Audio to Connect with the Sacred Energies of Machu Picchu (Drum)

Machu Picchu, Photo by Flavio Moy,
Machu Picchu, Photo by Flavio Moy,

My Friends, Above I have uploaded a drum session played by me. It is designed to connect with the sacred energies of Machu Picchu. All that is required from you is using headphones while you listen. Before you begin, just observe the photograph I have included and mentally follow the contours within the citadel, as if it were a coloring book maze. Afterwards, close your eyes, think of the photograph, imagine yourself there and listen to the tones within the tones in my drumming. It is a proven scientific fact that a continuous beat for over ten minutes will influence the brainwaves and consciousness level, so just listen…The rest will happen automatically. Enjoy!

Note: Right before I begin the drumming you will be able to hear the frogs start to sing outside my session room. For a shaman this is no coincidence. Frogs with their singing call in the clouds that will yield rain, and rain is cleansing and also represents abundance.

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