The Importance of Honoring and Healing Past Traumas

In many shamanic traditions, the concept of ancestral healing is central to one’s spiritual journey. The idea is that our ancestors’ experiences and traumas can have a profound impact on our present-day lives, and healing those wounds can help us connect with our lineage and find a deeper sense of meaning and purpose. Ancestral healing practices can range from meditation and prayer to rituals and ceremonies that honor our ancestors and seek their guidance and wisdom.

One of the key benefits of ancestral healing is that it can help us break free from patterns of behavior and thought that have been passed down through generations. For example, if your ancestors experienced poverty or oppression, you may unconsciously carry those same limiting beliefs and behaviors, even if you don’t realize it. Through ancestral healing practices, you can gain a deeper understanding of these patterns and work to release them, allowing you to live more authentically and aligned with your true self.

Overall, ancestral healing is a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation. By connecting with our ancestors and healing intergenerational wounds, we can find greater clarity, purpose, and fulfillment in our lives. Whether you’re drawn to shamanic traditions or simply seeking a deeper understanding of your family history, exploring ancestral healing can be a powerful way to deepen your spiritual practice and transform your life.

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“Unlocking the Secrets of Shamanic Drumming: How to Use Rhythm for Healing and Transformation”

Shamanic drumming is an ancient practice used by shamans to enter a state of altered consciousness, communicate with spirits, and facilitate healing and transformation. The drum is believed to be a powerful tool that can connect individuals to the natural rhythms of the universe and help them access deeper states of consciousness. The secret to shamanic drumming lies in its ability to create a trance-like state that can allow individuals to access their innermost thoughts and emotions, facilitating profound healing and transformation.

To use shamanic drumming for healing and transformation, you first need to find a quiet, peaceful place where you can relax and focus your attention. Sit comfortably and close your eyes, then start to drum at a steady, rhythmic pace. As you drum, let your mind and body relax, and allow yourself to enter a trance-like state. Focus on your breathing and let the sound of the drum guide you deeper into a state of relaxation and inner reflection.

Once you are in a trance-like state, you can start to explore your inner world and connect with your subconscious mind. You can use the drumming to access different states of consciousness, such as the dream world, where you can connect with your spirit guides, or the underworld, where you can face and overcome your deepest fears and challenges. With regular practice, shamanic drumming can help you access a deeper sense of self-awareness, heal old wounds and traumas, and transform your life in ways you never thought possible. So, if you are looking for a powerful tool to facilitate healing and transformation, consider incorporating shamanic drumming into your spiritual practice.

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Talking Directly to God

We are children of Mother Earth and Father Sky. Mother provides us with this physical vessel and this garden. Father provides us with consciousness. Both Father and Mother provide of themselves to create us. Every mineral that constitutes your body has been in the material realm since the beginning of time. The Divine Spark that constitutes your consciousness comes straight from and is infinitely linked to the Father. This means that you are a direct extension of God. It also means that any other human being is also a direct extension of God. We all have emanated from one Source, thus we are all One. Each of us having been granted the miracle of creating our own experience.

When you look into someone else’s eyes, this is what you are looking at. God is looking at God through two unique Divine human experiences. Consciously interacting with others with this intention activates communication with the Divine. The perfect and most loving people will start surrounding you. Much of what you will say will be filled with psychic information. Life becomes an exploration of Self, Divinity and blessings. When communicating with another person understand that there are some superficial aspects of their psychology that will be encounter first, but if you look deeper into their eyes (no need to give them a weird look please!) you will “connect” with Divinity.

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Alternative Thinking

You are sitting in your living room by yourself about to watch a movie and suddenly out of nowhere you hear a voice make a comment about you. It’s not scary, but it’s confusing. The voice is not exactly outside of you but you can hear it. If you were to go to a psychologist, this professional would initially suspect the beginnings of psychosis. A Shaman however will believe You and start asking certain questions to determine how and why this experience has manifested in your realm or reality.

