Are you Scared?

One of the four cardinal virtues in mysticism is “courage”. From a spiritual point of view, the most courageous thing a human can do while in his limited time here on Mother Earth is to confront “Truth”. Once you are solidly aligned with the truth of what you are and what you are doing here, trivial things in this material world will become either laughable or manageable. Know this, if your vibration is in harmony, literally nothing unwanted can touch you. If you are scared, it means there is some unknown and this means the courage to seek “Truth” is required.

Invest a little time in exploring the higher truths of life. Don’t let moments of crisis force you to it. Get ahead of the game. Don’t let any person, group, situation or ideal convince you of a fearful scenario…You are whole, You are Divine and you are unstoppable in your own magnificent self realization.

Sharply cut through the fabric of this density!

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Medicine and Divination

About a month ago, I saw client who’s foot had suddenly gotten red, hot and swollen. He could barely move it and it hurt to the touch. I did some basic healing but my intuition told me that it was more about a personal issue rather than a clinical problem. I also used a couple of more esoteric techniques to see if I could get more information about the condition. After I got my answers, I told my client that unlike what his doctor was saying, it was not arthritis nor anything related to any of his pre-existing health conditions (he had some, but no need to share that here).

A couple of weeks later, the foot is still giving him problems. It has healed and flared up again a few times since. He’s visited a couple of other doctors and has called me a few times as well. To me it’s a process he has to go through while he releases a couple of heavy emotions related to a life shift. For the doctors that have seen him, it’s more about one antibiotic or another. In the mean time the condition lingers.

Just a few minutes ago he called me. He was emotionally relieved. He’d finally been approved by his insurance company (and other doctors) to go see a foot specialist (podiatrist). That doctor said that it was not arthritis and that it was more like an inflammation related to lack of movement. He also admitted that he still couldn’t diagnose the problem, so he suggested “trying out” a few different medications and waiting to see how the body would react.

In the end, I already know that through time, this discomfort will go away as my client adjusts to a change in his current lifestyle. As a shaman, for me his foot-specialist is literally saying the same thing I am. He needs movement and one thing or another will be administered in insignificant amounts while giving “time” for the body to react (adjust). The doctor is literally practicing the “Law of Balance” with my clients condition.

I have been very lucky to have had medical doctors come visit me as a shaman. It has taught me so much about the cognitive process they develop in their profession. Although both our approaches use different areas of the brain, our intentions to heal are the same. That vibration will eventually yield harmony in our point of focus, in this case it being a patient. I have also had conversations with people that only believe in logic and “verifiable” science. In these cases their willingness to visit my perspective is close to zero; yet when asked in a way that bypasses their mental biases, no one can deny the important role that intuition has played in their area of expertise. To mystics and shamans, intuition is divination in its purest form. We all use intuition in one way or another, very often it feels like a hunch, other times we just know, sometimes just by concentrating we naturally allow it to guide us.

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The Law of Balance, Why You Want It

The only reason we go through situations we dislike in life is to learn lessons. The faster we learn the lessons, the faster we can get back into a harmonious lifestyle of continuous blessings. Eventually a new lesson is due and we have to go through it to increase the brightness of our soul. What we perceive as “big” problems occur when we don’t get the lesson, try to outsmart life or just get used to living with the repercussions of a failing lessons. The lessons, need to be learned, otherwise they become bigger and graver. Eventually things can get so bad that the physical life cannot be sustained and a reset (rebirth) is needed under a different human life to continue the learning.

This is where a shaman can be very helpful. We have knowledge, skills and tools to understand the original lesson. We get to know it in its original vibration. Very often I remind my clients that when they come to visit me, I am not really concerned about the person they are but more the Soul they are. It is exactly the same principle with their problems or discomforts, my priority is not its definitions but rather its vibrations. Something like an abusive partner can have the exact same vibration as a being discriminated for religious beliefs or suffering of panic attacks or being underpaid. This is where the “Law of Balance” can do its magic. The Universe understands manifestation primarily through vibration. If the vibration is proper the unwanted conditions cannot remain. Shamans see this very clearly, but if you don’t have one at hand, common sense, intention and observation will do the trick.

