What to do when you feel LOST!


The very first thing to do is STOP!

…and this applies to every area of your existence: physically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually. The only reason you feel lost is because you are not centered. You are not aligned with where you need to be going, so something within is setting off alarms and this translates into a sense of confusion about your direction.

Remember this, when confused, always go back to the basics. In a mystical sense we humans should never feel that lost because the whole point of our existence is to always go towards Light and Love; to always evolve, always be better, always improve, always do good, etc. You get the picture, anything that leans towards the other direction will inevitably create disorientation or increase the sense of being lost.

How do you know in certain confusing circumstances which is the way? As I mentioned above, first Stop, then remember the basics, Light and Love. Finally, externalize. This means once you are centered you confidently know in which direction you need to go or if you need to wait and observe for cues about which direction to go.

Feeling lost is not a general condition, but rather just an internal misaligned state of being. It doesn’t matter if you are tossed in outer space in another galaxy; if at all times you are a beacon of Light and Love, by Divine Law the Universe must externalize and reflect your inner vibration.

Life is an adventure of self discovery. Excitement is guaranteed and every once in a while a little fear is part of the package as well. In the end, you can never get too lost because the only thing you will ever need is your very own Heart.

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