Why Can’t I get a Straight Answer in Divination?


In the movie “300 Spartans” there is a scene where the Spartans go to consult the Oracle about their fate or what is the best course of action to take against the Persians. They were answered: “The strength of bulls or lions cannot stop the foe. No, he will not leave off, I say, until he tears the city or the king limb from limb”. Later, and this is not in the movie, the Delphians, after hearing of such somber fate for the Spartans also asked the Oracle for advice, and She replied: “Pray to the Winds. They will prove to be mighty allies of Greece”

People that go to the “Other” side are used to this type of communication, it is non-linear and flexible enough to see the purest Truth or to allow one to self-deceit himself. After all this is The Way of this existence. At all times, regardless of external appearances we are in full control of our free will. If we decide to play the fool, the prefered path by the non initiated, life complies and gracefully leads us to the obstacles that lead to lessons to be learned.

The question I am often asked is, “Why, can’t I just get a straight answer?” Should I do it or not? Should I break it off or should I keep trying to work it out?, Should I fight or should I flee?, etc. Again, this existence is not linear, so answers will always reflect that, and yet they will always hint the correct path to take. Here are a few pointers that will help:

– Choose the Higher Path, the one that requires the use of virtues (ie. courage, tolerance, compassion, etc)

– If in doubt, there is no doubt! as you receive the answer your mind will immediately respond with Truth, then the ego will filter and cloudy it.

– If you have No Idea what you were just told, exercise Faith and wait; more signs and hints will show up soon.

– If the solution seems ridiculous, remember everything carries vibration, the suggested action could just be the catalyst for a domino effect.

– The answers are not bound by time or space, they are pillars of Truth to occur whenever you are ready for them.

For a person that is familiar with the intricacies and mysteries of the other side, the above points are second nature. We don’t need to know certain things, actually knowing certain things would only delay the evolution of the soul, which is what we are all after, believe it or not. The best approach I have found is to gratefully accept whatever information comes, with an open mind and a willingness for new adventures within this life cycle. If you are constantly aware that Source will unendingly offer opportunities for your inner greatness to expand, then life becomes a flow that you will always welcome with open arms, instead of a struggle to keep safe from.

Going back to history and the Oracle at Delphi, King Leonidas (Lion) was, in the end, killed as foretold; afterwards his head was separated from his body. As for the Delphian’s question, there was a three day storm that wiped out one fifth of the Persian’s armada. This allowed the greeks to hold their own at sea.