Torture, Free Will and Compassion


The Wiseman was asked about “Torture”. His reply: “Under Universal Law, it is Permissible”. Most of the ones present knew better than to jump into a conclusion, or worse, an opinion; instead their intuition guided them to listen and ponder on his reply.

A human being is endowed with free will, and this entitles him to do as he wishes while in physical form on Earth. This freedom also carries in the exact proportion the full weight of the Law of Karma. This means that all actions of any nature will have a reaction of that same nature. The reactive effect on the free willed human being is inescapable. However it is important to understand that it is not bound by a particular time or place. This means that if you hurt someone today, it may be years (or life times) before you pay for it.

How should we react towards humans inflicting torture of any kind towards other beings? With Compassion, for they are ignorantly perpetuating that pain onto themselves. The act of feeling compassion, also creates positive Karma, for the person feeling it and for the world in general.

Should we ever intercede? The reason this event came into your sphere of perception is because you needed to witness it. How you react will be free will. If a lesson was to be learned and the reaction was not the one needed for your development, the event will revisit you in some other form at a future date.

What about the innocent that are being tortured? As said before, Earth is a place where humans can do as they wish. However, before the action can take place the energetic/vibrational element must be there. Beings that find themselves victims of any form of torture, were already predisposed for an event of that nature. If the human had not come along, something else like an accident or coincidence would have inflicted the same amount of pain and suffering.

Why is this? Because we exist in a Universe of Evolution and Expansion. This includes emotions and sensations which are experienced by the beings inhabiting it. At an individual state nobody wants to feel pain or suffering, but at the spirit plane this becomes very subjective.

Will the pain and suffering ever stop? Yes. Each one of us is expanding just like the Universe; if we understand free will, exercise compassion, know about other’s free choice to expand, and conscientiously illuminate our sphere of perception…The Universe as whole becomes brighter than before. As more learn from you and emulate, this increases the brightness until darkness is not desired for expansion.

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