The Power of Sound


Everything in the Universe (One-Verse), carries its own unique vibration, a harmonic and this can be expressed in sound.

This is an ancient practice that has been long forgotten. You can assign sounds to things, symptoms or emotions you want healed, released, manifested, etc. There are mantras in all belief systems, but a few seconds of connecting to the result desired and attuning to what sound seems to go with it for you, is more than enough for this process to work.

The Law of Resonance, states that when two vibrations are in proximity, eventually both will synchronize. As you concentrate your intentions on a desired outcome your consciousness will generate a vibration and this will translate into a basic sound. Don’t worry about getting it wrong, once you decide on a tone, it is set as a reality for you by your will; and the material world will yield to the Law or Resonance.

As a very basic reference, hum the first sounds and words uttered by babies for their wants and needs. Their consciousnesses are pure, so they are fully tapped to Divinity.

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