Is your Environment trying to Tell YOU something?



If we had multidimensional vision we’d be able to appreciate a field around each person. This is the field of their reality. Everything that enters this field, makes up for a person’s life experience and this field is filtered through vibration. This is why sometimes two people can be standing next to each other witnessing the same event and experience a completely different reality. This is also why it just feels good to be around people with very high vibration. Expanding on this concept, everything around you is significant of your vibration and what you are attracting. It works both ways too, you can physically go to place of solitude and serenity and synchronize with those vibrations, or you can stop your mental chatter and just observe nature around you to see what you are currently attracting. Next time you are outdoors, observe the breeze, the clouds, if there are any animals behaving a certain way or if there are people, what type of vibe are they giving. Always know that whatever environment you are in, it is specifically yours, being filtered and maintained by your own field. Absolutely nothing can enter the perceived reality of your field without a matching vibration. If you find something unpleasant in your current life (field), don’t give your power to the illusion, the situation or the person, etc. just quickly understand the mechanics of perceived reality and properly adjust your vibrations. I should add that there will be a little time delay between the shift in your vibration and the change in the material world, but this is due to the dense nature of this reality and is normal.

I recommend a peaceful walk as often as you can to clear the mind, balance your field and maybe even receive a sign!


May this and all your days to come shower you with many Blessings!



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