The Shamanic List…It Works

This is a 10 min improvised recording of a very positive habit I’ve had for years to increase manifestation flow. It is based on the book: “It Works”, with some extra shamanic ingredients added for extra energy.

10 min recording, by Shaman Flavio
The above recording was originally inspired by this awesome little book. You can hear it for free in Youtube, This is the
Link for “It Works”

Quick tips and reminders:

  • Don’t show it to anybody
  • Use plain bond paper
  • Fold it so that you have a cross pattern (you can fold it more also)
  • Carry the list with you
  • Try to read it three times a day
  • As you read, it’s best if you use a conversation tone and add more details as if telling someone about it.
  • Update it constantly, it’s good to change, edit, or add to it
  • When you need to change the paper, re-use the safety pins

It’s not Reality…It’s your Story

Shamanism considers dramatic and catastrophic events just a side of a story. One very important skill that is required to heal and create “miracles” is to be Lovingly Detached. To understand that when someone relates a dramatic event, this is 100% their version, their story and not reality. Human beings are so incredibly powerful, that as they observe their surroundings they influence and shape them. Formal science in the form of quantum physics confirms this and is finally catching up to what mystics, sages, shamans, etc. have known since the beginning of time. The material world interacts, responds and complies with the way the observer observes it. This is reality, and anything observed is a story dictated by the observer.

This knowledge provides us with the awesome realization that your life up to now can be any story you desire it to be. It can be a drama, a horror flick, a romantic novel, a comedy, a legend, a saga, etc. but whatever you chose it to be, in the end it will be yours and it has to be because of the Universal Law relating to Free Will. Shamans recognize this and must honor this inviolable law. This is why some people can miraculously recover from life threatening condition in weeks or days, after the medical doctors have told them to set their affairs in order. This is also why some people suffer some trauma early in their life and it impairs them until the very day they leave this world. It is all based on the story they have a right to create.

It is very disorienting for people seeking help when they share their pains and concerns with the shaman and he does not exhibit any empathy or may simply laugh at the situation. He is not behaving this way to offend or because he does not believe the person, but rather because he sees reality as a series of stories being told with detail and beauty from the perspective of each magnificent human being. At the same time, the shaman’s story is one of a world fully embraced by Loving Spirit constantly gifting all with magic and manifestation. In the Shamanic Tradition, Spirit is everywhere and all is vibrating to it and all is alive and all lovingly responds.

If we want to heal a part of our life, the mere act of understanding that all is just a story and that all stories can have a twist, will immediately drain power from the flowing force that is maintaining the undesired reality. Afterwards, we can decide what type of story we desire to bring into being. This is why it is crucial to understand that this existence is an illusion, constantly manifesting to our vibrations; or as we shamans call it, it is a dream being dreamed by us, the dreamers.

Reality is what is inside your heart and what you fill it with on a daily basis. Your story is just the excuse for what you have chosen to put inside your heart. May we all as a human family consciously put love and light in our hearts and create magical stories in this beautiful world.

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I can’t seem to meditate or connect lately, what’s wrong?


In my practice, I will always get this question or a variation of it. People buy a visualization cd, or read a book or just use a meditation system that suits them well and suddenly, out of the blues they can’t seem to reach “that zone”. While before they could take a journey and enjoy unimaginable adventures within or just plain go through the necessary steps in the visualization to accomplish a subconscious image of a goal…now they are clearly unable to reach that state. What is going on? The answer is simple, they have entered a new cycle. You see, we are constantly shifting cycles. Life in this existence is not linear, it is spiral, in an outwards motion. We are constantly expanding.

When you are in a conscious spiritual path, cycles are part of the process and they can be controlled, but only for a very short period of time. It’s almost as if the Universe, picks up that you finally got it and want to perfect yourself, so the classes and assignments become more intense, shifting more frequently and dramatically.

Unfortunately, because of lack of understanding about our soul’s evolution, humans usually react with an ego-based response. Meaning, they start thinking something is broken, ie. “What am I doing wrong?” or “What is wrong with ME?”  or “That CD or book doesn’t work anymore for ME”. In actuality, things are progressing, the fact that you can’t reach the inner silence, means you are dealing with new and deeper issues. Whatever journeys you were enjoying previously, they accomplished their purpose and now, new and different adventures await you.

If you have hit a slump in your meditation or altered states, the number one step to move forward is to relax and confidently understand that you just successfully finished that cycle of your evolution and you are now entering a new one. The second step is to calmly seek where the new development is needed.

Always remember, in the Universe, the only constant is “Change”, live that Truth and you’ll always be in harmony with the Universal flow.

By all means contact me for free, if you can’t seem to take off in your journeys or visualizations. There are cycles, within cycles and I can suggest times and actions where you will be more receptive. Keep Shining!