Honor Other’s Free Will

A few years back I held back from belonging to a well known spiritual commerce association because they would not recognize shamanism in its own classification. Meaning they wanted to bunch it up among other spiritual traditions and practices. I understood their rationale (and ignorance) and we tried to come up with a win-win solution, but in the end I was very stern in what shamanism is and where it can only stand, so we each continued our paths towards different directions.

Spirituality is an intimate part of the human experience. It is everywhere in society and within human history. Some belief systems are very systematized, as in the case of large dominant religions. Others prefer to operate from more obscure settings. Some consider humanity sinful. Others consider the ones apart from their beliefs to be sinners. While others don’t believe in sin at all. I could go on and on. The point I am trying to get to is that Shamanism in neither of the above. In Andean Shamanism we believe that we are children of Mother Earth/Nature and Father Sun, and that they love us unconditionally. Humans in this world are all family and we come to help our family and do our work with our parents (both in society and in a more universal sense).

There are no enemies, there is only lack of harmony. What we experience as negative outcomes is just a sign of a dis-balance that needs attention, negotiating, adjusting, discarding, etc. As a shaman, when I see conflict, disease, lack, despair, etc. my immediate reaction is to avoid the specifics of the material situation, pull back my immersion in the material experience and assess the play of forces and energies going on. In other words my observations focus on issues as:

  • Is this an expanding or contracting energy
  • Is this energy dominant or submissive
  • In Mother Nature would this be a predator or a prey
  • Does this problem originate in front of the eyes or behind them (in front meaning something happening materially. Behind meaning from the imagination or beliefs)
  • Is this a more masculine or feminine trait (We are not talking personal preferences here, but rather how it would be observed in Nature)
  • Is Forgiveness required here. This is not limited to humans.
  • In an magical world, what would be the perfect outcome here
  • Is this a blessing or lesson in disguise

There are other more specific process I will go with depending on the situation, but the above alone will clarify the energies involved.

The main reason I wanted to share this with you is because of a characteristic this tradition has. Everyone in our human family is endowed with a Divine Free Will and a Path of their own. Meaning, you can advise and help those you see in need, but in the end each person has to make their own decisions for their own spiritual evolution. Everyone is free to do whatever they want as long as this does not violate that same right onto someone else.

As a healer, I have found myself in this uncomfortable impasse with some of my clients. Very often I have quickly assessed a problem and mentioned and mentioned it again and again, each time pressing harder, only to see my words fly by deaf ears. It is always good to remind myself that even if I could force a solution to anybody, it would be robbing them of their own self effort and evolution. It also creates a paradox for me, since the frustration (lack of harmony) I feel, in itself is a lesson for me to work on. As a final note, this strongly applies to global politics and social correctness as well.

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Beware of the Toxic Nurturer

In all my years of shamanic practice, I have seen countless cases of human relations. There is one that I particularly find very disturbing, I call them the “Toxic Nurturers”. These are people that are usually well off, healthy, good looking and caring. Basically, they have all the deceiving attributes to lure you right into their toxic little inescapable trap.

Here’s how the process can begin. You somehow meet this loving person that suddenly takes a legitimate liking to you. The relationship or friendship moves very fast. Within a matter of days/weeks you find yourself in some commitment, job or living with this person. All along things seem fine and the “toxic nurturer” is constantly loving and giving. The problem is that you are either sinking in deeper emotionally or starting to resent this person. These feelings are originating from a subconscious understanding that in a very subtle manner this person sees you as broken. They have little expectations of your achievements and even anticipate your failures, so you can reinforce their world view. They need you to stay sunk in their set up so they can feel a sense of purpose. From the outside it seems like this person is helping you. From the inside it feels like you are trapped with no hope. They achieve this by constantly feeding you ideas, alternatives and opportunities that you don’t fit in with, basically designed for you to fail in. As an observer, it’s the intense resentment towards the benefactor that starts making me consider this could be going on.

I have had exposure to both sides of this equation. The person under the “toxic nurturer”, just needs to get out of there as soon as possible. It’s energetic, it can’t be seen but the victim is being detoured/delayed of their life destiny. Ironically, I have seen “victims” do very well and very fast after venturing on their own. This will predominantly happen for two energetic reasons:

  • Through their Free-Will, the “Victim” amasses the courage to be sovereign. This will always yield help from their subconscious powers.
  • The “Victim” is actually teaching the “Toxic Nurturer” that their world view is limiting. Helping The Universe bestow blessings and teachings to fellow humans also ignites your subconscious powers.

