Becoming a Superhuman

There are three levels in human inner evolution. The first one is the physical. This means being healthier, stronger, faster, and possessing more endurance (and sometimes beauty) than the average person. Examples of these people are, action hero actors or actresses, star athletes, navy seals, super models, etc.

The second is the mental. This means being smarter, more intelligent, quicker to solve problems, possessing the ability to deduce many outcomes in the split of a second and choosing the best one, etc. Example of these people are, Washington power players, Wall Street billionaires, successful directors, writers, scientists, etc.

Society looks up to people with these qualities. Movies are made about them,  biographies are written about them and advertising sells more when an image of them or their name is associated with products. The average person would like to enjoy at least one of the exceeding characteristics these people posses. This is a rational choice, since these qualities help make life on Earth more pleasurable and easier, but there exists one more level in evolution, and this is the mystical. This means that the person eliminates his self centered view of the world and surrenders himself to a “Higher Perspective”. This person, no longer lives for himself, but rather for the love of all, the Universe. This person understands that there are forces in our world that no amount of human strength or intelligence can compete with, and yet he or she also knows that these same immeasurable forces reside within and all around him. The mystic has experienced the divinity of the Universe first hand, so he or she knows that “Truth” is ever grander than the human perspective can ever be able to achieve. This person no longer lives life, instead, he experiences existence in an ever  transcendental state. He is not bound by the limitations of the physical life, but rather freed by the truth of his essence. At this level, people are not bound by time or space, miracles can be achieved, supernatural abilities can be summoned, scientific laws can be broken, etc. The ancient Greeks were right when they wrote at Delphi: “Know thyself and you shall know God”.

A shamanic journey or regression can offer a chance to experience divinity first hand and to know one’s true essence.

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