Heaven, Hell or Purgatory on Earth depends on your Thoughts


We exist in a vibrational world and clearly our thoughts carry vibrations as well; so why is it that we cannot put it together and live in a paradise created by our thoughts? Why do we have a tendency to stick with the negative thoughts? Why the fears and all their nasty little thought cousins?

The simple answer is that we don’t understand the dynamics of density. We are souls using this material world to evolve  and expand. Earth for us is a magickal tool. It is a state, bound by time and space,  where our shortcomings are reflected in our external experiences. The only reason you have not yet created “Heaven on Earth” in your life is that your inner world needs certain adjustments, this is perfectly reflected in your outside world. In other words how and what you think, creates how and what you live. For example if you don’t have love in your life, this is the result of your thoughts about how and what love is to you. Adjust those thoughts and it is inevitable that your experience of love will adjust as well. Still not really getting what makes you happy? continue adjusting your thoughts.  As you adjust your thoughts, the same occurs in your vibration and this is how your soul evolves and expands.

The reason adjusting or changing your thoughts is difficult is very evident in this 3D reality, we exist in a dense world. Matter here has a tendency to maintain its form in proportion to the time we experience here in this physical vessel (our physical body). This dynamic affects our thought processes as well. Thoughts become more stagnant and so it becomes uncomfortable to change them. So, for example, if when you were young, influences from grown ups produced thoughts that manifested in you being overweight, it is not that this is your genetic make up, or your body’s tendency, or your slow metabolism, etc. Those in themselves are thoughts. It is your stagnant thoughts about your weight that keep you looking overweight. It is very simple, if you see or are experiencing anything that you disagree with in your life, this is the sign that there are thoughts to be changed in this area. I have shared this concept with many people that will react in agitation when they understand that whatever discomfort they are experiencing is originating within them. Most people will have very solid reasons to attest that they are victims of a situation, my only observation about this is that, that in itself is a thought.

To close, I will share that from a spiritual point of view your only job while here in this life is to see what isn’t working and to adjust your vibration to a state that brings harmony to your inner and outer world. Just keep in mind, this is a “Job”, so it requires constant vigil, effort, focus and determination.

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