A Tip for Hard Times

Shaman Flavio, bidding farewell to Apollo in Sicilly, Italy

Things in life will inevitably get complicated, rough, tough, messy, etc. It is natural that we will try to make things better for us. The question is if we look to the outside to improve conditions or if we make sure our Base is OK first.

Do you run or do you lead?

Your heart is in your Center. It is at your core. It is with what you love and at its center yourself. It is not in the gym, office, friend’s house, a joint, a drink, a line, sex, your smart phone, social media… and the list could go on and on.

In the beginning, you will probably not find immediate relief at your core, but you will find truth, strength and solutions there. Avoid running away from discomfort. Don’t get caught up in judging others or yourself. Move forward (specially in your mind) and be fully conscious of how useful either your thoughts or emotions are in moments of increased discrepancy. Worrying and stressing is normal, but there comes a point it literally becomes stupid as well. Look deep within and search for that glimmer of defiance. That is the guiding Light that will get you through.

For Shamans, the obstacle is always justified to be there. Our job is to figure out which thought, emotion or action brought it there. Approaching difficult situations like this will not only teach you to solve problems but will also create a protection sphere around you for Life.

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If it’s good for the Inside, it is also good for the Outside

One of the first teachings in Ancient Wisdom is: “As Above, so Below…As External, so Internal”. Almost at the same time I learned that maxim, a Master Shaman in the Andes would share with me that if something is good for the insides it is also good for the outsides. This applies to all sort of situations, but he was sharing this with me while we were in his small humble kitchen. He showed me the essentials of very common vegetables and fruits and how “they have decided to help their human brothers and sisters”.

The most eye opening principle was to shift my understanding of produce to a vibrational life force and to be able to internally categorize its “Ayni” (exchange). I guess, I need to back up a bit, in Shamanic Tradition the world is always in perfect Harmony. If at anytime something happens that could tilt that harmony it will immediately, by Universal Law, re-harmonize itself through the principle of “equal exchange” of energies or the concept represented by the Q’echua word: Ayni.

When Shamans see a situation, we do not judge it as good or bad, but rather as already in perfect harmony. That “harmony” can be something that is perceived as very painful, hard or undesired, but it is the result of a previous Ayni (equal exchange). From this starting point, it’s just a matter of adjusting the present conditions through more interactions of other exchanges. Keep in mind, we are strictly talking energy here, or as we Shamans would say it Spirit. On material terms, something like a lime that carries tons of vitamin C and antioxidants, would also energetically fend off alien external energies trying to penetrate our fields of material experience. Try it here.

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