Exploring The Seven Principles of the Order of the Universe

Universal Principles

Extremely powerful principles to be understood, remembered and practiced when seeking healing or success against any obstacle.

1. All things are the differentiation (or in the process of development) of One Infinity: We exist in an ever expanding, ever evolving Universe. This principle reminds us that we are infinite. Everything that makes our constitution will continue to develop long after the individualistic ego has passed, specially our soul consciousness. So relax, and enjoy who and what you are and remember…We are all One!

2. Everything Changes: It is very helpful to remember this principle when going through a bad situation. By the very nature of the Universe the situation cannot remain the same. This is also important to remember when being in a good situation, how you behave here will determine your future karma, when things inevitably change.

3. All Antagonisms (or opposites) are complimentary (or enhance the quality of each other): This is why you have heard, “opposites attract”. This principle is helpful as an indicator of  what you are vibrating to the Universe. If you are attracting people, situations or conditions you dislike the solution is within you, and not in the external stimuli. For example, If you are vibrating (thinking/feeling) like a victim, the Universe will comply in making sure that you attract abusers to enhance your victim persona and to enhance the abuser’s reputation as well. On the other hand think and feel like what you desire to be and the required opposites will appear to support your success.

4. There is nothing identical: You are a magnificent and unique Being, never compare yourself to anyone. If under a difficult situation or health condition, remember that it is not identical to anybody else’s, thus the solutions don’t have to be the same.

5. Whatever has a front, has a back: Whenever confronted with an obstacle or health condition, no matter how large, menacing or dangerous it seems, know that it also has a side that you are not seeing. It has a weak spot, always. At best case scenario, you get to see 50% of anything at any given time. It is important to be mindful of this and to seek the hidden side when assessing any situation, condition or obstacle. David, did this successfully when defeating Goliath with a single pebble.

6. The Bigger the Front, the bigger the back: This applies to time as well, the longer a condition or situation took to develop, the longer it will take to disappear. This is important to remember when pursuing a grand goal or healing your self. Conversely, pay attention to the old saying, easy come, easy go” for both the good and the bad.

7. Whatever has a beginning, has an end: This principle, reminds us to enjoy the present moments when life seems peacefully steady. It gives us faith, strength and hope for those inevitable difficult moments; and keeps us on our feet when the illusion of invincibility will try to cripple our judgement in those moments of ongoing success.

“The Seven Principles of the Order of the Universe” where provided by Michio Kushi, for more information on him and his philosophy

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