As for the “Toxic Nurturers”, in over ten years of practice, I have yet to have one stick around long enough to look into their own issues. They usually end up in my practice under the guise of trying to “repair” the relationship with the fleeing victim, or some other person (a current or future victim). It is never about them. These people have a very somber look of the world. They strongly believe in charity service and use it as a way to temporarily get a fix on their inner brokenness.

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The Shamanic List…It Works

This is a 10 min improvised recording of a very positive habit I’ve had for years to increase manifestation flow. It is based on the book: “It Works”, with some extra shamanic ingredients added for extra energy.

10 min recording, by Shaman Flavio
The above recording was originally inspired by this awesome little book. You can hear it for free in Youtube, This is the
Link for “It Works”

Quick tips and reminders:

  • Don’t show it to anybody
  • Use plain bond paper
  • Fold it so that you have a cross pattern (you can fold it more also)
  • Carry the list with you
  • Try to read it three times a day
  • As you read, it’s best if you use a conversation tone and add more details as if telling someone about it.
  • Update it constantly, it’s good to change, edit, or add to it
  • When you need to change the paper, re-use the safety pins

It’s not Reality…It’s your Story


Shamanism considers dramatic and catastrophic events just a side of a story. One very important skill that is required to heal and create “miracles” is to be Lovingly Detached. To understand that when someone relates a dramatic event, this is 100% their version, their story and not reality. Human beings are so incredibly powerful, that as they observe their surroundings they influence and shape them. Formal science in the form of quantum physics confirms this and is finally catching up to what mystics, sages, shamans, etc. have known since the beginning of time. The material world interacts, responds and complies with the way the observer observes it. This is reality, and anything observed is a story dictated by the observer.

This knowledge provides us with the awesome realization that your life up to now can be any story you desire it to be. It can be a drama, a horror flick, a romantic novel, a comedy, a legend, a saga, etc. but whatever you chose it to be, in the end it will be yours and it has to be because of the Universal Law relating to Free Will. Shamans recognize this and must honor this inviolable law. This is why some people can miraculously recover from life threatening condition in weeks or days, after the medical doctors have told them to set their affairs in order. This is also why some people suffer some trauma early in their life and it impairs them until the very day they leave this world. It is all based on the story they have a right to create.

It is very disorienting for people seeking help when they share their pains and concerns with the shaman and he does not exhibit any empathy or may simply laugh at the situation. He is not behaving this way to offend or because he does not believe the person, but rather because he sees reality as a series of stories being told with detail and beauty from the perspective of each magnificent human being. At the same time, the shaman’s story is one of a world fully embraced by Loving Spirit constantly gifting all with magic and manifestation. In the Shamanic Tradition, Spirit is everywhere and all is vibrating to it and all is alive and all lovingly responds.

If we want to heal a part of our life, the mere act of understanding that all is just a story and that all stories can have a twist, will immediately drain power from the flowing force that is maintaining the undesired reality. Afterwards, we can decide what type of story we desire to bring into being. This is why it is crucial to understand that this existence is an illusion, constantly manifesting to our vibrations; or as we shamans call it, it is a dream being dreamed by us, the dreamers.

Reality is what is inside your heart and what you fill it with on a daily basis. Your story is just the excuse for what you have chosen to put inside your heart. May we all as a human family consciously put love and light in our hearts and create magical stories in this beautiful world.

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First Chakra Cleanse & Alignment FREE


If you are visiting this page, you are probably aware that the veils are much thinner. In the last couple of weeks most of the calls I have received have been regarding disturbances in the home or within the person in the form of negative emotions. These are emotions that become present with no apparent reason, like: Anxiety, Fear, Sadness, Anger, Resentment, Depression, etc.

If you feel any of the above, before you consider ingesting chemicals (pharmaceutical medicines) to “feel” better, maybe you owe it to yourself and to your ever loyal body to receive a “Free” 50 Minute  energy balancing and cleansing treatment. The process is very simple, just lay in the massage table, listen to some tones that calibrate you, connect with your inner self and receive healing energy waves that purify and energize you. Afterwards I will share the insights about your aura and you can ask about present situations.