We believe that this material existence is in part defined by a series of influences constantly permeating our perceptions. Situations like studying, falling in love, landing your first job, moving to a new city, etc. all classify as influences and counter-influences interacting with one another to produce what we call “life”.

In other words, your current “life” is the way it is because of past and current influences. Recognize the influences and you can either diminish or increase certain aspects of your life. Watching the news would make you believe that “life” is happening to you and that you barely have any control over external gigantic forces. In Shamanism we believe “life” is happening for you to observe, discern and harmonize your inner experience. Most of the “problems” you hear about in society are usually not affecting you directly, except perhaps on an emotional level. Shamanism suggests a way to look around you that will promote inner strength through understanding, forgiveness, gratefulness and optimism all this and much more based on following the example of Pachamama (Mother Nature).

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Examining your Core Beliefs about your Identity and Worldview

Can you get along and even love someone with absolute opposite core beliefs to you? In Shamanism, we say a big: “Yes!”. The Andean Cosmovision has no conflicts with other beliefs systems because we understand that the human being is so incredibly powerful and exits in this life with such a crucial purpose that what he/she believes in is part of their learning Path. We “believe in beliefs”, not in right or wrongs. “Beliefs” in themselves will have a specific vibration which will open and close possibilities for the believer. It’s a beautiful process that is infinitely efficient and precise.

If beliefs grant or deny access to certain realities, then a smart idea would be to polish your beliefs to live a wise, happy, healthy and just life. This is more simple than it sounds. Let’s say you are spending time following people on social media but by the time you stop watching your phone you feel depressed. It’s not the action that needs to be adjusted but the belief within the action. For me recently it was the “news”, paying attention to it was starting to bring up very heavy emotions and beliefs, so I made the decision to believe that at this time in our society it would require too much of my time to discern events that don’t really affect me directly. Now, I spend most of my time in my personal education and believe that very capable people dedicate themselves to making the right decisions regarding world and local events. I choose to believe this and that choice grants me sovereignty over my own emotions and state of being.

“Identity” is another popular word nowadays; for Shamans it couldn’t be more simple: We are all Children of Mother Earth, (no exception). Mother Earth loves me and I love her and I also love my sisters and brothers. I identify as a loving son of Earth. Key word “Loving”. If confused, go back to the basics. How are humans at their core? Observe babies and pick up on the attributes they naturally exhibit that you “believe” will provide you a good living. One final word I’d like to mention here is “trauma”. This word is defined as an emotional response to a terrible experience. Be very conscious of your belief in this concept. We can all go through a terrible experience and we can all have an emotional response to it, but once the experience is over, so should the emotional response. It seems like there is this understanding that the experience happens once but the emotional response keeps replaying over and over. Shamans have many exercises that release the energetic connection to these memories, that will in turn release the emotional response, if you’d like to know more about this look up: Soul Retrieval.

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Polarized Arguments! …Do you really care?

Just a few months ago, I spent a couple of weeks in the Peruvian Andes with Q’ero Shamans. All through out this time I was mostly offline and especially not watching the “news”. Upon returning, most of my devices had push notifications about everything I had missed; and in that moment I took a decision which I am now consciously constantly enforcing. I decided that I really didn’t care what one branch of politics or celebrity does, says or has an opinion on. It helps me in entirely Nothing! Actually, it takes my time and feeds a reality I don’t really wish to participate in.

I took a little time and deleted all my subscriptions to sources that focused on things I really didn’t care about. After a couple of months, I am very “ignorant” about what’s going on in “that” world. My World in the mean time, has improved greatly. I spend more time listening and watching uplifting content, which contributes to me becoming a more positive person to be around and this strategically directs energy to The World that my heart is creating.

