Have You Felt Out of Whack Lately?

storm-sailingYou are Not alone. It doesn’t matter how it is affecting you, it could be emotional, mental, physical, social, etc. What matters is how you deal with it:

Step 1. Stop!   Wherever the energetic disturbance is, it is a sign that energy is permeating it, if your ego gets in the way the most likely result is that you will disturb the evolution of the process and make it last longer. Be it digestion or that super important project for work, just “stop”, take a break and focus on other areas of your life at this time. If the circumstances require immediate action, do the least possible and take actions that can be changed later, if needed.

Step 2. Go Back to the Basics: We don’t manifest our experiences alone. We have a complex array of people, circumstances and energies flowing around us at all times. That feeling of “disorder” is your intuition screaming for you stick your head out of the confusion and seek clarity. Our Universe is based on very simple laws, they are always basic and fair. It is the ego that tends to mix emotions, assumptions and facts and create an unreliable chart out of it.

Step 3. Observe: What is the Universe telling you? Who or what is the element that is always there when something seems to be out of whack? How do you react? Why would this happen this way? Is there a recurring cycle? Avoid seeing things from a personal point of view, just ask and allow answers to flow.

Step 4. Decide: Now it is time to put things down on paper. By now you have an idea of what is causing the unwanted issue. On paper you are to write the actions or lack of them  you consider will shift things in an optimal direction. Put a date you will implement your decision and another when you are to review its outcomes. Finally, post the paper in a place where you can see it at least once per day. If after the review date things are not where you’d like them to be, go back to step 1.

Regardless of the initial results, the main benefit of developing this habit is that there is an underlying empowering realization that you can adjust and navigate your experience as the winds of life may shift it.

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