Do you have an Attachment or Possession?

Baboon on businessman's back

Most of us have some sort of attachment or possession*, from a shamanic point of view some of them are even benign, although they are never beneficial, since just their mere presence in our aura body drains energy and slows down the soul’s evolution process. It also halts their evolution process all together. It is important to break the Hollywood Stigma here and introduce a reference guide. The Universal Law that applies here is “As Above, So Below”, in other words attachments and possessions should be classified as what reflects them here in the dense world. The chances of being possessed by a major demon are equivalent to finding yourself face to face with a serial killer; on the other hand picking up a flea, finding a cockroach or even having a mouse or rat around your house is more equivalent of the influence and pestering that the everyday attachments  and possessions pose.

Attachments are usually thought form energies or spirits from dead people that have not passed over to the Light to continue with their soul’s evolution. Possessions, most of the times are also spirits but these tend to have been obsessed with something (ie. sex, drugs, money, revenge, etc.) in this material existence and upon dying they become trapped in this world due to that confusion. In the first case the attachment co exists and experiences “life” through its host, it’s influence is passive and draining. On the second case, the possessor will influence the host in a detrimental way, as in the case of addicts, alcoholics, gamblers, sex-addicts, criminals, molesters, etc.

What’s the solution? besides having energy or shamanic work being done on you (which I offer for FREE, sorry could not resist the opportunity to advertise myself), the quick answer is to change your vibration, this will create an unfriendly environment to the attachment or possession. In return they will desperately use demotivation, and emit emotions that will weaken your resolve, but a simple 15 minutes or more of prayer is enough to switch your vibration to one of Light and Faith. In case you don’t have a religious affiliation another very effective technique is to Dance, music does not matter a long as you get down!

For more information, Feel Free to contact me, I am here in Service!


* There are many other types of possessions, but in this post I am only explaining the most common ones.

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