When to Release Things Out of Your Life

While I was in training, I was told by one of my guides that our human life experience (energetically), is similar to being in a room with two doors opposing each other. The room symbolizes our physical realm or life. One  door is to the left, the other to the right and we are standing in the middle. The door to the left allows things to come in. The door to the right allows things to leave. The catch is that once the room is full, which happens automatically by adulthod, the only way for new and better things to enter through the left door, is by allowing old, stagnant and negative things to leave through the right door first.

This is when “Draster” was introduced. Draster stands for: Drastical Termination. If you drastically terminate something’s or someone’s influence from your life, The Universe will compensate you faster, since it is Universal Law that there can be no empty pockets devoid of energy anywhere in existence. Cutting something (or someone) out of your life with determination and intention activates the positive flow of energy.

Decisions concerning intense changes, such as a career, job, friends, spouses, etc. deserve a process based on four alternatives before Draster:

#1. Time: Often we find  ourselves in situations that are very uncomfortable and if the situation is given a little time things will naturally restore their harmony. Examples: A terrible boss at work resigns, a toxic friend reads a book that changes her life and attitude, a sudden unexplained physical pain goes away on its own, etc.

#2. Space: Something unbearable could become unimportant if we just distance ourselves from it. Examples: Those family events we must attend and sometimes being bombarded with negative comments by extended family members, seeking a new market in your business where there is not so much competition, etc.

#3. Communicate: This one is self explanatory, but remember that you are communicating to improve something, not to hurt someone or to win advantage over them. Also, 99% of the time as you initiate communication the other side will have much to say; allow them to express themselves first, this alone could solve the misunderstanding altogether.

#4. Create: Life has a funny way of showing us The Path. Most times what we perceive as a problem is a magnificent opportunity to become a better person, to solve problems for us and the world or even to create something new that will improve humanity. Always keep in mind that any type of discomfort is the result of an energy lacking harmony. Use your creative attributes to restore the harmony.

Once you have given all four steps honest and dedicated consideration without reaching a harmonious outcome, now Draster can be confidently executed. There is only one condition when taking this step, under no circumstances should you re-open the right door and allow the energy back in your life, once it has been released. Doing this disrupts the harmony of your own will power and makes the original issue become bigger and heavier to remove. Recurring addicts are a clear example of this phenomenon.

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