Animal Cruelty Postings Carry Negative Energy


As a Shaman, a great deal of my work is with Animal Spirit Guides, thus my love and appreciation to Mother Nature and all the magical  beings it sustains. I disagree greatly with the cruelty and disrespect some humans inflict on animals. Posting photos and videos of how animals are abused or brutalized creates awareness and this helps superficially, however there is side effect that should be considered ; and there is also a better way to help stop  cruel practices.

The main manifestation of our external worlds is based on what we believe, think and feel. When we are compelled to stop an action through an induced negative emotion, like guilt, disgusts, horror, sadness, etc. the action may stop, but it is also followed by a manifestation of the same vibration as the emotion that compelled it. I’ll explain it more practically, let’s say you see a photo in Facebook of a dog tied to a pole. It was left to die and was saved just in time. What feelings does this create within you and others? The comments below the post are usually a mix of anger, insults, wrong wishings, etc. Now let me guess…a few days or weeks later you see another of these “cruelty posts”, only to be followed by more later. Is this happening because people out there are “sicker” or could it be that the emotions you felt, manifested the perfect moments in which future posts and you would collide?

Now let’s examine a better way to create awareness and make animal cruelty go away. If you see a gruesome photo online, consciously feel the emotions of hope for the animal, send it love and healing (even if it has passed). Feel grateful to the animal for sacrificing itself into gifting all of us with awareness. As for the person doing the harm, feel compassion for him/her, because this act will create a very large amount of Karma for him/her. Send wisdom to him/her to:  #1. Avoid doing anything like this again (for his/her own Karmic good) #2. So he/she can repay his/her Karma debt with dignity and humility when it arrives in their life path. Immediately after doing that, seek and post a beautiful and sweet photo of the same type of animal but in a loving and caring situation. Your photo will repair the negative emotions passive viewers felt in the other post and it will melt and inspire hearts with love, tenderness, happiness, etc. This will manifest more animal love and by default take energy away from future cruel manifestations.

Fear and negative emotions can forcibly motivate us into doing something temporarily, but ultimately negative emotions manifest more negativity. Unquestionable proof of this can be found in history and the massive fails in certain governments and religions. Love based emotions instead are forces we can voluntarily exercise through our Free Will to  manifest a world of peace, harmony and goodness.

I am aware there are exceptions to the scenarios I have mentioned above, however, for every case there is always a way to react with wisdom, love and healing. Feel free to share any case in the comments section, and I will gladly answer with the corresponding actions that will heal, and dissipate the negative situation.

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