Shamanic Card Reading

Shaman Flavio can help you:

  • Understand why certain things are happening in your life
  • Know Who’s Who and What they are up to
  • Use “Time” and it’s cycles to your advantage.
  • Discover the blocks to your goals and know how to dissolve them.
  • Have sound judgement to achieve internal and external harmony fast.
  • Have powerful insight into important relationships and issues.
  • Be more aware and connected to your Path’s Purpose.
  • Feel strong, wise and confident in any direction you decide to take.

There’s a reason why you have arrived here. Take a moment now and see if you have an inner calling to contact us. Discover the harmony and inner strength achieved in a private consultation with Shaman Flavio.

Shaman Flavio was born in Peru and is one of the few legitimate Andean Trained Shamans and Mystics in America. A shamanic card reading is not religious. Shamanism believes in finding harmony with the cycles of Mother Nature.

Shaman Flavio’s readings focus on achieving perfect harmony with one’s environment. Most people report feeling immense inner peace, empowerment and self assurance after a short session.

An Andean Shaman is not affiliated with any particular religious beliefs and is able to respectfully work with you and any set of beliefs you have.

This experience will often transmute what looks like an overwhelming situation to a simple and direct set of steps towards a successful outcome.

Shaman Flavio has a very caring and straight forward personality. He offers information as if he’s known you for years (with the cards it actually looks that way to him). He will explore possible decisions or paths available to you depending on where your questions lead. The goal is to help you shine and succeed in all aspects of this magical existence, we call Life.

*Reading Session: 40 Minutes ($97)

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