The Masculine and Feminine Energy in your Lifestyle

In Shamanism, one of the few simple guidelines used to live a healthy, happy and long life, are the basic truths of harmonizing the feminine and masculine energy within. Since primitive times when humans may have dwelled in caves, males would venture out for food and opportunities while females would remain at camp maintaining and re-enforcing the harmony within the tribe. From a symbolical point of view, if we draw a circle, females would make sure the inside of the circle is colored solidly, while males would work on expanding the edges of that circle.

Male Female Circle

Neither area is more important than the other and neither has limitations; however both have characteristics that can make us sick or kill us. The inner feminine circle’s main goal is stability and safety so its energy tends to be constant and passive. The outer masculine circle’s main goal is to explore and achieve so its energy will tend to go in the direction of unknowns, extremes, and fast unpredictable actions. For example, too much masculine energy will increase the chances of an explorer being killed by a bear, while too much feminine energy will have that same person killed overtime by sedentary conditions. One comes immediate and may finish you while young and healthy; the other comes at a later age but with many crippling and life robbing symptoms. Energetically the the equation for life enjoyment in the end is the same.

Now let’s consider the fact that everything external is a reflection of all internal, this means we all have these two forces at work within ourselves at all times. This also means that in shamanism no two humans are the same, what will work for another will definitely not for you and vice versa. The practical and healthy balance to pursuit in one’s own lifestyle has to do with connecting with your self first and knowing who you are and what you like. Breathe and listen to yourself, your higher self is always communicating. If you are stressed (or similar) it is time to dwell in the inner circle; if you feel defeated (or similar) this a time to venture towards the unknown. The ideal personal lifestyle in shamanism means one is always perfecting what he/she does well, while pushing his/her limits in different directions as emotions surface.

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