Winning by Losing

I got out of there as soon as I figured it out….

A few days ago I found myself in a very awkward and uncomfortable social situation. I was among a group of people I thought I’d have a great time with, but before the hour, one person started expressing micro-aggressions and increasing rejections towards me. Because of what I do for a living, my intuition picked up great discomfort and annoyance towards me from this particular person, initially I had no idea why. I was not in “Shaman” mode so my ego started assuming useless theories and ways to counter attack. Today, I have achieved inner harmony with the event (and culprit). A lesson was learned and I am grateful for it.

One of my goals is to live in harmony with my environment. A few days ago, my mere presence was disrupting someone’s inner harmony. This was an issue this person was having because they were comparing their reality in relation to others present there. In other words, it was an inner issue, absolutely not related to anything I had done or said. Initially my ego was right to advise that it was this person’s problem and not mine, but the Shaman seeks overall internal and external Harmony. As humans with intent to evolve, being aware of another person’s problem actually hints at some discrepancy that we can internally balance out. Consciousness will manifest circumstances externally to point out internal work to be done. In this case for me it meant that if my presence was disturbing to someone in a situation completely unimportant to me, then why force things? Why try to “win” (an ego) battle that I did not care about anyway? As soon as I figured the dynamics of the situation, in an educated and gracious way I removed myself from that gathering.

Everyone won! The person I inadvertently was making uncomfortable, no longer was. My Shamanic Purpose managed to improve external harmony, thus internal ones as well. I improved my Ego:Higher-Self ratio of decisions. True; it could be argued that I lost by missing out on a fun activity, but when compared to my Life’s Aspirations it is an Absolute Win!

Meet my new Handsome Friend

2020 brought some fundamental changes my way, among them I sold the house I had lived in for 20 years and bought a smaller apartment in a neighboring area. The building is next to a park and within the park I have started making some new friends.

We, Shamans, consider and treat anything within Mother Nature as “People”. From a scientific point of view, I understand the difference between a person and a rock, plant or animal, but from a desire to live in Harmony with Mother Nature, there is no way around it but to treat all as people. Being in this state of mind while strolling through nature, will allow you to create a loving bond with your environment. After some time, the environment will start communicating with you in a surprisingly attentive way. Breezes will caress you, birds will follow and sing to you, gifts will be left in your path, etc.

In this post I decided to introduce you to one of my new friends. He is young compared to his family within the park. He stands about 20 yards from the bay. His shape and texture express that he is masculine. Most of his branches are pointing towards the East, this is another Shamanic sign that he’s a boy, but it also hints at his personality. The Sun rises from the East and breezes tend to come from that direction daily as well, which tells us that he’s bold and adventurous. On the West side of his trunk I often find little pieces of bark that he discards as he is growing, this tells me he’s detached and prefers to outgrow his limitations. Every morning when I go to greet him, there is a little gecko that peaks at me from one of his crevices. Geckos are nocturnal animals, which is the time where growth and magic happens for Shamans, so I also know that this tree-person holds and harbors that energy. There is more I could share and there will more as we become even closer, but trees tend to prefer their privacy.

If you observe the photograph closely you can see there is a picnic table on the right. This is where I’ll sit sometimes when I need to sort out dilemmas related to the characteristics I described above. Living in Harmony with your natural environment teaches you that some energies and vibrations will be more abundant in certain spots and these will also attract corresponding ideas and thoughts needed to find solutions. I guess you could say it’s the same as with human people, you’d ask an accountant if you had an accounting question, right?

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