Do you have any REGRETS?

Smiling Elder

As a healer, one of the most destructive energy forms I encounter within my clients is their “regrets”. Surprisingly, although these heavy emotions are not even present in their every day thinking, the actual negativity is there, in their personal energy field (aura). Many times, after I have balanced them, I mention the location in the physical body where this has lodged. I also mention the approximate magnitude and type of the trauma that could have created it and the reactions are usually one of these three from the client: Either, they are in denial or embarrassed to acknowledge something of this magnitude has happened to them, or the memory has been suppressed and cannot be remembered in that moment, or they know exactly what I am talking about. To me, we are all beings of divine and ever striving limitless potential, so my purpose is not with what happened (The Story), it is only with my fellow divine brother or sister to release that alien energy attachment, and continue in their Divine Path.

Regrets, are part of a fabrication of this illusion. If we were to strip all of the physical elements out of whatever produced the regret, we’d end up with thoughts, emotions, intent, actions, vibrations and energy. Probably 90% if not more of living an enlightened life is just knowing that this material existence is but the reflection of what is truly real. Love is real. Operate out of Love and you exist in a perfect state, always doing your divine duty, always at peace, always strong, always faithful, etc. Stray from Love and you stray from Truth; and the Path of Life eventually meanders in a way where we need to be reminded or taught a lesson or two. Regrets, are some of those reminders and lessons. Be grateful and appreciate them for what they are. Take responsibility, understand where you strayed, center your self in an existence of Love and move on.

Be grateful to Life (The Universe, God), that we exist in magical dimension where we have a divine gift that reminds us of our direction. This is out of subject, but worth mentioning; demons, do not have this, thus being lost in their own darkness until an external force can pitifully remind them of where they actually originated from as well.

If you carry a large regret and cannot bring yourself past it, you are not understanding that you are a limitless eternal being; so you have eternity and limitless love potential in your heart to adjust your present and future in a way that mends whatever regrets you carry. Physical time and space are also part of this illusion so not even those two elements can stop your positive and loving intents, emotions, thoughts and vibrations.

Your job is to bring Light and dissipate darkness through your Divine Free Will. It begins from within, so seek any regrets you carry, shed light on them until you understand the lesson. make the lesson a part of your everyday living forever and happily continue on your Path of Light and Love.


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