You Don’t Owe Anything to Anybody!!!

Every once in a while a very strong message will “channel” itself through me. What I am about to write below is one of those. 

BE SOVEREIGN. You are a self aware unit of Divine consciousness. Nothing and No one can ever dispute or discredit this. Even if you are going in the wrong direction in your life right now, it is Your Life and no one else’s. Take pride in this and honor it. Own your decisions and take full responsibility for everything that is in your surroundings right now. Others, may be able to force and coerce themselves onto your life, but never into your consciousness. For consciousness is Divine and privy to Laws that supersede anything humans can ever try to influence.

May you be Blessed…


When you see 1111, Do This!


Many of my clients mention that they see a recurrence of 111 or 1111 everywhere and very often. If and when you see these numbers it means that you are aligned in a very specific manifestation pattern. The best way to use this point in time, space and consciousness is to say to yourself a mantra every time you see this. I suggest you plan this manifestation mantra carefully and stick with it for a minimum of one year. The mantra itself should include the “I  am” statement. The mantra should also be no longer the one sentence. A quick phrase is even better. It should not include specifics of how you want the wish to come true. It is okay if it is a generic statement, such as “I am thin”, “I am healthy”, “I am successful”, etc.

Good luck!
Shaman Flavio

Allowing Improvements IN your Life

il_340x270-1380817663_de21Shamanism perceives reality as an interaction of self-consciousness and the external environment. Nothing can be around you without your conscious participation in it. This means that we have a choice in who, what and how, we allow in our life. What a lot of my clients get stuck in is in switching from something they don’t like to something they would like better. These happens because we don’t release fully in order to make the space for the new to come in.

If we go back to the concept of reality just being an interaction between your consciousness and your environment, it is very simple to see it as you sitting inside a room with two doors. One door allows everything to come into your world, the world you experience, and the other door allows you to release it from your conscious experience. What happens with most of us, is that the room is full of stuff no longer needed. Life is waiting to provide you with new experiences and improvements but that new energy cannot fit within your consciousness because the older undesired energy is still there and has not been released. The room needs to be temporarily empty and this causes fear. We tend to settle for compromises or second bests instead of emptiness. Yet, “nothingness” is exactly what is needed for a little time in order for new clean energy to come in.

This concept works on many levels, sometimes it’s the energy behind the relationship you have with somebody you love. Very often we have allowed negative habits of behavior to happen between us and our loved ones, and we confuse this interaction thinking that the relationship no longer serves us. When seen from an energetic perspective we still love the person but disapprove of the type of relationship we are having. In this case we don’t need to evict the person from our conscious experience, but rather the behaviors that are part of everyday life which are disliked. This takes very strong willpower and focus, even discipline. This is not taught in organized religion or by psychologists or counselors.

Next time you want an improvement in your life, look around you and find what is mostly blocking that improvement. Next, consciously decide to avoid that behavior or activity for a specific period of time (in the Peruvian shamanic tradition I practice,  we usually use one cycle of the moon, 28 days). Do this with the intent of inviting that  desired improvement in your life.

The universe dislikes voids, and you will observe that as the undesired energy is released you perceive that void and it naturally pulls you towards filling it, usually with the undesired energy itself. Hold still and wait a little and you’ll see how the new improvement magically starts appearing in your life.

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When confused…

Back-to-BasicsLiving in an urban setting was so much information and technology, it is very easy to get disoriented and confused. In Shamanism, things are narrowed down to very elemental concepts, so confusion in daily life and with people we interact is rarely an occurrence.

Here are some examples:

  • when dealing with people, first we want to recognize if the person in question is pray, predator or opportunistic. (Wolf, Lamb, Fox)
  • when dealing with personal dilemmas, first we ask what is the wisest course of action, next what is the right thing to do, then what is the healthiest thing to do (the action the will bring the most harmony), finally we ask is there justice for all in our considered decision.
  • As far as opinions from us or others, we first ask ourselves if we have personally experienced with our five senses the situation we are about to express ourselves about. We also ask this of the person that is expressing their opinion. If something comes not being experienced personally then an opinion will carry very little weight. We prefer to laugh about things we don’t understand.
  • As far as health, we believe there is no reason to be sick and that the human body we enjoy is a great friend that will communicate with us constantly. Pains, sensations and conditions are the ways it communicates and we lovingly pay attention so we can supply its needs.
  • With parents, we are very grateful to them for helping us come into this world and experience life. Regardless of our relationship with them, this original gratitude is always honored. This also extends to the parents of our loved ones (i.e. Our in-laws)
  • with extended family, we recognize these people as part of our circle. They are the priority if we are to donate time or resources.
  • Community. Away from big cities in little towns communities are easy to discern, but in weeks cities with millions of people community becomes a little more elusive. Anybody that comes into a circle of people with a desire to help, belong, participate is automatically considered part of that community (regardless of age, race, religion, etc.)
  • nationalities and religions. Because in a shamanic tradition we are all brothers and sisters on the same Mother Earth under the same Father Sun, nationalities and religions are not even secondary to how we treat or consider one another. Children have different personalities and tend to have different relationships with their parents this is the way we see different cultures, religions and nationalities.


