Sex and Energy…So Important!!!


As a Shamanic Therapist, I witness first hand the negative results that occur under certain types of sexual interactions. This is probably the main reason why most religions promote abstinence. I find it unfair to tell someone not to do something without explaining the real reasons why, thus this article.

We are energetic beings, everything we do from the beating of our hearts or just plain breathing requires energy, but other activities we normally would not think of also require and/or produce much energy. From a Shamanic perspective, emotions and thoughts are of crucial importance, because these produce a certain vibration in our aura and this will activate the “Law of Attraction” whether we want it or not.

Sex will make our auras vibrate at a very high pitch. From a metaphysical point of view, it is one of the highest outputs human beings can achieve; it is no wonder that this is the act that is used to facilitate the creation of a new life in our world. Some occult religions and secret societies use sex as a vehicle for manifestation. The principle is simple, through ritual the force is not directed towards procreation of a new life but towards the manifestation of a desired product. The problem is that this violates Universal Law and so Karma is produced.

Sex practiced as the result of pure lust, takes the whole concept to an even lower level, because as I mentioned before at this vibration  the “Law of Attraction” is activated. Lust, in the scale of desires a human being can feel is very low, it is at the very base. This is also a reason why it may be included as one of the “Seven Deadly Sins”, by “deadly” they are talking about the soul. Think about it, if someone is in the heat of lust, chances are their thinking is not clear, and the virtuous emotions are overshadowed by the present emotions and at this rate energies are being attracted at a very fast rate. The problem is that these energies are not being filtered by our free will. In other words, at this vibration you are open to anything that wants to come into your field and this corresponds to the level of the vibrations of lust. Hint: This type of sex is usually surrounded by potential abuses, addictions and diseases. This is not scientific, it is energetic in its elemental make up.

So when and how should SEX be practiced??? Unlike the big religion institutions that tend to give a rigid answer or the alternative of hell for eternity, I heal people and care for them and sense their needs and emotions when I interact with them, so my answer will be more practical and with more potential for the use of “free will”. Every time you share a sexual experience with someone, your aura will light up to one of its maximum capacities, the other person(s) you are with will do the same and in those exact moments your destinies will be influenced by the vibrations emanating from both of you in the form of the “Law of Attraction”. Excellent questions to ask yourself when considering or being tempted to have sex are:

“Are these circumstances, situation or persons WORTHY?”

“What will I attract as I vibrate very highly with this person?”

“Will this person (unknowingly) use my aura for their agenda in manifestation?”

This is also the reason why on a healthy and loving relationship sex never “feels” wrong. If it does, or the relationship is not healthy for you, but the sex is wonderful, you are in lust. As a final piece of advice, it is also important to understand and know the difference between Lust and Passion.

There is so much more to talk about with this subject, as a matter of fact sex is so intimately fused with spirituality, that it’s incredible  to me, there aren’t tons books about it out there. I’ll probably get back to this subject in a near future, there’s much more I am not including right now…

Many Blessings,

Fr Flavio