Is Darth Vader Really that Bad?

Darth Vader

Humans have the unique capability of being able to explore the Path of Light or the Path of Darkness; and through their Free Will at any time they can switch from one to another. At first consideration, the Path of Darkness may seem like an evil and negative  choice, but this does not need to be the case. You see, exploring and discovering new things and the potentials of life and yourself require you to venture into unknown areas. The unknown, is a mystery, it is an area that we are not able to see into, and it is also pure raw potential. Reflect on this, every single invention is the result of something that was previously unknown.

I think the big misconception and fear is not necessarily based on the actual darkness of a particular area, but rather on the actual darkness that resides within each one of us. Throw something dark inside a dark room and you may loose it, while on the other hand, throw something illuminated in that same room and you not only dissipate the darkness but actually find new positive and previously undiscovered gems within it. I could go in many directions with this idea, but the main one I’d like to stress is that of evolving humanity. Each one of us is a magnificent self illuminated divine being. Through our free will (free choice and decisions) we can become a beacon that lights up all areas that seem dark around us and through this we can help illuminate others and discover magical beauty that was previously hidden within the darkness. Don’t fear the dark side, embrace your inner light and lovingly walk into the mystery as an explorer with great intentions and expectations. Even if you do get lost in the darkness, your inner light never goes out. Darth Vader demonstrated this when he sacrificed for his son’s life.

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