Psychic Attacks and Your Biggest Weapons

Having a bad day? or maybe a bad week? season? life? Yes, it could be that you are under constant psychic attack, actually from a Shaman’s perspective it 100% is that. The thing is, most people don’t understand how energy works and why. Andean Cosmology believes we come to Mother Earth predominantly for two reasons, “blessings” and “lessons”. Actually lessons are also blessings, because they are there to help us increase the luminosity of our souls.

In order for life to help us become more evolved souls, we are inherently equipped with a little piece of Divinity that among a few ways, manifests as free will. You have a choice, at all times, even if physically restraint and drugged, you always elementally have a choice. Psychic attacks predominantly enter our fields of experience through habitual choice making. Keep making certain choices and you will continue reaping similar results. This is because energy latches to resonant energy. Part of the lifestyle of being a Shaman is becoming completely disoriented within one’s center from time to time. As this occurs new energies come and interact with us, but also old ones can no longer remain. It is an uncomfortable state, but ultimately rewarding.

If you feel down or attacked, you first weapon is a bright and beautiful smile. Not a cynical one, but an honest and humble one. Smile and remind yourself of sometime when everything was well. This will start disrupting the vibrations that invites unwanted manifestations. After a few seconds, offer a little prayer blessing everything around you.

Your second weapon, is a calming deep breadth and a focus on your heart area. Then another deep breadth and this time you illuminate your heart with love for all and faith in future and yourself. You do this even if you don’t feel it or believe it, it’s more than enough to just have the intent. After a few seconds, offer a little prayer blessing everything around you.

Third weapon, release. I really mean it that way, release yourself of what you are carrying that has already served a function and now you no longer needed, this, again, is your choice. Mentally deem that as you toss that paper into the garbage bin, or spit on the soil, or go to the bathroom, etc. the energy of this act is carrying away undesired passengers. Intend that they be taken to where they belong. Do this without emotions. This is done very logically, inwardly knowing that because you choose to do this, it will result so. After a few seconds, offer a little prayer blessing everything around you.

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Duality, Source and String Theory

Since we are in very polarized times and the predominant religious belief systems strongly subscribe to a “good versus evil” model, I figured I share a little about how a Shaman sees it currently. Although Shamanism incorporates a dualistic view of this existence, we also believe that all emanated from one source. We believe this source is Loving and infinitely wise. The rest is basic logic, for Shamans polar opposites do not mean good or bad, it just means different levels of vibrations. All with functions designated by that Loving Source. We trust in the infinite wisdom of that source.

When a situation occurs that affects someone in a negative way, a Shaman sees this as either a misunderstanding of the situation or a misplacement of some energy. This can easily happen to humans, because they are endowed with Divine Free Will. Some higher beings would say we are not evolved enough to possess such wide range of inner vibrations and thus manifestations. The prospect of wielding this power at free-will, with the matching loving wisdom, would make humans mini sources of infinite possibilities.

Pacha, is a vast and very intricate concept of the Cosmos in Andean Shamanism. One of its meanings could translate as a point in the time/space continuum linked by consciousness. For Shamans, consciousness is completely independent of time and space, actually it can freely travel through either by means of the trained imagination (which will dictate your inner vibration). This would suggest that your reality is a result of the vibration you choose to interact with. Which would mean that You reading this, in your Pacha, have already achieved becoming that Infinite Source of your possibilities in your Universe. So, relax your thinking, smile and expand in the direction you want to create…you are infinite consciousness!

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“Opinions” in Shifting Times

In tribal societies, the shamans always lived in the outskirts of the community. This can still be observed in the less developed areas. Living in Miami, Florida, you can imagine that as a full time Shaman here, that ideal is not a possibility for me; and would not work for my clients either. I compensate by internally distancing myself from everyday mundane interactions as much as efficiently possible. I must admit though, as a worldly society we are undergoing very fast and irreversible transformations. It is exciting, but just as all transitions very unnerving as well.

As an observer, I am still in awe at the amount of people that suddenly seem to fervently belong to some “movement” that did not exist just a few months ago. From my fifth dimensional perspective, I can’t tell if those people were just introduced into this reality or if a “belief” is mass introduced into general consciousness and it is immediately adopted by a polar sector of society.

Early in my mystical training, I learned to easily sway from one belief-position to completely the opposite and back again. After some time, one learns to “float” in what the mundane would call “reality”. This results in a life free of limiting thoughts. This serves as a way to understand that Reality is rooted to the observer and that it is an external illusion. In Shamanism we learn very early that “Wisdom” is based on the personal experience of the self; not mass belief, academia, science, etc. This is what softens our material filters and allows for miracles and angelic help to fully engage with us.

