell you the wellness that sharing material in this way creates for your inner life. Try it! You’ll see what I mean when a simple post that very few liked, touches someone’s heart or fixes someone’s day a few months after posted.

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“I Want” Vs. “All is Good”

The original headline was “I Want Vs. I Am”, but I decided to change it because the popular implication was going to give a different message. As creators, we prefer not to “want” things because this immediately puts them in a pedestal. It implies that we are here and what we want is “there”.

Animals need very little to be in a constant state of harmony and contentment. This is because they are self sufficient. You are as well! You are right this second, perfectly equipped to think, remember and even will a better mood for yourself. Doing this raises your vibration. Higher vibrations magnetize the elements to keep you in a higher state. Avoid wanting, rather acknowledge your inner power and say: “I am Good, thus all is Good and that ____________(desired outcome/object/person) is good as well; it can naturally flow in my life”. See how this changes the perspective dramatically? you are literally giving an external vibration permission to come in to your already perfect realm. Be self sufficient and become a creator!

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3 Forces That will Never Abandon You

Where ever you are in life from a toddler to your deathbed until the very end as long as you are human these three forces will never leave you:

  1. Life-Force! Regardless of how you “feel”, your body will ALWAYS seek life and health. Trust that inner Mother Nature wisdom, and pay close attention to how your body is talking to you through what feels good and not. When things look bad, let go and allow nature to take its course. Never force unto your nature.
  2. Curiosity! This is one of the main characteristics of human babies, and it never leaves you it just gets more complex as you mature. Always seek, explore, learn, discover, etc. This force keeps you useful under the eyes of the Universe. This is also the force that will always naturally guide you to your purpose. It will keep you young, vibrant and healthy. Ohhh, and very important that which is learned MUST be shared to your fellow humans, don’t forget that!
  3. Light! We are all in different stages of spiritual evolution, but regardless of who’s where, all humans come into this world with “Conscience”. For Mystics it’s knowing the difference between what is darker and lighter. Even without eyes plants will always try to reach the Light, and so will you! There will be hard choices to make sometimes, but as you choose the light your Spirit will flourish. Your inner strength will dramatically increase. Not only will you become unstoppable, but this lifestyle will naturally gain you trust, respect and love from your fellow human brothers and sisters.

On Political Views

My personal principle is simple, I seek to learn and become better so when discussing political views if someone can enlighten me I am delighted. Even if that means I am wrong in my original opinions. For me as a mystic knowledge supersedes ego at all times.

There is an even stronger principle I’d like to share with you. Arguing with with a fellow citizen of the same Mother Land for some politician that doesn’t even know you exist, makes absolutely no sense. At the very least it will drain your power and weaken the connection with that real person in real time interacting with you. The person interacting with you, no matter their beliefs is at that moment immeasurably more important than someone not present. That is to be treasured in that moment by treating that other person with respect and dignity.

Observe to Avoid or Embrace

Every time one of my clients complains about how terrible their ex is, I always ask them to tell me how they originally met that person. Within that story there will always be warning signs that the ex had toxic habits to begin with. Things like the person in question is either finalizing a divorce, getting out of a “toxic” relationship, being or suing someone, getting out of a complex legal situation, fixing their financials, etc. There is always something going on in the culprit’s life. Energetically this makes 100% sense for me as a shaman. It doesn’t mean that this is a bad person, but it does hint that there is some sort of a lesson in effect and it may have not been learned yet. It’s natural for humans to run away from discomfort, but we come to life to learn, so the opposite usually serves us better. Next time you meet a new potential friend or partner, observe if the tone of their story is about running from something or rather dealing with something that needs resolution. Keep in mind that their behavior is most likely the same you’ll encounter if in the near future you two find yourselves in a conflict with each other.

Want more Abundance in your Life? Think Value!

Abundance is a vibration with its own sets of preferences and rejections. If you’d like to invite more of this energy into your life, then just fine-tune your preferences and rejections in your offerings of value to the Universe. In other words, spend a little time here and there reflecting on what you are willing to give of value and what you are not. Your abundance is a reflection of your inner state anyway, so as long as you are in agreement with yourself, things will naturally flow your way (in what is perceived as positive or negative to you).

Ask yourself questions like: How much time am I willing to dedicate? Why would I want to offer this to the world? What is needed out there that I can provide? When am I willing to give this? How much of myself am I capable of providing? Who do I want to work with? etc. These type of questions will fine tune your inner magnetism and will communicate to the Universe the best ways for opportunities to arrive to you.

Why are Shamans so Confident we can fix your Issues Faster?

We, Shamans, understand this world as an interaction of vibrations. Emotions are vibrations. If you have an issue it has vibrations. We will gauge the vibrations and immediately adjust our interaction with you to harmonize your vibration to an optimal level. Sounds simple right? It can be a brutal process! Depending on where you are at, the Shaman may need to induce great disgust, anger, anxiety, rejection, etc. on order to break an ongoing cycle and to allow a new one to be subcosciously accepted.

In part I am writing this so that future clients (and some past ones) can refer to this and see that my behavior was nothing more than an act to manipulate their inner vibration. I consider myself an educated man, I have never crossed any inmoral or ilegal lines while in practice, but a few unique times I have definitely pissed off, shocked, appaled and even made some of my clients question my sanity. As I have experienced it while being initiated by Master Shamans, it has always been an act. One designed to “shock” certain vibrations in a direction that was more optimal for health, success, joy, etc. This is also one of the reasons that this is a call of loving service, because sometimes, one needs to sacrifice much in order for the higher good to prevail.