The Magical Power of Speech

Shamanism is classified as an “Animistic” belief system. In short this means that we Shamans understand that everything in this world is vibrant with energy. We also learn to recognize and communicate with it. Across time, space and realities we very often use “gestures“, in the form of signs, offerings, ceremonies, rituals, etc.

Speech, however becomes so intertwined in the everyday lifestyle of a Shaman, that we rarely notice it. Actually, I noticed that I did that myself a few years back when I took a group to Peru for an Initiation and one of my apprentices would comment on how I constantly spoke to objects, places, insects, plants, etc. Think about it, if everything around could suddenly communicate with you, wouldn’t you want to be cordial with everyone around you and if in a new land your host would also want to be hospitable with you. I guess this is also why I take it so hard, when I see visitors disrespecting the delicate balance of a new environment.

This concept also applies to healing and our physical bodies. Shamanism sees a human being as a composite of various bodies. Each one having its own needs, purposes and even personality. When a person talks it is the directed vibration and/or intention that is being uttered. The actual sound waves of speech will carry potency and efficacy depending on how they are being spoken. Loving and comforting words to an affected body part or to an object that is being asked to heal a part of the body are literally magical. Not only are you focusing time and space with a continuous conscious intention, but you are producing a vibration (sound). Something unseen but perceived is coming out straight from your heart into this external reality. This is also why Shamanism is such a beautiful tradition, healing is truly emanated from the heart of the healer. It won’t work unless your heart is pure! Everything in this world responds to Love energy, and that is the frequency we Shamans operate in. Try it!

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The Vast Hopelessness felt in Psychosis

Thought impulses develop into experiential reality. Psychotic states do the same but in unrecognizable patterns to the external observer.

Some of the initiations that Shamans need to go through can in themselves create Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Once initiated, the inner gates of deep consciousness are accessed and the world for a Shaman, never looks the same. There are realities that the human brain is not designed to participate in. Many of these can stretch thinking to a point of no return. This is where Shamans can help a person going through a psychotic episode. Not only can we relate in a very experiential manner, but we can also empathically understand our clients at a level normative science professionals cannot offer.

It’s also the way that Shamanism participates in this reality. Out tradition hits the ground running with the idea that Cosmic Love is all around and within us. We don’t believe in “survival of the fittest”. That implies impersonal, lonely competition and struggle for life. We believe in Mother Earth (Pachamama) nurturing us while we enjoy blessings and lessons. Becoming lost within your mind, for a Shaman is not such a scary proposition, because we acknowledge the person’s identity (the one that gets lost) as one of many parts of what it is to be human. For Shamans, it’s the Soul where the priority is placed. The Soul is Divine, limitless and indestructible, so regardless of how horrific the psychotic experience is, the Soul is always intact.

The ego tends to be loud in our minds. This is why psychological trauma is so present in the life of the affected. This is also why Shamans are so successful at dealing with it…because we can hear it. Over the years, I’ve tried to come up with ways of describing what a Shaman does, but recently, I just decided that no one word can truly describe it. Nowadays, in social settings when asked what a Shaman is, I tend to reply very watered down and evasive answers. I currently believe that if a Shaman can assist in your life, you’ll be directed to one. All people are in their own Path of self discovery anyway and there are many vehicles one can use to navigate it. I share this because ecclesial or linear thinking will not have the capacity to understand a Shaman’s healing process. For a Shaman this perfectly fine, since ultimately we are each our own Shamans, as one of the definition goes: “shaman is the one who knows…“.

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Shamans all around You

We all get those glimmers of a connection to something bigger and more real than what we are educated to believe. For many, these experiences are welcomed in wonder and then shrugged off as they continue their pursuits in a temporal life. For others, the experience of something larger than us, breaks something within us and life can never be the same.

To question all your beliefs and to seek Truth for yourself is to be a Shaman. There is that obscure idea that shamans have a gift and that they never call themselves that word, but I sternly disagree. A shaman is an individual that honors his inner wisdom, has the courage to seek his empirical truth and to walk within harmony with Mother Earth as he heals all that he can.

