Cause/Effect and your Destiny

Is it that we are affected and thus have to discover the cause?


Something is caused because we decree the effect?

These are questions that will dictate your life. If given the proper time to reflect on them, they will also guide you into a completely new way of seeing your destiny. One of the saddest wastes of human potential, from my unique perspective, happens when someone speaks to their doctor about a life threatening health issue. The “effect” would be the health issue and yet the actual cause, of the originating cause is rarely hunted down. Without that information, the chances of “Decreeing” a desired outcome decreases exponentially. Our power to speak is not limited to communication, actually that is a secondary benefit. Speech, or vibrations emanated from one’s Free-Will into sound, creates a bridge between the internal and external worlds. Those vibrations when uttered with self assurance will command neutral/stagnant energy into directed motion. This type of speech resides within a very thin line between inner knowing and conviction. This is a state that is reached through study, practice and reflection. Luckily, in whatever moment you are in your life, you have done all three of those, so “Decreeing” your destiny is literally a few words away for you…try it now!

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Sunrising vs. Sundowning

In Shamanism, we embrace the “Duality” of the Universe. We embrace: Father/Mother, Day/Night, Summer/Winter, Life/Death, etc. We understand that this existence is greatly assisted by Polarity. In a very basic way we use this cognition to merge with natural flows that are occurring in our environments.

Very often my clients, as busy members of this complex society, tend to become pessimistic and with no aspirations in sight. A simple exercise I share with them is to list most of the things they really dislike. Then after done to create a new list with the exact opposites of each point. So often it’s not that we don’t know where to go or what we want, but that we are focusing in the opposite direction.

The official website for the Mayo Clinic, states:

The term “sundowning” refers to a state of confusion occurring in the late afternoon and spanning into the night. Sundowning can cause a variety of behaviors, such as confusion, anxiety, aggression or ignoring directions. Sundowning can also lead to pacing or wandering. Sundowning isn’t a disease, but a group of symptoms that occur at a specific time of the day that may affect people with dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease. The exact cause of this behavior is unknown.

For a Shaman, the above is a very useful information. We just flip the data around. People that maybe suffering from a debilitation mental condition will have their auras weakened, and this will make subtle influences more visible. Thus if “Sundowning” creates confusion, anxiety, aggression, etc. wouldn’t “Sunrising” create exactly the opposite?

Below are the antonyms provided by

calmnesshappinessclaritycomposurecalmpeacesystemorderorientationmethodsenseorganization, certaintycalmassurancecontentmentbeliefCollectednesstrustadvantagecomposurepeaceblessingtranquilityjoyhappinesseasenonchalancefaithpeacefulnesssurenesscalmnesssecurityconfidence, graciousnesspacifismgenialityshelternonaggressionkindlinessdefensiveamicabilityretreatbenevolenceamiabilityaffabilitysociabilityresistancerepulsiongentlenesssurrendermildnesspleasantnessamenabilitycordialityfriendliness.

By the way, in the excerpt I included from the Mayo Clinic, it is admitted that the cause of this behavior is unknown, and yet I believe any Mystic or Shaman would immediately recognize that our Sun constantly emanates illumination both externally and internally.

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Keep Moving!

I was having a casual conversation with one of my spiritual advisors. I had mentioned that the last year or so had seemed to have possessed an entangled energy. She looked at me and said: “The natural state of balanced energy is to flow; whenever you have any sort of indication of being stuck, just move”. It took deeper thinking to realize that this applied not only to physically twitching but all the way to move from when one lives.

As an Urban Shaman and Therapist, I often have to abandon my ideal spiritual state of being and engage in business thinking. Living in a city, requires dealing with unnatural things like bills and “costs of living” (…that phrase is so ridiculous when you think about it). As a business owner I also have to consider things like taxes, marketing, expenses, etc. Keeping my practice healthy is a big part of being a full time Shaman. In the last few years although my expertise had developed the product delivery felt outdated. Upon reflection, something kept pointing towards optimizing the space. I tried many changes but in the end the true solution was to move to more optimal conditions for living and practicing as a therapist and shaman. Now, a few months later I wake up everyday with a sense of refreshed enthusiasm and my business has never done better.

As humans we are constantly emitting energy, staying still or repeating an action will create a cyclic effect. This applies specially to relationships, addictions, routines, etc. Shamans don’t dislike habitual behavior. We are very observant of it. As time flows, elements in our material existence subtly shift and change and we have to be careful that old habits are in constant harmony with new conditions, If not, something needs to be rebalanced.

By the way this principle applies in all areas. It is particularly beneficial in old stuck useless emotions, such as resentment, emotional trauma, hopelessness, jealousy, etc. Try remembering a past event that affected you negatively and “Move” those emotions, make them flow, evolve them, invent and daydream a completely different outcome if possible. Re-tell the story with a funny and heroic twist. Always be the heroic and adventurous protagonist of your own story; or come see me you will always be that Hero for me as your Shaman, because I know this to be the ultimate Truth in your Soul.

