Your Emotional Body


All of creation in our Universe works in cycles. There are cycles within cycles. We are currently entering a cycle of light. As we witness and perceive the light, it will be necessary to release energies that no longer serve us. The quickest way to do this is through the cleansing of the “emotional body”.

Emotions (e-motions) are energies in motion, they are energies that once given attention incorporated themselves within us. These need to be released for our inner light to synchronize and shine as bright as the cycle we are entering, so that we can evolve and become the next level of humanity.

To release these emotions we need to be in a state of  balance, non judgment and wisdom. It would also help immensely if angels and ascended masters of unconditional love are invoked to help with the process. Shamanic sessions or inner work will also guide you immensely.

In current times the veils are thinner, thus Manifestation will occur much more rapidly. Everything around you is the result of your own Manifestation which is the direct result of what you pay Attention to and what Intentions you live with.

This is why it is crucial that you become very Aware of your thoughts, thought patterns, emotions, etc. All these are rooted  in your subconscious and unconscious systems and structures of manifestations in your reality. Very simple but incredibly powerful practices that must be incorporated to lifestyles now are: deep reflection, periods of silence, contact with nature, praying, periods of vivid imagining, chanting, eating lighter, healthier and real foods, cultivating the sense of inner peace and knowing.

Emotions that will no longer serve in a higher existence, such as jealousy, greed, anger, fear, etc. Should be intentionally and safely released from the emotional body through activities such as: sports, music, dancing, writing, painting, planting, etc.

There is a Universal Law that dictates that nothing in this Universe is ever destroyed, only transformed. When we release old negative patterns, the energy that had been used to hold them into place immediately upgrades to hold  patterns of higher vibration. In the Universe, all creation is manifested as the result of Love. Humans carry that same capacity, but if not exercised it is the result of Fear. Fear originates in what is unknown to the human mind. To remember what you already know, all that is needed is inner stillness and silence.

Whenever and whatever the problem just remind yourself that Life is a reflection of your inner state. Assume full responsibility of the illusion in your outer field. Avoid at all costs to resort to shame or blame, these thought patterns only attract more situations where those emotions are needed. Resist the natural tendency to use this material to “correct” others, specially loved ones, because your mind will tend to drift from good intentions to judging and blaming.

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