These are exciting times, we are remembering that health, happiness and magic reside within us all.

May Many Blessings Follow, in Loving Service,

Fr. Flavio

A Life without Problems or Obstacles


This magnificent gift we call Life, is part of a much larger construct that your senses could never possibly gauge. One of the first concepts one is taught as a Mystic is to understand that there is an extra element in our Universe not perceivable by any of our senses and just starting to be recognized by quantum physicists. This element surrounds and permeates everything and is a very dynamic part of the makeup of our Universe. Although it does respond to certain material laws it mostly responds to Divinity. It is the “All” that constructs the world that we appreciate as our reality.

Why is it important to know about this? Because, you are mostly soul and your physical life is a tool for your soul to evolve and perfect itself. Once this concept is accepted then it is easy to realize that certain things that we invest so much effort and attention to in our physical lives are nothing more than the means by which our soul evolves through. So, for example, if your soul needed to polish itself in “Patience”, regardless of your physical decisions, you would find yourself in a relationship or job or situation where the need for patience would be an issue. Without the above understanding, situations would constantly reappear in your life where you would find yourself confronted by obstacles trying to lead you to develop the character traits needed.

A Shaman or Psycho-Spiritual Counselor could quickly recognize this situation and advise what shifts would be needed, but you don’t need to see a shaman for every recurring situation that happens in your life. We are all born with our own guidance system, it is your heart. The very essence that drives your heart to beat every single second of your life is in direct flow with the life force that is a manifestation of the extra element I mentioned above. It is a manifestation of the Divinity within you, in other words your soul. Through your heart you have a direct connection to your soul. And your soul possesses the most powerful force that drives your life in this existence. When you start living with the primary purpose of perfecting your soul, at first things will seem very difficult because many things will change around you, things you thought you needed will leave you, tough choices will invariably show up, this will be a time of turbulence while you shift from a life of illusion to a life of Truth. Eventually, you will come out of the rough and enter into a state of harmony, an existence where your soul will whisper which areas need to be worked on and you will diligently take them on in the form of service.  Obstacles don’t need to show up in your life anymore and force you into a behavior, because now, you are aware and you understand your purpose and you eagerly look for ways to perfect your inner essence through offering instead of expecting.

A few simple tips to get started:

– Whenever a challenging situations appears in your life, reflect on the character trait that would have avoided the situation to happen.

– If in doubt, there is no doubt, never go for something if you have doubts about it.

– Never make a big decision (ie. marry, divorce, quit, etc)  when emotionally unstable or during a crisis

– No matter how hard your life is at the moment, practice loving someone or something (ie. family, friend, dog, rose, sunset, etc) daily

– Whatever you need (money, love, reassuring, hope, etc), try giving a little of it first, as often as you can and anonymously if possible.

– Place both your hands on your chest, breathe in deeply seven times saying to your inner self , “I Love you and Thank you”

May you be Blessed!

Why Can’t I get a Straight Answer in Divination?


In the movie “300 Spartans” there is a scene where the Spartans go to consult the Oracle about their fate or what is the best course of action to take against the Persians. They were answered: “The strength of bulls or lions cannot stop the foe. No, he will not leave off, I say, until he tears the city or the king limb from limb”. Later, and this is not in the movie, the Delphians, after hearing of such somber fate for the Spartans also asked the Oracle for advice, and She replied: “Pray to the Winds. They will prove to be mighty allies of Greece”

People that go to the “Other” side are used to this type of communication, it is non-linear and flexible enough to see the purest Truth or to allow one to self-deceit himself. After all this is The Way of this existence. At all times, regardless of external appearances we are in full control of our free will. If we decide to play the fool, the prefered path by the non initiated, life complies and gracefully leads us to the obstacles that lead to lessons to be learned.

The question I am often asked is, “Why, can’t I just get a straight answer?” Should I do it or not? Should I break it off or should I keep trying to work it out?, Should I fight or should I flee?, etc. Again, this existence is not linear, so answers will always reflect that, and yet they will always hint the correct path to take. Here are a few pointers that will help:

– Choose the Higher Path, the one that requires the use of virtues (ie. courage, tolerance, compassion, etc)

– If in doubt, there is no doubt! as you receive the answer your mind will immediately respond with Truth, then the ego will filter and cloudy it.