In recent months (as I predicted), more and more of you have come forward to become shamanic apprentices; and this will increase. As technology continues to reach exciting peaks, humans will be attracted to explore the Ultimate Mystery…Consciousness. Shamanism offers the timeless process to safely chart and navigate worlds beyond.

Many people feel anxious, depressed or “off”, but before long, the word will spread and all of that unhappiness will be completely be eradicated as our understanding of this existence becomes perfectly harmonious with the intended way to interact with this physicality. In my opinion it’s not that the masses were lied to in order to be subdued. As a mystic I see this from a human evolutionary point of view. A river needs to flow, if obstructed it will naturally seek a new path. We don’t get stuck criticizing the path’s reasons or agendas, we just celebrate the flow. Looking forward to a bright and happier future!

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The Magic of Perspective and Loving Life

An array of issues can be magically dissolved once we internally shift to a higher perspective. So often I receive clients feeling like victims of life and after some reflections the situations are understood as challenges to chase. The amazing result is that once this shift happens internally, “Life” immediately responds and starts behaving accordingly externally.

One of my main aims in training future shamans is to share the understanding that everything around us is energy and that this energy has consciousness. In Shamanic terms we’d say, All is Spirit. This is why you’ll find an Initiated Shaman having a conversation with a rock, plant, animal, substance, thin air, etc. In the case of a rock, it may not reply as a person would, but, it will 100% understand what the shaman is saying, and reply in its own way. This happens because we use the language of the Heart. It’s not the words we use, but rather the intention and emotions we are vibrating while communicating. The language of the Heart is Universal and supersedes in all your interactions, the proof is in the loving magical impulse that keeps your physical Heart beating. Life is an experience designed to develop your capacity for Love.

This is the simple explanation of why some people can be experiencing an apparent hell, while others are in bliss while here on this Earthly experience. It’s the perspective within which “Life” is approached. We, Shamans, understand that anything that can be defined or named can house a certain amount of consciousness (Spirit). If an object can have some consciousness, why not treat it with respect, consideration, even love? Imagine living in an environment where you are friends with everything around you and where everything around you likes you and wants to help you thrive.

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Dealing with Misinformation

I was having a conversation with someone very dear to me and she mentioned that the array of negative news and obvious propaganda had her bogged down and feeling a sense of dread. I must admit, if not very self aware, I will also start to get affected by the blunt insults to our intelligence when I try to see the news. Everything is so polarized. I’ve tried looking very objectively at an event from two opposing networks and have gotten just as disappointed with both.

Because of my line of work, besides listening to what is being said, I also pay very close attention to how it is said, what words are repeated, which words are preferred and specially the rhythm of the overall message. In all of these parameters current information outlets fail for me. Shamanism teaches us that all environments will naturally reflect a balance within their flow. Learn to observe the flow and the true essence of an ideal, intent, rhetoric or action will triumphantly emerge. If you observe the flow with which news are pumped out, it is clear that larger structures behind the facade of the words uttered are dealing with a gigantic lack of stability.

The “fear” being sold to the masses is the reflection of what is really going on behind the scenes in upper, inner circles within previously untouchable industries. It’s happened many times before in history. It’s a subdued type of indirect threat. An “either or” scenario with “fear” as the lever.

Shamanism proposes that “Truth” is an interpretation based on your experience; and not a piece of information shared through someone else’s communication. Shamans, tend to be very fair people, so we consider what others call as “facts” with as much seriousness as scientists and politicians, respect our shamanic beliefs. Sounds about fair, right? If not, how can there possibly be a balance flow of information between people that do not wish to participate in each others experience.

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Shaman Flavio is Interviewed by Dany Ross

A few weeks ago I received a very exciting invitation to interview with Dany Rousseleau from Canada. On the agreed day, I thought I’d be the one sharing some wisdom, but after we finished shooting, it was Dany that left me with many priceless insights. You see, Dany is a lung cancer survivor, and it was this experience that eventually ushered her to a new awareness for life.

