Chose your Challenges

As I was reflecting on what positive post I could share with you today, a couple of updates came into my tweeter account. Most of them were informative and then there were a few that were inflammatory. I almost bit that bait, then I realized, nothing positive comes out of allowing my ego to cry out to you.

Remember, “Hate Builds, but, Indifference Kills ”

This doesn’t mean, ignore an injustice, it means turn your attention towards the justice that opposes the injustice. So for example, instead of being appalled at certain political views on certain issues concerning people, animals or the environment, exercise your wisdom and think of solutions and share them…create with them. Keep your emotions in check. Inflammatory emotions drain energy and metaphysically feed the inflammatory people through attention. This also results in unclear thinking and decision making. After all, isn’t this the rodeo politicians are after to sway polls?

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