The Energy and Magic of Words

For years now, I always have a Latin Dictionary by my desk. Besides the academic and functional importance of language, words and their origins will usually lead you down a mystical road. Understanding the origin of words is a very alchemical, shamanic and magical process. Just like a Shaman will be able to read the “energetic” trace of what would look like a random event to the uninitiated; words in my experience will almost always lead back to some sort of mystical or archetypal force.

Let’s take the word “Opportunity” for example. It derives from “Opportune”, which could mean “Favorable”. If you look at my Latin Dictionary, in Latin you will have “Opportunus” which in meaning (energetic resemblance), similarity and a few words apart you will have the word: “OPS”…name of the Goddess of Plenty! For a Mystic, using this word literally activates a vibrational tone that may have been used in strong faith by many humans in ancient times, to call in energies of plenty, wealth, resource, power, etc. In other words there is a reason why certain words are put together the way they are. If you are conscientious of these reasons then by using certain words your inner vibration will invite the external equivalent vibrations that will create manifestations of that quality.

Nowadays, you don’t need to have a dictionary by your desk, it’s just a click away. If ever intrigued by a certain word try to research its origin (etymology), see where it leads you and if it is compatible with the manifestations you are aiming for.

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Intro to Shamanic Healing

Intro to Shamanic Healing. 40 Min

This is a drawing, along with a 40 minute audio lesson I prepared for one of my students on the subject of shamanic healing. It is a small set of explanations about some methods used in Andean Shamanism for healing

Cick Here to see a video of me explaining how to use the Energetic String to Align yourself and even heal others.

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Shamanic Attraction Jar

The recording above mainly explains how to activate romantic energy around you, but the same principles can be used to attract anything else. Just focus the list or letter mentioned in the recording and aim it at your desired outcome.

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Note: One thing I forgot to add in the recording is that shaking the jar every so often will increasingly activate the energy. The photo I posted above is the result of an actual manifestation jar after many days of it being shaken.

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The Shamanic List…It Works

This is a 10 min improvised recording of a very positive habit I’ve had for years to increase manifestation flow. It is based on the book: “It Works”, with some extra shamanic ingredients added for extra energy.

10 min recording, by Shaman Flavio
The above recording was originally inspired by this awesome little book. You can hear it for free in Youtube, This is the
Link for “It Works”

Quick tips and reminders:

  • Don’t show it to anybody
  • Use plain bond paper
  • Fold it so that you have a cross pattern (you can fold it more also)
  • Carry the list with you
  • Try to read it three times a day
  • As you read, it’s best if you use a conversation tone and add more details as if telling someone about it.
  • Update it constantly, it’s good to change, edit, or add to it
  • When you need to change the paper, re-use the safety pins

Your Realm

our-three-spheresThe spheres’ colors also correlate to the chakra system:

  • Red=Root (survival, basic needs, sex, etc)
  • Green=Heart (love, creation, expansion, soul’s evolution, etc)
  • Blue=Third Eye (vision, planning, opportunities, advancement, etc)

The Black Area can be considered the miraculous or magical realm. It is from here that those things that cannot be explained emanate. This is also the realm shamans access via their inner divine center to call forth healing and helping positive energies.

The Square in the Sky

*This post was written mostly with apprentices in mind. Use the charts and info I have included to cross reference the knowledge needed.


Winter solstice (From Latin solstitium, from sol ‘sun’ + stit- ‘stopped, stationary’) is an astronomical phenomenon marking the shortest day and the longest night of the year. In the Northern Hemisphere this is the December solstice


…and in the Southern Hemisphere this is the June solstice








The equinox occurs twice a year. The vernal equinox happens around March 21, when the sun moves north across the celestial equator. The autumnal equinox occurs around September 22nd or 23rd, when the sun crosses the celestial equator going south. The word equinox comes from Latin and means “equality of night and day.”


 Solstice: Either of the two times a year when the sun is at its greatest distance from the celestial equator: about June 21, when the sun reaches its northernmost point on the celestial sphere, or about December 22, when it reaches its southernmost point.






Sigils: Manifesting through Symbols

*This Sigil does not represent the example phrase below.

Sigils are symbols conceived to manipulate the material forces within our environment. They are very similar to logos that companies use. Depending on the shapes, angles, colors, numbers, etc. the meaning and force will shift to facilitate a desired outcome. They are based on the same vibrational language all ancient civilizations have practiced.

The art of Sigil Creation is a lifelong pursuit. One gets better with more practice and there are no limits to its mastery. Below, I will share some basic and mystery principles that can get you started. Remember that in this type of work intention and focus are the paramount principles for effectiveness, so don’t get stuck on details. Do the best you can, try to have fun and to concentrate, the rest occurs automatically as the creative mind bypasses the ego.


  1. Write a phrase or sentence about the desire you intend to manifest in the present tense. Make it as short, specific and concise as possible. Ie: “I am fit in a month”
  2. Write it again, but without spaces in between the words. Ie: “iamfitinamonth”
  3. Write it again without without repeating any one letter withing the phrase. Ie: “iamftnoh”
  4. Now separate the vowels, in the same order they ended up in step #3. Ie: “iao”
  5. You are left with: m,f,t,n,h, these letters are to be blended into one symbol
  6. Create a circle by free hand, go around and around with the pen or pencil as many times as you feel is right or that the circle looks right to you.
  7. Put the symbol from step #5 in the circle. This is the sigil.
  8. Place both your hands over the circle and symbol, take a deep breath and slowly chant the vowels in the order they were separated. Do this three times (or more) to charge it.
  9. Memorize it and once in bed before drifting off to sleep trace the sigil with your index finger. Imagine your finger trails off luminescent white light as you draw it. Once finished, see it drifting towards the sky. Do this a couple of nights to increase its power.



*For Apprentices:

  • I share the above process as a reference or refresher for you as well; but you will notice that the process is a little different. This is because this type of sigil activation does not require a candle; thus it cannot evolve into a servitour.
  • I am not adding the Seven Pointed Star as a tool. Although those powers are not used, never the less the channeling of the energy through the intention automatically invites them in an indirect manner.
  • Another factor not included is the numerology and their associated shapes. This I reserve for more advanced study, because the knowledge can backfire if not properly understood and practiced.
  • Lastly, I didn’t specify that the sigil be destroyed because the non-neophyte has not witnessed condensed energy work, so their sigil energy strings will naturally dissolve as time drifts.

Cleanse and Protect Yourself

Are you feeling drained? Do you suspect someone may have sent you negative energy? Want to block haters and envious people?

In my line of work, many people contact me thinking someone may have done some negative energetic work on them, others are just feeling too drained or as if things are going too wrong. Many times I suggest this little tip in order to cleanse and optimize the energy flow; and also to have a clue as to what may be happening in the person’s auric field.

Limes have a very potent protective effect. Try the little exercise below and give it a couple of days and you’ll see the difference…

For a direct link to the instructions: Click Here