It is my hope that through the many opportunities we currently have to exercise strong opinions, more of us venture into truly and honestly considering the other side’s beliefs. It is a guarantee that this would enlighten perception. It would expand the concept of what we hold as “real” and reveal that Truth resides in neither side, but actually above it.

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How to Stop Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissist Sigil

Note: Before we proceed, The Shamanic Process can be quite raw, just like Mother Nature tends to prefer it. If you have been a victim of a narcissist and you are still emotionally “tender”, please consider some of my wording can seem insensitive (it’s not the intention, it’s the process). Reader discretion is advised.

Legends and myths when seen from different perspectives will enlighten us with a universal wisdom that cannot be explained in definitive terms. This is what Wikipedia says about the original narcissist, Narcissus:

“In Greek mythologyNarcissus (/nɑːrˈsɪsəs/Ancient Greek: Νάρκισσος Nárkissos) was a hunter from Thespiae in Boeotia who was known for his beauty. According to Tzetzes, he rejected all romantic advances, eventually falling in love with his own reflection in a pool of water, staring at it for the remainder of his life. After he died, in his place sprouted a flower bearing his name.”

That short description says enough to understand how to deal with a narcissist. First, we know that narcissists are hunters. Secondly, and most importantly, in my opinion, we need to decide who we’d be in the story if we were involved with one. Would you be one of the rejected advances, the pool of water, or the flower?

lets’s talk about the person involved with a narcissist. This is someone that understood at some level that the “hunter had rejected many”, so felt very lucky and honored to be next to the narcissist, believing that perhaps they are very special and the exception. In other words it is the presence of the narcissist that validates the value they put on themselves. This is why when the abuses begin, they are fully worth the cost of that fake validation. I don’t blame them, it’s basic innocent human nature to enjoy something without working for it. It is very hard work to be a self made person. If you can gain that facade just by being accepted into someone’s inner circle…well I guess an abuse here and there can be overlooked right? If you were hurt by a narcissist, at some point you noticed your dignity was slowly being tarnished and you also made the conscious decision to sacrifice that for more fake self validation.

For the victim, my first suggestion would be to take some time for yourself and in the most honest and intense way to apologize to your self. In Shamanism we have rituals for this. Take care of that inner innocence that has been repeatedly raped for so long, heal it, embrace it, commit from now on to always protect it and fully understand the magnitude of your irresponsibility. It’s not about how terrible this person was to you, but rather how inept you were on drawing the line. In other words re-center and re-focus on your inner Power.

Next comes the decision of who you are going to be in your story. You can be another rejected one and let it go and start to mend yourself. You can understand the big picture and symbolically allow the narcissist to die in your own personal story and become your own flower. You can even, if still involved with this person become the water. Water in mysticism is considered, among other meanings, the threshold to magic. In Jungian Psychology it is the portal to the unconscious mind. In Shamanism it is the essence of life and harmony. I think in dealing with a narcissist, Bruce Lee said it best in an unrelated interview:

“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.”

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If it’s good for the Inside, it is also good for the Outside

One of the first teachings in Ancient Wisdom is: “As Above, so Below…As External, so Internal”. Almost at the same time I learned that maxim, a Master Shaman in the Andes would share with me that if something is good for the insides it is also good for the outsides. This applies to all sort of situations, but he was sharing this with me while we were in his small humble kitchen. He showed me the essentials of very common vegetables and fruits and how “they have decided to help their human brothers and sisters”.

The most eye opening principle was to shift my understanding of produce to a vibrational life force and to be able to internally categorize its “Ayni” (exchange). I guess, I need to back up a bit, in Shamanic Tradition the world is always in perfect Harmony. If at anytime something happens that could tilt that harmony it will immediately, by Universal Law, re-harmonize itself through the principle of “equal exchange” of energies or the concept represented by the Q’echua word: Ayni.

When Shamans see a situation, we do not judge it as good or bad, but rather as already in perfect harmony. That “harmony” can be something that is perceived as very painful, hard or undesired, but it is the result of a previous Ayni (equal exchange). From this starting point, it’s just a matter of adjusting the present conditions through more interactions of other exchanges. Keep in mind, we are strictly talking energy here, or as we Shamans would say it Spirit. On material terms, something like a lime that carries tons of vitamin C and antioxidants, would also energetically fend off alien external energies trying to penetrate our fields of material experience. Try it here.

