Aligning to your Purpose and Success


We come to this existence for a purpose and we have the innate understanding that we must do our work within it. I have found that both the concepts of purpose and work have been misunderstood by many in our current society. Many seem to believe that our purpose, regardless of our attributes and preferences should be one of sacrifice to a higher cause dictated by others. As work goes, becoming exhausted and stressed is a sign in itself that it is not the path.

Whatever makes you loving, happy, enthusiastic, energized and is constructive, is your purpose. This can be found in the answer of the question: “What would be a dream come true for me 10 years from now?”

For work, you need to answer the question: “What do I do DAILY to reach that ideal 10 years from now?”

Most people will find that once they pose these questions to themselves, fundamental changes will be needed. Everyone is where they are at because of what they have or have not been doing. To shift 5 steps are needed:

1. Daily, generate and write down 3 ideas about how to reach your desired life. Most of them will be useless, but just doing this daily counts as an action to reach your dreams. Additionally, it will only take 1 idea to completely change your life. At 3 ideas a day, that is more than a thousand per year, the odds will be in your favor.

2. Ask if your idea is needed. Your purpose must improve the world in some way and cannot be harming to anyone or anything.

3. Ask yourself if you have the ability to carry out your idea. If you do not, do you need training, education, practice, etc? If so plan for it; if you can’t perform the idea at all, discard the idea and go back to step 1.

4. Once questions 2 and 3 are met, ask yourself, how replaceable you would be. Your purpose is unique to you in this world and history. If you are easily replaceable in what you do then you are not living your purpose. You posses unique life experiences and personal attributes to enrich humanity. By the way, if you are unique and excellent at what you do, the rewards and success will be in exact proportion to it.

5. Vibrate! If the first 4 questions have solid answers for you, then start thinking, talking and walking as the person you are on your way to becoming. If you find that this step becomes difficult, this is your subconscious informing you that something is off somewhere in the first 4 questions. Revisit them and tweak until you feel confident and energized.

You are meant to be happy, loving and healthy!

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