She shared with me that the most difficult moments in one’s life happen for us and Not to us. In our darkest experiences, no matter how terrifying or hopeless, at no point are we victims. Tough situations happen to move us forward, to help us evolve and become stronger. This is a process that will force us to experience our vulnerabilities and will humble us to the point of breaking our ego.

It’s in these life changing moments that the ego needs to be surpassed in order to connect with the more solid aspects of our selves. In these unique dark moments legitimate hope, faith and inner strength can be found to transmute us into becoming a being of empathy, joy and positive purpose.

This realization was so powerful for Dany, that she made it her goal to share with all of us stories about people that have gone through that intense Path (myself included) and survived to a new awakening.

This is my interview with Dany Ross

…and below you’ll find links to Dany’s website and Youtube Channel:

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Inner Alchemy and Disoriented Emotions

Imagine being able to hone in on an undesirable emotion or thought and to transform it into a success oriented force for the rest of your life. If this process was taught to all young adults, our world would be cleansed in one generation. Shamanism teaches us to do just this.

The first requirement is to be centered, this means take a moment and acknowledge, where you physically are and who you are now. Next, to stop the inner chatter and just pay attention to inner impulses. We are looking for that emotion, idea or thought that feels pressing. There may be many, but we are just focusing on one. We are literally stopping everything in our external world to pay attention to this vibration and we are being inquisitive as we do this. We are looking for its origin, purpose, intensity, duration, etc. Your intuition will kick in and other thoughts and memories will come into play, just take mental notes of these. At some moment you’ll feel very acquainted with this vibration. Probably after years, you’ve finally “stopped” and literally listened to it. This is the moment where you can dictate what happens next. You can reason with this thought process and decide on a new course of action or support to and from it. It’s a symbiosis. You literally talk to your self (whispering is fine too), addressing yourself in the plural and create a new course of action or focus. There is one condition in this part of the process, the “solution” must be compliant with the good for all law.

You are incredibly powerful and possess a universally sovereign free-will. Through your attention and intention, internal energies can be constantly redirected towards a desired outcome. This practice does require a little getting used to because it does not allow for a mechanical, repetitive life style. Actually, quite the opposite, it requires being fully present in your life at most times, but…this is a wonderful thing in itself!

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Your Life Story with Courage

This is one of the symbols that represent the Heart (Sonqo) in Andean Cosmology.

In Shamanism, we all have a story and we also always have four virtues the story should comply with as best as possible. The virtues are linked to the four cardinal directions in the compass:

  • East = Wisdom: This is solely based on your personal life experiences
  • South = Courage: This is the courage to admit you may be wrong
  • West = Harmony: Choosing to live and be happy with enough (no more, no less)
  • North = Justice: All events and situations are justified because of the previous three virtues

It is easy to adopt a victim role in your story. Who you are today may be the result of something that happened long ago because someone did you wrong. You may have been promised an outcome and they never came through. Maybe an unexpected situation (usually tragic) happened and it completely derailed the perfect life you were meant to have. I could go on and on. The point for me as a Shaman is that when I hear this in any story, the main character, lacks courage.

This doesn’t mean you are a coward, although I have used that word in the past. It means, your power across time and space has been granted to something or someone else. It doesn’t matter what happened, the moment you assume complete ownership of the outcome and re-write the story, your full soul power activates for you to forge on. It takes great courage to admit that a few decades back you were lazy, disorganized, ungrateful, greedy, jealous, weak, selfish, scared, conniving, arrogant, immature, inconsiderate, etc. I have yet to meet someone that hasn’t been one of the above or a variation of one at some point in their life. We shamans, don’t see courage as something related to a hero. It’s far more familiar to us, we see it as an intrinsic component of everyday healthy living.

In our aggressively global society the word “failure” is such a taboo. Just think of world leaders when they make a mistake and the admirable creative rhetoric they go through to avoid this word or its undeniable factuality (sadly in their fields of existence, the lack of courage is still tolerated). For the evolved human admitting failure represents great courage, expansion and clarity. It immediately, frees you from an imaginary external power and at the same time it disarms energetic bonds from the past and possible ones in the future.