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The Circle as a Cycle

Once a cycle is understood, it can be used to release an unbalanced energy and at the same time to propel increased levels of growth, expansion, progress and success #hermestrismegistus #teul #arlington #999 #elementalmagick #fatherskymotherearth #ancientknowledge #cyclicalwisdom #shamanflavio

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The Alchemy in Shamanism

Transmutation Ritual performed for a client

In my earlier years as a Rosicrucian, I was introduced to Alchemy. A beautiful philosophy that seeks perfection to Life through Transmutation of elemental forces. For the mundane thinker this might be understood a turning base metals into gold; but for the mystic it had a much more precious meaning. Alchemy was a vehicle to increase the soul’s illumination. Shamanism reaches the same goal through a very organic process.

I always tell my apprentices this is a calling you cannot fake. Affirmations, prayers and rituals are already imbued with heartfelt intentions. In essence this work cannot be done without feeling deep Love for Mother Earth and all of our brothers and sisters within and all around her. It is a tradition based on a foundation of gratitude, faith, harmony, trust, equal exchange, etc. This can be personally sensed in a deep unspoken level when you meet one of the Master Shamans, there’s almost a childlike purity to their gaze and embrace. No words need to be spoken, they are vibrating to this higher frequency.

Barely known to science yet, animals interact with their environment based on perceiving vibration. This is why the Shaman can communicate with the Natural world in that pure unmasked Mother Earth Language. There is no secret technique or years of ancient knowledge being practiced, it is just a Soul interacting within Source in Pure Love. In Alchemy this would translate as pure gold.

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One of my Daily Rituals

Always works: a heartfelt prayer with incense (coconut husk, Palo Santo, sage, etc). Blow your loving intentions into the smoke. Allow it to fly to its destination to create miracles. #prayerworks #incenseceremony #shamanism #fifthdimensionbeings #fifthdemension #spiritualawareness #spiritualworld #miracleshappen #palosanto #shamanflavio

The Rough Side of Shamanism

Spirituality tends to be associated with peaceful, soft, bright and calm scenarios. In the fast pace world we operate it in, it makes sense we’d need a sanctuary from all that commotion, right? Well…

Very often you get exactly the opposite in a Shamanic Session. The Shaman will “shake things up” with the drum (or some other tool) and locked toxic emotions will be released. This creates sensations of stress and uncomfortable intensity. From my perspective, I can perceive alien energies desperately holding on to my client as they are being evicted out of his/her energy field. It is the actual disentangling and releasing that stimulates the emotions that were constantly lingering to increase their effect on my client as they are torn away for good.

This is also why a crucial aspect of Shamanic Initiation must include learning to remain centered as very stressful emotions are induced into consciousness.

Here in the United States, I do not include any sort of physical contact with clients, but I have witnessed Shamans in the Andes, hone into a specific area of the body and tap, slap or nudge certain areas to immediately burst toxic pockets of accumulated energy. This will create an emotional effect on the client that lasts from hours or up to days before the body naturally regains its inner balance.

When I have discussions with psychologists (usually of Jungian discipline) they understand very clearly what happens in this process. Some define this as working with the “Shadow Aspect” of the self. This could be the reason that Shamanism is so successful in treating psychotic disorders. When we address a client we don’t waste time with the “masks” the ego will use to hide its perceived weaknesses. We are only interested in the purest form of the Self and will relentlessly hunt down what does not harmoniously belong within it.

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Listening to Life

One of the first concepts I teach when training Shamanic Apprentices is to re-understand the nature of Reality. Things are not as solid as they appear to be. However the energy that emanates from them is. This means that you will always “See the signs” before you experience the Reality. You will “feel” the ghost, before it can borrow from your consciousness to appear to you.

We can use this same dynamic for the Lessons life will provide to help us grow. People, places and situations will “Feel” uneasy before the real obstacle or issue appears. Animals in the wild are magnificent at demonstrating this. A bird will stop, look around and fly away if it “feels” something is not right.

Because we have the luxury of Free Will, we can become blinded by that desire to move in a direction we “want”. Very often my clients get very frustrated because they are not getting the results they want. For me, in those circumstances it is a matter of looking for the “signs” so we can understand what Life is really trying to tell us.

Here are a few things to be on the look out for:

  • Somehow always being late or delayed when trying to get to a specific place
  • Pests showing up when you go to a specific spot
  • Arguments happening in a specific location you frequent
  • Any sort of object that falls accidentally and shatters
  • Tripping on anything while being in a specific location
  • Encountering a very angry or rude person
  • Seeing the same image and/or the word describing the image more than twice
  • losing a personal object in the company of someone or in place
  • Pets getting hurt or sick in any way
  • Any mild health discomfort before or after having spent time with someone
  • A computer virus or any appliance breaking down

We project a protective energy field all around us, so when unusual events occur it can mean that an intrusive vibration is entering that field. It will start revealing itself through signs such as the ones I shared above.

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