Animals and children seem to know how to regain balance by natal intuition. If their senses reject it or they just don’t like it or feel a sense of repulsion, the stimuli is not accepted into their experience, this is just common sense. Once an unwanted characteristic is focused on and actively targeted for change/improvement, this ignites intention. The Universe recognizes the vibration of intention as motion with direction from point A to Point B. Lastly, very important (and something that just becomes second nature in shamanism) is the observation of the flow/discrepancies around people, events and situations in contrast to common sense actions and intentions of parties involved. Observation, will always yield signs and hints about where the balance of things are, you just need to give it enough time. Try it, find a condition you’d like to change, see where you’d like it’s balance to be and use common sense, intention and observation to tweak it to your desired vibration.

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Depressed? …Try this Phrase!

One of the most powerful attributes a conscious human being has is his will. In the upper levels of mysticism, we consider it “divine” and “free”. There are influential forces in our everyday life, but ultimately what you choose to do is based on your divine-free-will.

Words are also incredibly powerful. Be it pure coincidence, the subconscious mind or it having some ancient etymological relationship, all words can be “spelled”and “Spells” use words. What comes out of your mouth is literally manifesting into vibration from the ethereal to the elemental world.

If you are feeling down or in a negative way, simply choose to decree or say the way you want to feel. Say: “Right here and right now, I choose with my divine-free-will to be healthy and happy”. You don’t need to believe it. Actually, just say and don’t expect anything out of it. Just say it because you can and because you have the power to. Say other good things as well in that context, at the very least it will momentarily replace a negative murmur. I can assure you though, that if you pay attention, and look back a few hours or days later you will notice that certain things manifested to heed those commands. This will also teach you to be very careful of what you say in those moments of mindless utterance.

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Hacking Miracles into your Life

I have met very advanced Shamans and Mystics. Some would say that these people have special powers, and yet everyone of them has agreed that “Life” is a big mystery and that in the end while encased in this reality not everything can be foreseen, manipulated or influenced. Having said that, there are ways to line up energetic conditions to be more favorable for you. Here is one of those ways. Know that feeling of dismissal that is felt after awakening from a vivid dream? A few seconds before your consciousness was in an absolute reality and then you wake up and realize it was just a dream and maybe ponder on it, but eventually you get your attention to where your physical body is at. Some sages have said that is the exact type of realization that will happen after you have finished your “time” in this life experience and recognize your true self and potential. This is also why we shamans refer to this present life as the “dream” or the “illusion”. We consider “reality” to be in another dimension.

If one of the most famous mystical axioms is: “As above so below…”, then we can understand that if we dream at night, this life could be the dream of an even more real existence. If in night dreams we can do and be things that would seem impossible, and this life is not ultimate one either, then that would mean that under certain conditions, this life can also be molded to our wishes. It is the sole alignment of our consciousness, beliefs and energetic emotions that produce such a tight hold on this reality’s flexibility. Relax your focused beliefs and this reality will relax on you as well. As the strands of this matrix loosen, openings are created and it is through these that unexpected phenomenon can enter .

It is our consciousness-energy that maintains this experience so solid and dense. Shamanism and other mystical traditions teach us to detach from this density and as that takes effect, our own vibrations call in desired forms/results into our experience (this most often happens in negative ways).

Don’t take life so seriously. Don’t believe what you don’t like. Don’t allow your emotions to rattle you if there is nothing eminent touching you. Do strongly believe in miracles. Do regularly question all. Do look back and remember those time that all seemed to be going in one direction and suddenly something unexpected happened. Do realize that even your memory of an event can also be confused with a memory of a dream. Practice this type of thinking for a couple of days and your brain will start rewiring itself away from the holds of this density.

Daydream and imagine super wonderful things daily. After some days question yourself on which was more real, the daydreams or the other “actual” reality. Consciously decide that what really happened to you was the daydreams and consciously disassemble things that happened in a reality that on previous months you would have said was actual. This type of exercise will shift your reality to the vibration of your choosing.

Welcome to a Miraculous Life!

