The Apus of Machu Picchu

Apu in Machu Picchu
Apu in Machu Picchu, Photo by Flavio Moy.

In the Natural Religions, all in nature is vibrating with Life Force, with Spirit. Everything is part of a whole (family). Shamanism sees a landscape as a series of energies interacting with one another in harmony. In the Andean Tradition, mountains are the physical vessel for a very ancient and wise type of spirit called the Apu.

The Apu on the photograph above can be seen having a conversation with Father Sun, Inti. It is said to bring forth the seeker’s inner preparation needed for a higher level of wisdom, inner peace and self mastery. Initiates have described its voice as very deep, soft and slow. It says much more than the very few words it communicates. It is the quiet observer that understands it all but will seldom interrupt one’s own discovery process.

Meditation Drumming Performed by me for the Apu:

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