A Technique to Dissuade Most Type of Attacks


When spoken to by a suspicious stranger or known person but with suspicious intentions, reply in a way that the questionable person doesn’t understand and keep on moving. Replying for example in a different language is better than not replying at all. Not replying can lead to repeated attempts of the “test line,” perhaps with closing the distance. An incomprehensible reply confuses first and then makes strangers understand that they can’t communicate with you.

No communication = No way of getting compliance = Failure for Attacker

Let’s say a  robber speaks to the mark, it means the robber’s plan depends on the mark understanding the verbal commands and reacting to them in an expected manner. When the mark doesn’t understand the robber’s language, the plan falls apart; proceeding with the robbery becoming far more complicated, time consuming and risky for the robber.

In Mother Nature, Predators attack easy prey, the kind they have good experience with and know what reactions to expect from them. They don’t like the unknown or unpredictable, because this could mean they could become prey themselves, so these situations they tend to pass.

This technique actually works just as efficiently in verbal attacks, little immature verbal jabs from loved ones, social inequalities, workplace toxic politics, etc.

Live life choosing to understand only what enriches you and those around you, as for the rest, suddenly decide it sounds like a language you could never understand…

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