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A Cosmogony of Simplicity

One of the exquisite characteristics of the Andean Cosmogony is its simplicity to express a tradition of wisdom, resilience, harmony and love. There are some legends of Tunupa Wiracocha (the creator god) communicating with local people and his message was/is always simple, direct and practical. Nothing had to be deciphered or discussed with others. To this day there is no need for “intermediaries” in this tradition. This belief system is so pure, loving and direct that once you get it, life and its events become part of a whole that lovingly exists to support you.

Upon the first years of my awakening, I had visited the Guatemalan Jungle to connect with a little known ancient temple there. At some point in the later afternoon I wandered off too far from the path and within a few minutes completely lost my sense of direction. With only an hour of light left and alone in a very remote area, I knew after dark my only option was to spend the night there and then figure out what to do the next morning. As that reality was sinking in, I decided to connect with the land, to greet it and do a little prayer of friendliness, respect and love. I was still concerned but within I knew that all around me was my family. Within minutes a crow landed in a branch about 10 feet ahead of me and just looked at me. It’s hard to describe, but from the way it was looking at me I knew it was saying: “What are you doing here so far off from where you belong? Want to get back to your city? Follow me…”, so I did.

I’d walk towards the crow and it would fly over to the next branch, perch and look back at me, with a look that meant “this way”. We did this for about 40 minutes, until it gave me one last…I have to share, caring look, and then flew away. Actually, I don’t remember in which direction it went, it more like just disappeared. By this time I started hearing human sounds and as I followed them ended in a small village that happened to have public transport that could take me back to the little town I was staying in.

This couldn’t have happened if I had had a mentality of “Man over Nature”. This was communion, it was my family doing what loving families do. The crow was part of the whole and after my prayer so was I. This is a lesson that I still live today in whatever environment I find myself in. Keep in mind to always lovingly and respectfully greet all around you as your loving family.

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The Sun and Consciousness

Did you know that when you look at the Sun, only You can contemplate its true nature. In the multidimensional Universe we exist, we all see the Sun and yet due to the individuality of our consciousness each one of us is actually seeing his/her own Sun. This Universe, your Universe, is the creation of your consciousness.

In Andean Shamanism, we call ourselves The Children of The Sun, and this is because our Father is always with us. We are “warmly” greeted by him in his true form instantly after the transition from this physical plane. At that moment, everything makes sense and the true reason for life is remembered. we understand that at all times we were being gifted with Light-Force from the Heavens, Life-Force from Mother Earth (Pachamama) and that both these amazing gifts were there to allow us the capacity to express out of our own free will as much Love as we were ready to radiate to others. Just like the Sun beams out his light and warmth, we literally have the same power, it is an unlimited capacity each one of us has. We truly are miraculous beings in training for unfathomable creations.

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Trauma and Your Shield

Our current human condition does not allow us to see the entirety of what we are. A little training activates the ethereal vision. This opens up a whole new way to see and understand our world. One concept that is widely known is that “thoughts are things”. Shamanically speaking they are energetic vibrations. We understand that in an environment, let’s say a dessert, certain types of flora and fauna will thrive, while the conditions will be unfavorable to other lifeforms. Imagine your energetic field as an environment that can harbor and embrace certain types of energetic vibrations, while repelling others.

An initiations is exactly the process of adjusting one’s inner and outer vibration in order to welcome energies of wisdom, resilience, healing, etc. You could say this is the process of “love” as well. As you like someone and love starts developing towards that person, your inner and outer vibrations will slowly adjust to welcome a relationship with that person. If the person is not a true match, that same set of vibrations will create discord and stress towards continuing that romantic process.

Trauma, unfortunately, has all of the elements to lock in an unwanted set of vibrations in our personal shield. Once seen this way the healing can be swift and surprisingly effective. If we understand that certain vibrations or trends of emotions in the case of trauma will trigger a negative effect, then the objective becomes to energetically seek the triggers and to reset them to a desired vibration. The Shaman can do this very directly through the use of ritual and subtle expanded states of awareness. Most often in my case, my clients aren’t even aware that they are literally rewriting their life experience.

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