Is Passion really that Important?

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Short answer is: No. I was looking for an inspirational quote to post in one of my Facebook pages and there is so much reference to “passion“. Now that I think of it, many of my clients come to see me because they feel they have no passion for life, work, success, etc.

We are all very passionate right now! I can prove it very easily, take a pillow and try to smother someone and you’ll see how quickly that person gets really passionate and motivated to breathe. One of my shaman teachers shared with me that  two of the strongest forces we posses are the desire to live (survival) and the desire to channel life (sex). What we perceive as a lack of passion is just being complacent (check out its definition and it will make much more sense. Passion, is one of those states that we remember very clearly after some adventure or period of time; but are not very aware of while we are feeling them in the moment.

Why are we unhappy then? Because we are looking at external circumstances and we don’t like what we see. Next time this happens to you, remember that all of your external world is the reflection of your internal one, and that you have 100% control your internal vibration. Relax, know you are okay right now, adjust your thinking, then your emotions and the proper opportunities/conditions to achieve what you want will gradually float into your awareness.


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Does Power Corrupt?


Shamanism is all about power. Decreasing what drains your power and aligning with that which increases it. As you follow the shamanic tradition or any self empowering principle there will be a gradual shift in your relation with the world towards aligning you to circumstances more beneficial to you. This “shift” will affect others around you and if they are not sensitive to energies they will perceive this as you being selfish, greedy, bullying, difficult, etc.

This happens Universally. We can see it in governments, but the easiest way to relate to it is in couples. One spouse may have been dormant in their wants and suddenly they start working towards their self development; the other spouse will naturally resist the change at first, if it requires him/her to adapt to new conditions.

Follow your Path to power, understand the above and also recognize when others are trying to do the same. Use your wisdom and not your ego as you deal with the new circumstances.

So, does power corrupt? …for you, if you stop using your wisdom, it can. In the case others, if we choose to say they have been corrupted by power, then that is a sign we are not in wisdom, but in victim mode. Adapt with intelligence and position yourself within the new circumstances that increase your power, this is what Mother Nature does.

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When Spirituality Offends


When did being “gentle, loving and healing” become married to spiritual development? For those of us that have been ushered into this Path, we know that it is absolutely much, much more than that. Becoming spiritually aware is confusing, disorienting, it will turn your life upside down, it is filled with loss and pain. Loss of things we thought we needed but…not really; and growing pains.

On group chats I belong to, often I am singled out as: too rough, not loving, irresponsible, a bully shaman, etc. If you have come to visit me and have experienced one of my sessions you know this is not true. It cannot be because my truest desire is that humanity evolve, this is always in the forefront of my heart, mind, emotions and physical actions. The reason I may come across as insensitive is that I emulate the wisest teacher we have available to us, Mother Nature. If you were to find your self lost in a forest, you’d find magnificent beauty, but you’d also have to be mindful of dangers and survival. Life has the same dynamics. Part of being a shaman is being a teacher, so it is an obligation to demonstrate the above.

One of my initiations, involved me being blindfolded and lead to a jet black forest in the middle of the night and to walk my way back to the town in South America where this was happening. Within minutes of being left alone, I was paranoid, afraid, and unable to think…doesn’t this sound like life sometimes? Yet, I left the blindfolds on and stumbled my way to the town. A few days later the whole thing seemed surreal, but that stressful experience had developed something solid and unbreakable within me. I will carry that gift within me for the rest of my existence. It has made me stronger. When I sound rough, I am trying to convey that we all have the capacity to be strong and solid.

The above experience happened over a decade ago and I still haven’t found a way that is “loving, healing or gentle” to develop this inner strength. Being a spiritual human means having a lot a of courage, it means being a warrior (among other archetypes). In order for warriors to become heroes, they need to run toward the fire, not from it.

So, if you have read this far, perhaps it’s time to seek the most powerful you, develop and become your own hero.

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Demons in Politics


I agree that each of us has the right to strong opinions, I just suggest we avoid sarcasm, abuse, rage and violence in expressing them to others.

Shaman Flavio


Stefan Molyneux (Video): The demon of political violence that’s being let loose in America

“When someone comes to you with an argument, and you respond with… sarcasm, you waken the demon.
When someone comes to you with an argument, and you respond with abuse, you call the demon.
When someone comes to you with an argument, and you respond with rage, you summon the demon.
When someone comes to you with an argument, and you respond with violence, you are the demon.”

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Your Realm

our-three-spheresThe spheres’ colors also correlate to the chakra system:

  • Red=Root (survival, basic needs, sex, etc)
  • Green=Heart (love, creation, expansion, soul’s evolution, etc)
  • Blue=Third Eye (vision, planning, opportunities, advancement, etc)

The Black Area can be considered the miraculous or magical realm. It is from here that those things that cannot be explained emanate. This is also the realm shamans access via their inner divine center to call forth healing and helping positive energies.