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God, Imagination, You and The Law of Attraction

I have talked about the three levels of reality before. In essence as things go further away from you they become less real for you. The closer they are the more they will affect you. The area I feel I have not solely focused on is the realm of imagination. If you can’t see it or hear it, basically you have to imagine it, but imagining occurs within you. In the Andean Shamanic Cosmovision, the “Realm of Imagination” is present in three dimensions at the same time:

  • Your Mind’s Imagination
  • God’s Realm
  • The realm of pure potential, beyond what is seen/heard

It could be said that all three of the above are one and the same. Considering this, what you think takes much more seriousness and direct results to your present reality. It would mean that God directly receives what you imagine and as this is happening, the realm of pure potential starts matching the vibrations to that conjuring. As the manifestation starts getting more and more dense, first you’d hear/see the “creation” , then have it at a touchable distance and finally, literally have it on you. Good examples are your finances, health, loved ones, property, experiences, etc.

If you’d like to add even more power to the concepts I have shared above, think of your words. Words are a sound or vibrational representation of things. These vibrations enter into the realm of the material perception. They can be heard with our physical senses, but once uttered they are gone. Sound is one of those creations that is metaphysical in nature. That is why prayer is practiced by all belief systems and is so effective. All mystics learn very early on to be very careful with the words they utter, precisely for this reason. Speaking in a positive tone about something desired will draw it towards you. Speaking in a negative manner will drive it away.

Without getting too technical, “touch” also plays a strong part in manifestation. Anything that is, carries vibration and it will also have a rhythm. Stick around long enough within a rhythm and that beat will become contagious. This has happened to all of us with songs. Why not use this principle to bring things into our reality. Purposely, touch and imagine to share your rhythmic vibration with objects or realizations you wish to bring closer to you. Also, keep in mind to avoid touching those things that you do not wish to interact with.

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Your God of Light and Darkness

In Shamanism, we don’t believe in a”savior” god and a damning devil. For a follower of the Andean Tradition that would be like saying that day is good and night is bad. If we categorize it as good and evil, then it also kind of takes away from the omnipotence of God. Plus, that belief process promotes fear. It creates a sense that if we are not careful while here on Earth, there are many situations that could harm us or even worse damn us…oh yes, and if that is not enough, damn us forever, Jeeez!

In a healthy family, both parents love their children and take care of them and when necessary teach them ways to be a better person. In The Andean Tradition prayer has exactly the same tone and feeling as speaking with your parents; but with with multiplied intensity. The love and trust that is felt when communicating with Creator-God-Dad (or Mom-Mother Nature-Pachamama) produces a sense of strength and well being. If your parents created everything for you with unlimited potentiality and love, how could anything be out there lurking is this world scheming to hurt you? Now, on a side note, Trickster Energies are accepted to be around, but their intentions are not so much considered malevolent, just very very mischievous.

Shamanism sees light and the positive as a vibration, which benefits have been understood. Darkness and what is perceived as negative is seen as potentiality which benefits has not yet been understood or discovered. As an example, if you are walking down the street and someone tries to rob you, that person’s potentiality is not yet being put to its best use, because he/she is not aware of it. In the case of a serious health condition, it would mean that the energy creating this discomfort hasn’t still being understood or properly allowed to flow in a healthy pattern.

One of my teachers explained it to me like this, “if it’s the middle of the night and you get lost, there is no need to get scared of a boogeyman coming to get you, because thanks to that darkness you will always have the stars, insects, breezes, etc. to guide you safely. You just need to talk to them and keep an open mind to when and how they answer”

Lastly, I’d like to leave you with this Truth, your life will reflect your inner patterns. I invite you to make a conscious decision to start proving to yourself that you live in an Earth that loves you and is constantly producing everything you need to live healthy and happy. Discipline your mind to remember this and you’ll see how your external world will start proving it back to you.

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Theybies! …a Shaman’s Reaction

So in the evolution of the “gender neutrality” idea, some parents are choosing to raise their children without a gender, they are calling them “Theybies” (regardless of the biological gender they were born with). I can’t speak for other shamans, but I’ll take a little time here to express my thoughts.

As a shaman, when a client visits me, I am mostly interested in the soul’s vibration and purpose. For me, the person (with a name and an ego) is but a vehicle for the soul to navigate this “school of life”. Coming already from that perspective, I really don’t have any issues what so ever with any sort of sexual preferences a person has, as long as it does not harm anyone else.

In my mystical studies, I learned that it is the babies coming to Earth that choose the parents and the time that they will be born in. They even choose their own name. From this perspective, I could accept that this arriving generation of humanity is influencing this movement of gender neutrality and deliberately choosing to be born to parents that share the same belief.

