Peru, Detroit and a Small Update

Shaman Flavio’s Miami Crew, this photo was taken a few days before the Pampamisayoq Initiation afoot Mountain Apu Ausangate

I traveled to Cuzco, Peru to a Shamanic Initiatory Journey under the guidance of Q’ero Master Shaman Nicolas Pauccar. I could share how intense it was and the wonderful experiences I had with the three students (now very close friends) I took from my practice here in Miami, but it’d be too much to write. One thing all four of us agree on is the immense sense of connection we felt in that land and the grandness of the presence that seemed to observe us as we did our initiatory work. In one way or another every person present during the ceremonies was touched by a force that moved something within them. This was felt by all of us and yet no one was able to explain what it was. The Shamans acknowledged this and even provoked it, but never went deep into explaining or analyzing it. They just let us experience that sense of awe and without any spoken words led us on to figure it out by ourselves. The trip took 11 days in total, but I am still in digesting the information I received. If you’d like to see more photos of this magical trip, please check me out in

As a side note, I’d like to specially dedicate the last few sentences to all the people that contact me with the hopes of experiencing Ayahuasca. First of of all, I do not use nor condone the use of Ayahuasca outside of the land where that Spirit resides in. Secondly, if someone were to ingest it, I’d recommend months of preparation and months of post assimilation. It boggles me, how I get these people that have done these “ceremonies” dozens of times and they don’t seem to be healthier, nicer or wiser. If at all, they seem more confused and misunderstood. Please people! treat Powerful Spirits with respect and know that nothing worthwhile comes easily. Awakening, wisdom and self power, comes through diligent self work and by not laying around hallucinating dozens of times.

Guardian Building in Detroit, a very mystical place for those who know how to read the symbology of the architecture and paintings within its walls

A few weeks after my return, I was invited to Detroit to participate in another type of spiritual ceremony. This one of a more esoteric nature, hosted by a Hermetic Mystical Order I have belonged to for almost decade. Although this trip only took a couple of days, the experience compounded with the Peruvian journey. This in part is the reason, I haven’t been able to update a post here in the past couple of weeks. This is also a good opportunity to shed some light in the Awakening Process so many of us are going through. Our planet  is going through mayor energetic changes. For mystics, this is very evident in the occurrences that are manifesting all over our conscious spectrum. For example the political arena in the United States is of a nature we have not seen before. If you feel as if things are “off” or your perception of the external world “feels” different, understand that this is your vibration adjusting. Many of my new clients come to me because they feel depleted, exhausted, have a sense of lack of purpose or things in their life are not giving the same results as before. In conclusion, I’d say they just seem to be questioning the system or the status quo. This is happening, because as a race we are already perceiving that there is a better way. The potential is already behind the veil, our vibration just needs to catch up for things to manifest. I am very glad to have spoken to medical professionals that have privately shared with me that medicine is quietly moving in the direction of recognizing energy patterns that harmonize, heal or disrupt the human body. This means that everything around you and its vibration will influence you. Furthermore, for things to be accepted into human consciousness, the energetic pattern would already have to be compatible. That compatibility process is what we shamans are currently working on so diligently; trying to raise humanity’s vibration for the better conditions that are just outside our reach. If you’d like to learn how to raise your vibration and that of those around you, please contact me below.



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