Theybies! …a Shaman’s Reaction

So in the evolution of the “gender neutrality” idea, some parents are choosing to raise their children without a gender, they are calling them “Theybies” (regardless of the biological gender they were born with). I can’t speak for other shamans, but I’ll take a little time here to express my thoughts.

As a shaman, when a client visits me, I am mostly interested in the soul’s vibration and purpose. For me, the person (with a name and an ego) is but a vehicle for the soul to navigate this “school of life”. Coming already from that perspective, I really don’t have any issues what so ever with any sort of sexual preferences a person has, as long as it does not harm anyone else.

In my mystical studies, I learned that it is the babies coming to Earth that choose the parents and the time that they will be born in. They even choose their own name. From this perspective, I could accept that this arriving generation of humanity is influencing this movement of gender neutrality and deliberately choosing to be born to parents that share the same belief.

Thus far, I have expressed how I encounter this new trend, but then there is also the “Human Error Factor”. People tend to follow trends and to be influenced. Society encourages “Herd Mentality”. It receives more approval and even popularity. In this instance, if I were to see clients that are pondering on raising their babies as Theybies, I’d highly recommend we inquire deeper in the Divine Realm. It would not disrupt and I guarantee it would clarify greatly.

From a personal point of view, not as the Shaman but as Flavio, I believe that Pachamama (Mother Nature) is the best teacher. In my surroundings, I still haven’t witnessed any indications from Nature that gender preference is an issue among its natural inhabitants. In my home, A male (red) and female (brown) cardinal visit my bird feeder every afternoon, and so far I haven’t seen either of the two borrowing each other’s feathers. I promise, if that happens, I’ll perceive that as a prophetic sign and will immediately share it here.

If you’d like me to ask in the Higher Realms if you should raise your baby a “Theybie” or Would like to book a session or class with me please fill the form below:

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