Thus far, I have expressed how I encounter this new trend, but then there is also the “Human Error Factor”. People tend to follow trends and to be influenced. Society encourages “Herd Mentality”. It receives more approval and even popularity. In this instance, if I were to see clients that are pondering on raising their babies as Theybies, I’d highly recommend we inquire deeper in the Divine Realm. It would not disrupt and I guarantee it would clarify greatly.

From a personal point of view, not as the Shaman but as Flavio, I believe that Pachamama (Mother Nature) is the best teacher. In my surroundings, I still haven’t witnessed any indications from Nature that gender preference is an issue among its natural inhabitants. In my home, A male (red) and female (brown) cardinal visit my bird feeder every afternoon, and so far I haven’t seen either of the two borrowing each other’s feathers. I promise, if that happens, I’ll perceive that as a prophetic sign and will immediately share it here.

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Should Shamans Behave like Saints?

I tried narrowing down the definition of a “Saint”, but feel I wouldn’t do it justice or might be biased. In short Wikipedia says: “A saint is a person who is recognized as having an exceptional degree of holiness or likeness or closeness to God”. I think Shamans could have “saintly” attributes, but our lifestyles would overall be in great contrast to saintly ones. Living the Shamanic Path, means being a “life” researcher on the edge of humanity. It is like an instant practical and undefinable philosophy. It compels you to explore and exploit all areas of life. Pushing boundaries is a necessity to really understand the workings of energy within the cycles of this matrix.

One very common “medicine” we use in the Andes to manifest (or to unmanifest) a condition is to adopt a completely abstract/unrelated everyday habit. For example, if you want to stop arguing with your significant other, go to work using a completely different route. It is understood that these actions don’t significantly influence each other, but in Shamanism we stimulate energy. Driving in a different pattern will influence everything else and among these minute discrepancies, the conscious mind will be granted moments of clarity to solve other issues it is dealing with.

This is why I put so much emphasis on the need for more shamans in modern society. A conventional community needs someone unconventional to be complete; and also to allow avenues for unconventional improvements within its structure.

From a personal level, sporadically in my everyday life, people that know my profession will say things like: “You can’t say that, you are a shaman!” or ” I thought better of you, that is not spiritual at all!”. I must admit, I foresee and even provoke these reactions from certain people as a way to keep my spontaneity in check, but also to demonstrate how useless it is to cling to generic expectations from Life. Each one of us is a Universe and as such at all times we should have absolute freedom to expand in any direction we feel an impulse to. We should also accept, that the mechanics of this existence are not bound to an exact mathematical formula, but rather are gleaming with magical potential at all times. Try embracing this type of thinking and even act it out for a bit and you’ll perceive an immediate excitement. You’ll see life as the adventure it used to be when you were a child. What is even more awesome, is that Life itself will correspond back to you. This habit will also prepare you for those unexpected actions of people around you and the surprises that Life inevitably has in store for each if us.

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Was the Inka Empire Really Decimated by the Spaniards?

A few months ago, as we were descending from the Ollantaytambo Ruins I was having a conversation with Master Q’ero Shaman Nicolas Pauccar. I was lamenting that it was sad how the conquistadors had erased so much of the Inkan Wisdom. He replied that the whole thing had been planned by the Inkas from the start. “The Spaniards fell right into their scheme”, He said. He told me, that the Inkas already knew (from prophetic signs) that their empire would soon be facing its end. The arrival of a more technologically advanced culture had been recognized as an opportunity. It was understood that the European people were quite brutal, so some friction was expected, but their shamans had informed them that a couple of hundred years later South America would be sovereign again and free from European control. He further mentioned that it was a long term plan designed to blend and modernize the people of the land. ” Oh, and don’t worry about the so called lost knowledge of the Inkas Flavio”, He said, “If it’s not with us, it means it was no longer needed” . As we were arriving to the transportation shuttle, he casually mentioned that now, it was Andean Shamanism that would be visiting their land to help with their upcoming transition.

In Shamanism, we don’t care about a past that we didn’t participate in or that maybe we don’t remember. We hold no expectations over people. We embrace what We Are, Here and Now. We welcome new patterns of behavior, because these, open energetic portals for new solutions to manifest. How the books say that history happened doesn’t matter; and if you want to spin it in a way that suits you…why not? All that matters is that you are vibrating in harmony with yourself and your power, so you can create the reality you desire.

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