Shamanic Services and Rates

Thank you for visiting, Shamanism has so much to offer, it is truly the first and purest form to live a wonderful life. Below you’ll find the services I offer, however if your situation is not specifically addressed, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly, you can email me: . I am usually booked a few days in advance, please send me preferred days and times you’d be interested in reserving. Pre-Payment will be required to confirm the booking. How did you find me? Are you in South Florida or will this be a phone/Zoom session? For more information, we can schedule a 10 minute complimentary phone call. For a faster reply text me to (305)735-1043. Appointment times are M-F: 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm or 5pm, Sat: 9am, 11am or 1pm. *Other times can be arranged upon request.


Shamanic Card Reading (40 min – $97)The Shaman is highly trained in picking up cycles, trends and forecasting how your inner energy is relating to the external energy around you. A reading will inform you of subconscious tendencies that can support or thwart directions you (or others) wish to go in.

Shamanic Healing, Consultation and Counseling (1 hr 20 min- $197) – Includes Q’ipu programming, drumming, shamanic counseling & consultation (with readings).

Shamanic Session and Soul Retrieval (2 hrs – $297)Includes Shamanic healing invocation, 20 min drumming, soul retrieval (releasing traumatic energies), reconnection with inner power, counseling and consultation (with readings).

Shamanic Offering – Despacho ($227)This ancient practice is strongly suggested when extra help is needed to improve, heal, show gratitude or manifest an outcome in life. It is lovingly performed and created by Shaman Flavio with all organic biodegradable materials. Photos, videos and audios will be provided.

Shamanic Mentorship & Manifestation Program (7 weeks – $697)In seven weeks we can change the course of your life. This program includes mentoring and the introduction to millenary Shamanic practices that will create harmony, health, happiness, prosperity, love and peace in your life.

Shamanic Training with possibility of Initiation (12 weeks – $1,997)This program requires that we speak in person for pre-qualification.

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