“Dear Flavio, Can you Please Physically Teleport Me to the Moon…I don’t need to return”


I receive what most people would consider very awkward emails. A couple of weeks ago someone sent me an email requesting if I could please physically teleport him to the moon without any chance of him returning to Earth. Later, he went on to explain that he knew he did not belong on Earth and that his home was in the moon. I tried in many ways to explain that I did not do that, but there was a divine reason he was on Earth and that I could help him with that. After a couple of further email exchanges, he called me a terrible person for not helping him with what he desperately needed and vowed never to contact me again because I was useless.

Things that come to us, under whatever guise, always have a reason and so I reflected very deeply in the message the Universe had conveyed to me with this odd email exchange. The answer was quickly given a few days later while providing personal sessions. In one case a lady was being promised the world by a man who clearly didn’t intend to do good on his promises; she wanted to know if she should allow him to move in with her. On another case someone asked me to ascertain if the “quick rich” secret business deal he was about to invest all his savings in was legitimate. Yet another person that week, assured me that a friend she had just met five days previously had communicated to her, she had been her mother in a previous life. What do these three stories have in common with our moon friend? In all the cases people were willing to blindly put their trust in external trivial circumstances, rather than their inner wisdom and development.

There are documented accounts of mystics and shamans that have given detailed descriptions of the surface moon and other planets, we know of “love at first sight” relationships, overnight millionaires and toddlers that recognize family members from before they were born. In my field neither of these cases are impossible. My concern is not to express that the chances of these happening are minimal, to me that is unimportant. The important factor is that whatever you want to happen externally, first you be ready internally. This is the only way miracles and magnificent things should be allowed into one’s life, otherwise one energetic vibration would be too different from another and this would inevitably create chaos and would cause more harm than good.

I don’t think my moon friend considered how he would breathe or what he would do once there; all he was concerned with was getting out of here as soon as possible. Running away. Yet, the place you are at, will always be the place you are supposed to be in. As you develop yourself into a more divine being, your external life will naturally reflect increased harmony and beauty. This is the divine agreement we each made long ago before entering this school called life on Earth.

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