An amazing thing happens when you edit your story with failures included in them. As time progresses, those difficult moments from the past become allies that provide you amazing wisdom and harmony in your purpose. With time, not only do you learn to love your story but you develop the wisdom to recognize when you can avoid a pitfall or are in the middle of one and how to deal with it. The sense of helplessness in no longer there and is fully replaced by a sense of courage, empowerment and even adventure!

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The Solution to all Problems

My apprentices usually get stuck in the explanation of the way a shaman sees cause and effect. Where modern society through laws, apps, services, medicines, etc. addresses effects. Shamanism trains the mind to understand that all effects have a cause and that this in itself will become an effect for another cause.

All problems will have originated somewhere. Understanding the origin allows the mind to see possibilities hidden by previous suppositions. Any problem you face will originate from your personal experience. It has to because this is your life, dictated by your choices from moments so long ago, you can no longer remember them. To understand why that problem is there, spend a little time in looking objectively at your personality. We tend to have recurring situations in the same areas of our lives. This is no coincidence, it is effects to causes we have repeated with our choices.

We are not looking for something to change, but rather to change ourselves from within. If a situation does not affect you the same way it has before, then that energy is no longer fulfilling its purpose and thus can no longer remain in your life (field). All problems are like friends trying to tell us something. The moment your mind shifts to cooperating with this mechanism. Life and all the problems we think we may have suddenly become a conversation about improving our inner qualities.

Life is a state where we can use the time to become a better being on a moment to moment basis, fully based on our choices. Think for a minute how life would drastically change all around the planet if the sole focus was goodness and worthy causes only. Philosphers call this study: Axiology. (term first coined by Paul Lapie in 1902) Waking up everyday knowing that life may have its challenges no longer becomes a burden, but rather a purpose. An opportunity to transmute into a more evolved being.

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Keeping an Eye on your Phone and Habits

The energetic implications of power to seek information and connect globally from a device that is with you at all times, has ushered human consciousness in ways the ancients would tip their hats at. Current society “sells” an idea of how reality is, but this is quickly realized incorrectly with a little mystical training or an existential experience. For the older generations, the ones that have lived the quick transition in technology this reality shift has been gradual. For the younger generations that arrived to a world that portrays a reality based on these handheld devices, perception can become unrealistic. “Hucha” in Andean Shamanism, is the name given to any dense chaotic energy within one’s realm. If this energy is left unchecked, with enough time, it will grant access to more complex and destructive manifestations in one’s life.

This is why we have so many young people in the prime of their life with emotional conflicts. I’ll just take a quick opportunity to also include that I suspect this is the reason “Hollywood” likes to include a rebellious teen in all their shows. A shaman does not accept unhappiness as a stage in life. The idea of parents not knowing what to do as their kids act out, or worse cocoon themselves in despair, honestly, is a direct failure on our social acceptances.

The solution is to recognize patterns of habitual activities and the emotional states they produce (energy). If undesired, then balancing elements need to be added. For Shamans, humans are dualistic beings. We experience night/day, cold/hot, up/down, active/passive, etc. Seek these patterns in your household. It’s okay for certain periods to have predominance in one end of the scale, but if emotional discord starts becoming habitual then it’s time to balance the energy.

Anytime we work with balance, we work with flow. Very often the problem does not originate where it manifests, but actually in conditions leading to it or conditions that are a consequence of it. Stagnant energy hates change. We can observe this process set in with our elders. In shamanism, we use natural opposites to reset the harmony. In other words, for a short determined period, we will purposely behave in a disorganized, even chaotic way just to break a toxic cycle. This disrupts the stagnancy and allows energy to flow through its natural course again. Think of it as temporarily disrupting a river’s path and then just allowing it to naturally find its way downhill to the ocean again. Mother Nature is always in balance and always perfect. Most of humanity’s afflictions are cause by a disruption of what is natural. Try this with your schedule, toxic relationships, unwanted habits, thoughts, etc.

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