The Alchemy in Shamanism

Transmutation Ritual performed for a client

In my earlier years as a Rosicrucian, I was introduced to Alchemy. A beautiful philosophy that seeks perfection to Life through Transmutation of elemental forces. For the mundane thinker this might be understood a turning base metals into gold; but for the mystic it had a much more precious meaning. Alchemy was a vehicle to increase the soul’s illumination. Shamanism reaches the same goal through a very organic process.

I always tell my apprentices this is a calling you cannot fake. Affirmations, prayers and rituals are already imbued with heartfelt intentions. In essence this work cannot be done without feeling deep Love for Mother Earth and all of our brothers and sisters within and all around her. It is a tradition based on a foundation of gratitude, faith, harmony, trust, equal exchange, etc. This can be personally sensed in a deep unspoken level when you meet one of the Master Shamans, there’s almost a childlike purity to their gaze and embrace. No words need to be spoken, they are vibrating to this higher frequency.

Barely known to science yet, animals interact with their environment based on perceiving vibration. This is why the Shaman can communicate with the Natural world in that pure unmasked Mother Earth Language. There is no secret technique or years of ancient knowledge being practiced, it is just a Soul interacting within Source in Pure Love. In Alchemy this would translate as pure gold.

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Our Mother Earth and Father Sky

In Shamanism we know that Mother Earth is a living sentient being. We are extremely loving and grateful to our ultimate Mother, because she has given of herself to provide for our biological body. More so, all through out our physical life while here, Mother Earth also provides a vast and magnificent array of ways for us to maintain our physical vessel and through material interaction for us to enjoys blessings, learn lessons and evolve spiritually. We are literally cradled by her from the moment we are born to the moment we transition.

Father Sky, provides us with the internal aspect of who we are. Thanks to him we have life drive, consciousness, individual thinking and free will. We are his etheric children. A magnificent divine spark given the chance to increase its brightness while transmuted and blended into a physical vessel.

As we experience what we call “Life”, we are the manifested union of Mother Earth and Father Sky. Shamans call humans “Two World Walkers”, because in this form we are always connected to both our ultimate progenitors. It only takes a few moments of contemplation to realize how precious each and every one of us is and how much love is constantly emanating into every sliver of our existence.

I invite you to celebrate this Truth and to send some loving and grateful thoughts every day to both our Parents. We’ve truly been given a chance within the Cosmos of Eternity.

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