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The Energy and Magic of Words

For years now, I always have a Latin Dictionary by my desk. Besides the academic and functional importance of language, words and their origins will usually lead you down a mystical road. Understanding the origin of words is a very alchemical, shamanic and magical process. Just like a Shaman will be able to read the “energetic” trace of what would look like a random event to the uninitiated; words in my experience will almost always lead back to some sort of mystical or archetypal force.

Let’s take the word “Opportunity” for example. It derives from “Opportune”, which could mean “Favorable”. If you look at my Latin Dictionary, in Latin you will have “Opportunus” which in meaning (energetic resemblance), similarity and a few words apart you will have the word: “OPS”…name of the Goddess of Plenty! For a Mystic, using this word literally activates a vibrational tone that may have been used in strong faith by many humans in ancient times, to call in energies of plenty, wealth, resource, power, etc. In other words there is a reason why certain words are put together the way they are. If you are conscientious of these reasons then by using certain words your inner vibration will invite the external equivalent vibrations that will create manifestations of that quality.

Nowadays, you don’t need to have a dictionary by your desk, it’s just a click away. If ever intrigued by a certain word try to research its origin (etymology), see where it leads you and if it is compatible with the manifestations you are aiming for.

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Our Mother Earth and Father Sky

In Shamanism we know that Mother Earth is a living sentient being. We are extremely loving and grateful to our ultimate Mother, because she has given of herself to provide for our biological body. More so, all through out our physical life while here, Mother Earth also provides a vast and magnificent array of ways for us to maintain our physical vessel and through material interaction for us to enjoys blessings, learn lessons and evolve spiritually. We are literally cradled by her from the moment we are born to the moment we transition.

Father Sky, provides us with the internal aspect of who we are. Thanks to him we have life drive, consciousness, individual thinking and free will. We are his etheric children. A magnificent divine spark given the chance to increase its brightness while transmuted and blended into a physical vessel.

As we experience what we call “Life”, we are the manifested union of Mother Earth and Father Sky. Shamans call humans “Two World Walkers”, because in this form we are always connected to both our ultimate progenitors. It only takes a few moments of contemplation to realize how precious each and every one of us is and how much love is constantly emanating into every sliver of our existence.

I invite you to celebrate this Truth and to send some loving and grateful thoughts every day to both our Parents. We’ve truly been given a chance within the Cosmos of Eternity.

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Meet my new Handsome Friend

2020 brought some fundamental changes my way, among them I sold the house I had lived in for 20 years and bought a smaller apartment in a neighboring area. The building is next to a park and within the park I have started making some new friends.

We, Shamans, consider and treat anything within Mother Nature as “People”. From a scientific point of view, I understand the difference between a person and a rock, plant or animal, but from a desire to live in Harmony with Mother Nature, there is no way around it but to treat all as people. Being in this state of mind while strolling through nature, will allow you to create a loving bond with your environment. After some time, the environment will start communicating with you in a surprisingly attentive way. Breezes will caress you, birds will follow and sing to you, gifts will be left in your path, etc.

In this post I decided to introduce you to one of my new friends. He is young compared to his family within the park. He stands about 20 yards from the bay. His shape and texture express that he is masculine. Most of his branches are pointing towards the East, this is another Shamanic sign that he’s a boy, but it also hints at his personality. The Sun rises from the East and breezes tend to come from that direction daily as well, which tells us that he’s bold and adventurous. On the West side of his trunk I often find little pieces of bark that he discards as he is growing, this tells me he’s detached and prefers to outgrow his limitations. Every morning when I go to greet him, there is a little gecko that peaks at me from one of his crevices. Geckos are nocturnal animals, which is the time where growth and magic happens for Shamans, so I also know that this tree-person holds and harbors that energy. There is more I could share and there will more as we become even closer, but trees tend to prefer their privacy.

If you observe the photograph closely you can see there is a picnic table on the right. This is where I’ll sit sometimes when I need to sort out dilemmas related to the characteristics I described above. Living in Harmony with your natural environment teaches you that some energies and vibrations will be more abundant in certain spots and these will also attract corresponding ideas and thoughts needed to find solutions. I guess you could say it’s the same as with human people, you’d ask an accountant if you had an accounting question, right?

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2021, Adopt Labors of Love…Munay

In one of my initiatic journeys to Peru, I asked one of the master shamans how the ancients had managed to build those gigantic structures, he replied without hesitation that it had been a “Labor of Love”. He followed with the word, “Munay”. He explained that all wise men there know that miracles can only happen when honest effort originates from a pure heart. Will-power fueled by pure Love.