– If you have No Idea what you were just told, exercise Faith and wait; more signs and hints will show up soon.

– If the solution seems ridiculous, remember everything carries vibration, the suggested action could just be the catalyst for a domino effect.

– The answers are not bound by time or space, they are pillars of Truth to occur whenever you are ready for them.

For a person that is familiar with the intricacies and mysteries of the other side, the above points are second nature. We don’t need to know certain things, actually knowing certain things would only delay the evolution of the soul, which is what we are all after, believe it or not. The best approach I have found is to gratefully accept whatever information comes, with an open mind and a willingness for new adventures within this life cycle. If you are constantly aware that Source will unendingly offer opportunities for your inner greatness to expand, then life becomes a flow that you will always welcome with open arms, instead of a struggle to keep safe from.

Going back to history and the Oracle at Delphi, King Leonidas (Lion) was, in the end, killed as foretold; afterwards his head was separated from his body. As for the Delphian’s question, there was a three day storm that wiped out one fifth of the Persian’s armada. This allowed the greeks to hold their own at sea.

Ghosts and What to do if Haunted by them




Before I begin to share about this subject, it must be known that we exist in a universe of energy and consciousness, and that there are many beings within it, some with more of this energy and consciousness than others. This is why ghosts exhibit such a wide variety of  behaviors. Some act like robots in a loop, others are actually very conscious and can be interacted with.

Ghosts are people that at death did not cross over to the other side. It is important to remember that they are people…lost people. For them, once out of their physical body reality shifts, in a manner where time and space do not behave the same way. Their rational functions will also cease, making them more emotional beings. Whatever emotional situation or drama was predominant at the time of their death will be the consistent factor in their existence.

When I see reality shows on television where a film crew intentionally goes to a haunted place to taunt and provoke a ghost for the entertainment of their audience, I find it very disturbing that because of ignorance, people enjoy witnessing the actuality of a fellow person in a state of hopeless disorientation. The situation of a ghost should produce compassion at the very least.

How can you help if you find yourself with a ghost? The very first thing is to control your emotions by remembering what is really going on. If you allow your fears to propagate this energy actually sustains them and thus they will do more of what works to continue to produce it. Secondly, logically understand that you are surrounded and protected by your own field (this, in itself is a whole other subject) and nothing can penetrate it without your conscious or unconscious consent. This knowledge will automatically solidify your field, allowing you to gain control of the situation. Third, shift your emotions to compassion, righteousness, hope, love, care, etc. What you intentionally focus on feeling, doesn’t matter, as long as it is a shift from whatever emotion got you to the encounter. Fourth, once you no longer sense the presence or unease in the atmosphere, you can begin a prayer for the disincarnate. I suggest that you request your guardian angel to call on  its guardian angel and loved ones to show him to the loving light. If in this moment of inner stillness you start perceiving anything other than a loving influence, immediately go back to the first step and do it all again. A final word of caution, if you feel uneasy or scary feeling as you are meditating or while doing any other “deep” spiritual work, it is preferable to stop, since while in these states your auric field is open and intrusions can happen very easily.

How can you evolve, if you don’t even know your basics?


Imagine waking up in a strange bed in some unknown home and after getting a hold of yourself discovering that you don’t know the city or place or even time you are in for that matter. As a matter of fact, you don’t even know the language or your own name. Basically, you don’t know who you are and what you are doing in this place. Someone else names you and they also teach you how to communicate…can you see where I am going yet? This is the way we are born, the way we come into this existence. Due to the nature of our physical vessel, we need time before the basics can be discovered, but must they be.

There is a reason you came here. That reason can only be found within, deep within. That special and unique vibration that only you carry is a magickal contribution to this dense existence’s expansion, it is also a gift in the form of tests and challenges to you that facilitate the evolution of your true nature, your Soul.  This is the basic principle that must be harbored and must be placed as a priority before material engagements and commitments are taken on. This is the message that most religions and belief systems benevolently express, but that is many times twisted into a  material discipline by people assuming they can interpret the practice without themselves having gone through the process. Besides, this is an inner exploration driven by your divine free will, no one and nothing can (by Universal Law) interfere with this transmutation.

