The Meaning of Insects in your Home

Shamanic tradition considers all that inhabits Earth with humanity another type of civilization. All animals, plants and even things posses Spirit, therefore they are granted the status of “people”. When the insect “people” visit a home, they are always there for a reason and unfortunately, that reason is rarely known, understood or appreciated.

We live in a very dynamic world, there are unseen and unperceived energies all around us interacting. Many of them have nothing to do with us, and some are beneficial or detrimental to our well being. The Insect “people” live and perceive reality in a different vibration, therefore they can interact with some energies that we cannot perceive.

On a logical level when a bug enters your home it is doing so due to a smell, the artificial light in the evening, some condition where it sees fit to live from, etc. Yet from a shamanic point of view, whatever condition called it in was the byproduct of a series of coincidences that were manifested by a toxic energy not belonging to your home.  Another way to see it, is as a system and a whole, insects tend to be abundant in places like garbage dumps; this is not because insects are dirty creatures, this is a very unwise deduction; actually insects are the cleaners of our world. In nature nothing gets wasted, so if your house has an energy that needs to be removed, you will have these little “people” coming to do their work. By the time you find an insect in your home, its job has been done. If this little carrier is harmed, all of the unwanted energy it picked up gets released back into your environment again.

The world responds to the emotions we are vibrating. Next time you find an insect in your home, the first conscious emotion should be gratitude for its service, the second should be the willingness to help the little guy exit the environment safely. If these two vibrations are true in your heart, the conditions necessary will manifest so you can help or guide it out of your home. By the way, a wonderful consequence is that since the energy has been removed, less and less insects will tend to enter you environment. With Mother Nature one should never alienate, but rather always cooperate.

2 thoughts on “The Meaning of Insects in your Home

  1. Claudia

    I really enjoy the information here! I would like to keep receiving your blog posts if possible please.
    Do you practice in South Florida? May you please email your contact information?
    Thank you!
    Jai Bhagwan 🙏!


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