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When in a Long Term Rut

Man Sitting In ValleyA  few weeks ago I had a client that had been to a couple of healers and spiritual workers for the last few years. His particular request and complain had to do with bad luck in his finances, as he put it. When I am visited by someone that has seen a list of people before me, I understand that there is a high probability that I will be added on to that list. This also indicates that the client is in a very long and sluggish cycle, most probably enforced by his personal or thinking habits. The way around this is creating new smaller habits that will not be burdensome or contrary to the clients lifestyle  These new little habits will act as seeds that will fertilize the energetic field of my client for the real and more intense work that I will be doing at a later date.


What happens most of the time, is either the client slowly fades interest in following through with the little tasks I prescribe; or just doing something as simple as finding a stone in a park takes them days or even weeks to complete. In the latter, at least progress is still being achieved. In a way now as I am writing about this, I realize this is similar to what happens in shamanic communities in the outskirts of society. It is very common for shamans to design spirit quests for their patients. As spiritual human beings just doing something with mere intention and knowledge builds up energy towards manifesting what is desired. This is why as a mystic and a shaman I am so open-minded to other spiritual and energetic traditions and systems. In this world if you want to get from point A to point B, the vehicle doesn’t really matter much. It is just a matter of knowing how to drive it and where you want to go.

Very often, we find ourselves through our lifestyle and thinking habits going in directions we dislike. Shamans understand this and through simple mundane tasks help redirect the energy so that the client arrives were he/she desires and where is best for him/her.


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Oprah W. and the Wolf


Are you Wolf, Bunny or Rat?

Every time I listen to a person that could influence others, I keep that question at the forefront of my thoughts. I have found that most people tend to talk to the world as if it is full of rats and rabbits. In Shamanism, rats in part represent an opportunistic mentality and rabbits juicy opportunity or bounty. I believe that humans have the ability to change masks at any time and become either of the three animal energies mentioned. I also believe that making decisions as a wolf would yield a much more satisfying life. One in which your destiny is decided by you.

As Oprah began her speech, she described a scene where a little girl saw something in awe. I thought her speech would continue to inspire more young people in knowing that anything you see in awe can actually become your reality; yet somehow the speech went on to talk about “truth” (n very generic terms), and men that don’t listen to and/or abuse women. I don’t discredit or criticize her stories. I just don’t see her speech inspiring the inner wolf energy in young people.

I am not criticizing or disagreeing with Oprah. My intention here is to share with you, that the best attitude to give someone in a learning stage is that of the wolf. One of strength, courage and adventure. I have a beautiful faith in every person I meet. I believe we are all super stars in development. Some people I meet may behave like rats or victimized rabbits, but deep inside I always know they have a magnificent wolf within. Ready to run wild and claim its own unique dominance in this world.

May you always run with your inner wolf and may you recognize and encourage the wolf energy in others also.


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LA Healer Helps You Breathe your Way to Better Skin


“For Ashley Neese, the Los Angeles–based self-care practitioner, and many yogis and Taoists before her, breath is the most effective tool for changing your physical, emotional, and mental state.”
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I thought my followers and readers could use some of the information Ms. Neese has to share. Shamanism takes breathing as a intrinsic part of the work, but its focus is not as concentrated as in other traditions. For us Shamans breathing is Life, but it is also part of the whole process of living. We observe breathing and from it we derive emotional states and conditions. In Shamanism if your life is in harmony your breathing should be perfect. Sometimes, the breath is manipulated to facilitate certain states or to concentrate on a focus but this is done for short periods of time and not usually on a daily basis; unless some ritualistic work is being energized. This is also the reason why shamans are seen chanting, dancing, emulating animals, etc. this automatically involves the breath along with other aspects of the human constitution to create a space of centered energy.

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Christian Church Losing Millenials


An article from “” expresses that the Christian Church is concerned that an increasing amount of people in their 20’s and 30’s are now actively seeking a connection to God through other spiritual sources and no longer through organized religion. They went as far as calling it an “exodus”. They also mentioned that the “spiritual” industry generates $2 billion annually. I would have expected that this would really motivate them to look within and see why people are no longer finding faith within their walls. Disappointingly, their position is that, “young people have no idea what they’re actually buying into”. 

They also mentioned: “Sorcery and star signs may be in vogue now, but one need only look at the preserved bodies of human sacrifices from Iron-Age Europe to know what sort of world this worldview creates. It was onto this scene that Christianity burst, bringing with it the rule of law, science, respect for individuals, and “nearly everything that is truly humane about the world we inhabit.””

Yet…I think they conveniently forgot to mention their own organized witch-hunts in the middle ages. Where it is estimated tens of thousands of innocents were killed.

From my perspective, I understand the younger generations. we are a more educated and connected world now. We have at our finger tips the access to learn anything, so while certain institutions will have their opinions and preferences. Millennials can discern and decide for themselves. My services for example can be found online and any person can inform themselves about me, see me in videos, interviews and even read other people’s opinion of what a Shamanic Experience is all about. I welcome progress and the self exploration of one’s unique spirituality and connection with the Love Supreme.

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