Currently, Earth is in a new cycle, we are constantly being permeated by energies unperceivable to the physical senses and sciences. The Time, is here, we are to focus and develop the important aspects of who we are. Very important is to know is that no leader or guru can take you there, this is something where some guidance can help, but under no circumstances buy into the old paradigm that you can’t do it on your own. Direct your “will” with the intention to know yourself and you will. As it was written in the great Oracle at Delphi: “Know yourself, and you shall Know the Gods”.

Toxic Influences and the Aura Field


The Universe will is always communicating with us. To me, as a Shaman, it is the animals that provide us with the most direct and comprehensive messages from Source. I always advise my clients and friends to be on the lookout for animals behaving awkwardly or presenting themselves much more often than usual to them. By presenting themselves, it can be in the physical form, dreams, television, books,conversations, etc.

Not long ago a client of mine experienced a very persistent messenger and the ultimate outcome was surprising. She began telling me that  twice that week spiders had descended and dangled at eye level while she was at her desk. Then it had happened again in the morning while she was still in bed. There were a few more situations, so after a little intuition work, I suggested she start eating more raw and organic foods for a bit and stay away from anything fast, processed or intoxicating. Soon after that a strong cold hit her and of course this is one of the ways the body uses to cleanse from toxicity so we felt things were running its appropriate course. A few days passed and she physically looked better and felt clearer, but still the little spiders were showing up. She called me again, when a dead possum appeared in her property. His message in this case was that she still had a little more to go and that a completely new strategy would have to be implemented for a difficult situation. She shared that two days prior to the possum’s appearance she had experienced a very verbally abusive attack from a loved one.

A couple of days later we got together and Journeyed to find answers. The revelations were very surprising to her. The person that had been abusive with her a few days earlier, had an intense inner conflict with herself, at some point in her young life, due to a trauma of her own, she had decided that people will love you for a specific period then hate should also be expressed for harmony to exist in a relationship. This was all on an unconscious level. Later upon further reflection my client shared that this person had done this many times before and would hurt her only when certain conditions were present (among them, only in private and under the guise of helping her), but when it would happen the emotional damage would last for days or weeks. When we walked up to a special mirror in the Journey, we saw all of the energetic hoses that were pumping poison into her field on a constant basis, it wasn’t only when the other person verbally attacked her, because of their bond, this connection was draining her and mirroring a condition being suffered by the other person.

This was apparently a very difficult and complicated energy interlace. My client loved the other person which consciously loved her too, but unconsciously hated her and this very active back end of hate was finding its way into my client through the bond of love that they both shared. Within the Journey, we cut and shaved off all of the hoses that had been pumping toxic matter into her, she also submerged in a magickal spring pool that cleansed her completely, but the question remained how she would deal with this loved one.

The conclusion of this quest was not a happy ending by all appearances, and yet my client says she feels like a huge weight has been lifted off of her, she is in peace, and she says she can breathe in deeper now. She is very happy and claims that other areas of her life are developing faster because  of the Journey’s realization. The sour detail from an outer point of view, that may be difficult to understand is that she is conscious that someone that loves her, also hates her immensely, but this does not create resentment in her, on the contrary it has created compassion. My client witnessed the much bigger self hatred experienced by her loved one, for circumstances that were far beyond her control when she was merely starting her teens. She also saw how deeply hidden these dark spots were within her, they were in an area inaccessible to any outsider trying to help or heal them. This is a sad reality that occurs to many of us, we harbor pains and traumas so deeply and for so long that they become a part of us and we hurt and handicap the ones we should care for the most, including ourselves, and all this without being aware of it. The good news is that if you find yourself in the receiving end of negativity, realizing that this is not your fault or even the fault of the aggressor, but rather a wrong decision taken long ago by an innocent victim, will clear and protect you from further energy intrusions.

This is a little off the subject, but I must share, that the human soul is of magnificent Divine beauty and Light, and yet when I have seen the souls of individuals that harbor dense and heavy vibrations, it can produce nothing but sadness and compassion for those unfortunates. On a lighter note, when these people pass, they immediately remember what they are and the soul breathes again. In the end we are all One and Divine and we all end up in the Light.