It’s Healthy to Love and to Hate


Many people I encounter in my practice become very surprised when I share that from a mystical point of view what you love is just as important as what you hate. Also, that it is actually a very healthy symptom to hate, as long as it is used as notification mechanism and in very short term. Some ancient teachings express that we re-incarnate many times and that as this happens our body and brain are brand new, with zero baggage or content. Everything in terms of knowledge is blank, the only thing retained are the emotional programs developed in past lives. “Emotions” are “E(nergy) in Motions”, this is the energy that manifests our conditions and those supposedly unexpected events or skills that direct us towards a certain direction in life.

So, if we take the information above and think of what we love, then that e-motion is guiding us towards what in past lives has worked for us. Things, situations and type of people that have helped us. On the other hand, things, situations and type of people that we hate infer to influences that have been destructive to us in past lives. This however does not mean that we should wage war towards what we hate and try by all means chase a life full of conditions we love. This is where many spiritual traditions (in my present opinion) get it very wrong. We use love to cultivate what makes us better and we use hate to understand the areas in our soul’s development that need expansion and evolution. We don’t take things personally (ego), on the contrary, we graciously welcome an opportunity to shift to a higher level of our soul’s luminosity.

Let’s say you hate not fitting in last year’s clothes. Graciously recognize that maybe this event is telling you something about your nutritional choices. Now, let’s say you really love eating a pint of ice cream every evening and that this is what is making you gain that unhealthy weight. Common sense would immediately demand you stop doing what you love to not hate the result; but how about continue doing what you love, and instead add other habits or activities that you may grow to love in order to release the result you hate. Activities in this case such as going to the gym, walking, eating more salads, etc.

Remember, the key is the emotion [=motion or direction of the energy]. Work on expanding, not limiting yourself. Leave what you love alone, and aggressively explore new virtues within yourself to navigate out of what you hate.



In the first lessons, I teach my trainees the symbolical significance of each number from zero to nine. All mystical traditions will have strong references to the numbers. The Andean Shamanic Tradition gives special attention to the number 3. We use three main energy centers in the body. We also see the world as an interaction with three expanding energy rings around our consciousness.

Perhaps one of the most revealing attributes of “3” in ancient traditions is the counting system (article and video). Shamanism is an adaptable art, but you can still perceive the reminiscence of this system. One of the sayings my teacher would repeat is: “From none, came one, followed by two, then there were many”. At first glance this phrase doesn’t say much, but after some pondering, it is the story of creation. You can find it in a few places in the Bible. In very simple terms it also relates to the principles of Quantum Physics and matter.

As a shaman, involved in the process of improving my client’s lives on a daily basis, I use the principle of this phrase every day to bring wellness, happiness, success, health etc. into people’s lives. Try it for your self, all that is needed is to incorporate a small habit or activity to the area desired for improvement. For example, for healthier eating, add one tomato to your meal. Stick with this activity and naturally another healthy habit will follow. Before you know it and without any conscious effort many more healthy habits will find their way into your life. I am aware it sounds too simplistic, and I have been dismissed by know-it-alls, but if you try it you’ll see that after sometime the one little habit tends to be abandoned and the whole improvement never manifests. This is because the hardest stage in creation is the one that goes from none to one. That is why your first change should always be as small, non intrusive and as easy as possible. Just like a seed in hard soil.

A Modern Shaman

Modern day shaman West wears a locally-made headdress he uses in rituals he says are designed to help people experience the "Divine Entity". PICTURE: MARC MCCORMACK
Modern day shaman West wears a locally-made headdress he uses in rituals he says are designed to help people experience the “Divine Entity”. PICTURE: MARC MCCORMACK

Kuranda’s modern day shaman talks witchcraft, drugs and finding God

A CAT skull adorns his forehead and long strings of taipan vertebrae sway beneath his feather headdress.

Today is Friday the 13th, a diabolical date when the superstitious masses nervously watch the sky for lightning strikes or a falling coconut.

But, for this Kuranda father, trained wildlife keeper and park ranger, every day is enshrined in the supernatural.

He goes only by the name West – the “direction of the gods”, he explained – and he is a modern day shaman.

“I don’t think it really matters one bit whether a person is religious or not religious … I will show them the entity ­either way,” he said.

West grew up in South Australia and the Northern Territory, where he said that as a teenager he spent several years in the desert with the Pitjantjatjara Aboriginal people and two old shamans.

“I have also lived with the Gumatj tribe in Arnhem Land and learned their magic,” he said.

Surrounded by rainforest in the Kuranda hills, West lives in a modest home where he homeschools his 11-year-old daughter and takes willing participants on “vision quests” to discover the meaning of life.

He is well-spoken and hospitable, in contrast to how one might imagine a vision-seeking shaman. He practises a mixture of shamanic rituals and beliefs from around the world, including Siberia, Indonesia and Northern Europe.

“I absorb everything. I even absorb Christianity,” he said.

He explained shamans had for thousands of years used plants like ayahuasca and the San Pedro cactus – powerful psychedelics illegal to consume in Australia – to enter trance-like states supposed to show them higher meaning.

“I don’t see myself as a witch – maybe a wizard – but I represent everyone and assist anyone … whether Christian, Muslim, witch or atheist,” he said.

“My job as a shaman is to show people that nature is conscious – if they’re Christians to show them God, prove it to them.”