I lovingly want to share this concept with you as we start 2021. Regardless of one’s opinions or leanings, I think with a little reflection we could all agree that so many of the human events in a world wide scale nowadays are Not originating from a desire to Love more. I can humbly share that on an every day basis as I share my art with fellow humans there is a strong sense of connection. I deeply care about everyone I interact with professionally and this creates an atmosphere of love. I’ve never been happier or have experienced a stronger sense of purpose in my life. Inner peace is like something that once experienced you can never go back to the mundane empty life that unawaken life offers. The way to this is Munay.

I’d lovingly like to invite you to reconsider every action you habitually take daily, and restructure your motivations in a way where Love is the originating factor. Even if you have to go to a job you can’t stand, tie that action and its result to some Loving reason that it supports. For example, maybe you hate the job, but it helps bring up your children…and for that reason love should be applied to the assigned tasks. Constantly vibrating in love will create a flurry of miracles in your life.

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I’m Back…I think?

2020, one of the last days in my original Shamanic Session Room

It’s been 6 months since my last post. The normal Flavio would have told himself, he was slacking, but I think if you are reading this, we can all agree there is nothing normal left after 2020. What a year. Shaman Flavio, actually agrees that I kept my hands out of the mix while 2020 was having its way with us. We were all dealing with our own existentialism in our own unique perspectives. Now in 2021, as far as I can see, the most I can say is that we went through a “Portal” of a new reality last year and now in this one we are about to start exploring and adjusting.

Many changes in my personal life and I guess I will share those as the posts start reappearing here. To my beloved clients and friends, I moved, both home and office, so please make sure you mention this if you make an appointment. I am now providing zoom sessions and the usual in-person sessions as well (face-masks optional). I fully sterilize my new office with alcohol and UV light in between clients.

I mainly use this platform to share insights and tips on Shamanism. I’ve had many good ideas in the past few months, but just didn’t perceive anyone out there needed even more new information. How I continue from here…being 100% honest, I really don’t know. As always though, it will come straight from how I am feeling and thinking. In fact that is one of the things I would super strongly advise every person in these times:

Prioritize and Pay Attention to your own Legitimacy

I can’t stress enough how easily hurdles and unexpected events can be handled when you’ve done your inner homework. Through out the day take a moment to ponder and really strengthen a comfortable and honest relationship with the most intimate parts of your self. Trust me, the years to come will do it for you if you don’t. Better to take control of it ahead of time.

That’s my little update.

Wishing you Light, Love and Life Force,

Shaman Flavio

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A Porn Actor, a Frog, Psychedelics and Murder

The two culprits involved in the death (and possible murder) of a person


Throw an average, unprepared, person in the middle of the wilderness and their chances of survival become very slim, very quickly. Taking these natural but potent substances will do exactly the same thing, only that it will usher you into a much more powerful and uncontrolled reality.

Shamans in the Southern part of Peru call people: “Two World Walkers”. Meaning we live in the physical world, but also in our internal world. The “internal world” considered more real. In Shamanic Training you are taught to structure and align your internal reality. When manifestations occur, they enter the human consciousness within safe levels.

Taking psychedelics or hallucinogens without any of the shamanic training and under the supervision of an uninitiated shaman drastically increases chances of something going wrong. At the very least, the majority of the wisdom provided is wasted, because you do not have an inner structure that is prepared to hold such rich content.

Over the years so many people have asked me (afterwards), how they can “remember” or “bring” the wisdom and connection they felt. To me this translates as a daring, exciting action they took that turned out to be nothing but a pathetic drug trip. It is yet one more insult that humans exude to the loving spirit of Mother Nature. I am unaware of how the ex-porn actor Nacho Vidal and the Bufo Frog ended up in this situation , so will abstain from forming an opinion. I am just saddened that with all the components to create a magnificent experience, someone ended up dying.

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George P. Floyd: “Mama…Mama…”

In some past-life regressions I’ve provided, people revisit their last moments of existence in another time and place, and the words: “mom”, “dad”, “mommy”, “father”, or a loved one’s name will be uttered as a last attempt of the purest part of that person desperately and hopelessly seeking help as they come to the realization that the life force is slipping away.

[In the Shamanic Tradition, we believe that intention can travel across time and space. Please join me with a little prayer and send love, peace and serenity to the precise moment George Floyd transitioned to the Light Supreme]

It is so disappointing that no one has mentioned this in the media (at least I have not seen it, so it hasn’t been mentioned enough). Any novice psychologist knows this as well. When I saw the video and heard those words, my heart jumped, I knew what George Floyd was feeling.

Those words say it all!

A 46 year old man, calling his mom for help as he knows he’s been killed. Race, training, reform, politics, unions, agendas, etc…yes, yes, yes; but it’s the purity of the Love-Bonds we create here while alive that…in the end are all that matter, all we have to hold on to and all we take.

Don’t let the anger and outrage, overshadow the significance of what really matters in the end. “mama…mama…” should be the starting point for all emotional reactions, opinions, actions, discussions and reforms. It should also make you stop for a minute and reassess how you treat your loved ones and the ones you interact with everyday.

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