Shamanic Session

The Shamanic Cleanse will effectively clear away negative thought patterns, attachments, emotional blockages, etc.

A shamanic session helps heal past trauma, blocked energy, and negative personal patterns in your life. It is a wonderful way to align yourself, regain power, and enhance your talents. A shamanic healing session is very transformational and can change your life in a drastic way.

It will inform you on how to access the most powerful aspects of your being, possible obstacles, upcoming opportunities and solutions, etc.

It will also allow me to contact your animal spirit guides, guides, teachers, angels, etc.

Process: Cleanse, Drumming trance, Rattle reading. Consultation, Energetic Diagnosis, Healing Prescriptions (when required). Approximate Duration: 90 Min. Cost: $197

To Schedule you session now, please fill the form below:

One thought on “Shamanic Session

  1. Linda McKenna (Gypsy)

    I am looking for a Reiki Session to clense my chakras. I love your site. I live in Miami, Florida and wonder if you also do Reiki healing sessions or can direct me to someone. I am a Reiki Master for several years and have recently been through a large traumatic event. Please reply or e mail me


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