The Incredible Power of Ignorance

Oak Tree


If I were to call you an “Ignorant” would you be offended? How do you think a scholar with a PhD would react?

Why is it that in society this label is so insulting and why is it that the more respected some feel the less ignorant they and many of us think they are. It was Socrates that said: “All I know is that I know nothing…” and  Albert Einstein said: “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know”. We exist in an ever expanding Universe and we are the microcosms of the macrocosm, so by this nature alone only the least ignorant at least realize that ignorance is the only state. When this is acknowledged the grand realization that no one person alone in this world can know it all, no one can always be correct and no one, no matter how much time he or she has spent in a university or with books or in any field is superior than you when it comes to making a decision regarding your life and happiness.

Another way to see it, is that this world you exist in, is yours and yours alone. Everybody else around your life is participating in their own development as well. Development means to grow, and to grow means to have new experiences. So let’s imagine you go to a Doctor and he runs a few cutting edge tests on you and it is discovered that you are sick. From what is written above, this could be a condition that he has never seen before and that only looks like a certain type of disease. What he says cannot be taken as total reality, because science is also expanding as time progresses.

There is also something inspiring and liberating in the awareness that if no one really knows it all, then one truly can live a life filled with miracles. Wonderful things can happen, constantly, and none of them need an explanation. Love at first sight can occur regardless of circumstances, Million Dollar ideas can make us rich without any financial knowledge, diseases can disappear just as easily as they appeared, etc. To live like this is possible for all of us right now, the practice is simple, as all truly meaningful knowledge should be. Know that you don’t know it all, and neither does anyone else; and know that miracles happen. Always distrust the mental and always trust the heart. For what the mental-ego can never have the time to learn the heart was born knowing.

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